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Life is patchwork of experiences. Sharing travel stories, photography and quilt designs. North America Travel Journalist Association multiple award winner for photography and writing.

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Day 7 - Sacred Japan and South Korea cruise with Heritage Expeditions - in Kanazawa, Japan Eating ice cream covered in gold leaf is THE thing to do in Kanazawa. It was another full day exploring the many historic and traditional sites in Kanazawa, including the Kanazawa Castle grounds and the adjacent beautiful Kenroku-en garden. I could have happily spent a whole day just exploring the nooks and crannies in this huge garden. And besides gilded ice cream, there was also more yummy sashimi for lunch. Yup, another great day indeed. . . Media partnership with @heritageexpeditions and @shebuystravel . . #Patchworkofexperiences #hosted #heritageexpeditioncruuse #visitjapan #japantravel #japantrip #japantraveler #ilovejapan #explorejapan #japanadventures #expeditioncruising #traveljapan #smallshipcruise #expeditioncruise #smallship #smallshipbigadventure #smallshipexpeditions #cruisejapan #japancruise

Day 6 - Sacred Japan and South Korea cruise with Heritage Expeditions - In Sakaiminato, Japan After a leisurely morning on the ship, we were back in Japan, docked in the port city of Sakaiminato. At each port in Japan we have been greeted or sent off with a musical performance typical to that region. In Sakaiminato, the dancers were accompanied by soap bubbles ( photo 1). This afternoon, we toured two beautiful Japanese style gardens located in the countryside about 1 hour away from the port. The gardens surrounding the Adachi Museum of Art were "looking at " gardens. These gardens were designed to be viewed from inside the museum. They were living works of art that blended perfectly between the museum architecture and the wild hillside beyond. This time I had plenty of time to take in the details as I also enjoyed a cup of traditional Japanese tea and sweets. (photos 2 to 5) Not far away was the equally beautiful though totally different Yushien Garden. This was a strolling garden with paths that wound around glens where trees cast dappled shadows on the moss covered ground. There was also a perfectly situated waterfall that cascaded into a small creek which had a classic red Japanse bridge, the perfect focal point for all that green. (photos 6 to 8) . . Media partnership with @heritageexpeditions and @shebuystravel . . #Patchworkofexperiences #hosted #heritageexpeditioncruuse #visitjapan #japantravel #japantrip #japantraveler #ilovejapan #explorejapan #japanadventures #expeditioncruising #traveljapan #smallshipcruise #expeditioncruise #smallship #smallshipbigadventure #smallshipexpeditions #cruisejapan #japancruise #japanesegardens

Day 5 - Sacred Japan and South Korea cruise with Heritage Expeditions - in Ulsan, South Korea We spent the day touring a few of the UNESCO listed sights in the area of Gyeongju. At the Bulguksa Budhist Temple we caught the locals preparing to celebrate Budha's birthday in a few days. Colorful paper lanterns were strung all throughout the temple grounds, creating a very festive mood.( photos 1 to 6). We also visited the Daerenungwon Tomb Complex. This area is dotted with huge, round, man made hills that are the tombs of the kings that ruled the region in the first 1000 years AD. We went inside one of the excavated tombs to see how the actual burial was done. And in the nearby museum we saw all the beautiful gold grave goods that were found inside the grave. (photos 7 to 10). And maybe best of all, we enjoyed a lunch of about a dozen great Korean dishes. . . Media partnership with @heritageexpeditions and @shebuystravel . . #Patchworkofexperiences #hosted #heritageexpeditioncruuse #visitjapan #japantravel #japantrip #japantraveler #ilovejapan #explorejapan #japanadventures #expeditioncruising #traveljapan #smallshipcruise #expeditioncruise #smallship #smallshipbigadventure #smallshipexpeditions #cruisejapan #japancruise #cruisesouthkorea

Day 4 - Sacred Japan and South Korea cruise with Heritage Expeditions - Hagi, Japan One of the beauties of small ship cruising is stopping in small, less visited ports. That was the case with our stop in Hagi. The rain did not deter us from taking zodiacs from the ship to the dock and exploring the town's highlights all day. Hagi is well known for its special type of pottery and for really big oranges. We spent the morning touring the pottery studio and museum of the famed pottery craftsman Yoshika Taibi. This was followed by a stroll through the historic Castle Town district with its beautiful traditional Japanese houses and gardens. Lunch was a sashimi platter at a local seafood restaurant which was as good as it looked. We then spent the afternoon touring one of the largest local caves. This stop really surprised me. I was expecting the typical cave with stalagtites and stalagmites and narrow paths. There were some, but there was also a gigantic underground cavern with travertine terraces and a humongous lake. It looked like something straight out of Middle Earth and I would not have been surprised to see a dragon or a dwarf pop up out of the shadows. . . Media partnership with @heritageexpeditions and @shebuystravel . . #Patchworkofexperiences #hosted #heritageexpeditioncruuse #visitjapan #japantravel #japantrip #japantraveler #ilovejapan #explorejapan #japanadventures #expeditioncruising #traveljapan #smallshipcruise #expeditioncruise #smallship #smallshipbigadventure #smallshipexpeditions #cruisejapan #japancruise

Day 3 - Sacred Japan and South Korea cruise with Heritage Expeditions - Hiroshima and Miyajima, Japan Hiroshima photos 1 to 5 Walking around the Hiroshima Peace Park today, it's hard to imagine the devastation that was created when the first atomic bomb was dropped on the city almost 80 years ago. The park is a peaceful haven of grass and trees with the A Bomb Dome building left as the only physical reminder. A small, nondescript plaque on a side street behind the Dome marks the hypocenter. The park has a number of memorials throughout the grounds and also a museum that does a great job describing the devastation. Miyajima photos 6 to 10 In the Bay not far from Hiroshima is the religious island of Miyajima. The island is best known for the UNESCO listed Itsikushima Shrine and Tori gate that look like they are floating on water when the tide is high (which it wasn't during our visit). . . Media partnership with @heritageexpeditions and @shebuystravel . . #Patchworkofexperiences #hosted #heritageexpeditioncruuse #visitjapan #japantravel #japantrip #japantraveler #ilovejapan #explorejapan #japanadventures #expeditioncruising #traveljapan #smallshipcruise #expeditioncruise #smallship #smallshipbigadventure #smallshipexpeditions #cruisejapan #japancruise #hiroshima #hiroshimajapan #miyajima #miyajimaisland

Day 2 - Heritage Expeditions Sacred Japan and South Korea cruise - in Okayama Another full day of unique sightseeing around the city of Otayama, Japan. Photos 1 to 5 - Our morning started with a tour of Korakuen Park, named as one of Japan's top three gardens. It was indeed beautiful and serene and must be stunning when the trees change color in the fall. Photos 6, 7 - the second stop of the day was the photogenic Kurashiki historic quarter with its picturesque homes and canal, and cute shops. Photos 8, 9 - I have aways wanted to visit the artsy island of Naoshima, and now I finally had the chance. Besides the many art museums and sculptures dotting the landscape, the most famous pieces of art are the polka dotted pumpkins by Yayoi Kusama. . . Media partnership with @heritageexpeditions and @SheBuysTravel . . #Patchworkofexperiences #hosted #heritageexpeditioncruuse #visitjapan #japantravel #japantrip #japantraveler #ilovejapan #explorejapan #japanadventures #expeditioncruising #traveljapan #smallshipcruise #expeditioncruise #smallship #smallshipbigadventure #smallshipexpeditions #cruisejapan #japancruise

Day 1 - Heritage Expeditions Sacref Japan and South Korea cruise On the first day of my cruise around Japan, we hit the ground running with a full day of sightseeing around Osaka. Photos 1 to 4 - we drove into the hills around Osaka and did a very pleasant 3 mile hike to the beautiful Minoh waterfall. Photo 5 to 7 - for lunch we headed to the famous restaurant and nightlife district of Dotonburi for a typical Japanese meal. Photo 8 - Japan is known for its high quality handmade knives. We got to see how a master blacksmith forged one in under 10 minutes. Photo 9, 10 - we finished the day with a stop to see the famous Osaka Castle. . . Media partnership with @heritageexpeditions and @SheBuysTravel . . #Patchworkofexperiences #hosted #heritageexpeditioncruuse #visitjapan #japantravel #japantrip #japantraveler #ilovejapan #explorejapan #japanadventures #expeditioncruising #traveljapan #smallshipcruise #expeditioncruise #smallship #smallshipbigadventure #smallshipexpeditions #cruisejapan #japancruise #osakajapan

Temari balls are a decorative Japanese embroidery handicraft that is 1400 years old. I learned that each region has its own way of making these designs. I found a class in Osaka that taught me the basics of making a Temari ball. My little blue ball is a far cry from the beautiful samples made by my instructor, but I am happy with it. . . #Patchworkofexperiences #visitjapan #japantravel #japantrip #japantraveler #ilovejapan #temari #osakajapan

TeamLab is a Japanese multi discipline art group that has put on interactive, creative installations throughout Japan. I had a lot of fun exploring the TeamLab Botanical Garden exhibit in Osaka. It was easy to get to by public transportation, it was not busy, and it was a relaxing and unique way to spend a few hours. I will be trying a few more @TeamLab events in Tokyo later this month. . . #Patchworkofexperiences #visitjapan #japantravel #japantrip #japantraveler #ilovejapan #teamlab #teamlabbotanical

I am back in Japan, one of my favorite countries to visit. I am in Osaka for a few days before I start a cruise around Japan with @heritageexpeditions. I hit the ground running with a full day in Kyoto which was a short train ride from Osaka. Since I have seen the major tourist sites in Kyoto from my previous visits, this time it was about unique experiences. I tried a Japanase tea ceremony which felt very touristy but was interesting. I also did two workshops. In the first one I learned some of the ways to do Furoshiki wrapping with large squares of fabric. Then I painted my own fabric square using the Yuzen stencil dyeing technique developed in the 17th century. My second workshop was a shibory fabric dying class which involved accordion folding a large fabric square into a triangle, clamping it tight and then putting it into a vat of indigo dye. Capillary action sucks up the dye along the edges and leaves the middle white, creating the star like pattern. I finished the day with a traditional theatrical drama, and singing and dancing performance in Japanese by a group of geisha. The kimonos they wore were gorgeous but no photos allowed unfortunately. . . #Patchworkofexperiences #visitjapan #japantravel #japantrip #japantraveler #ilovejapan #kyotojapan #kyototravel #shibori #shiboridye #shiborimuseum #furoshiki #furoshikiwrap #japanteaceremony

Some local dancees in the East Bengal region of India. One of my favorite things about a Pandaw cruise are the local cultural performances that they bring on board. I love that they not only bring professional dancers to perform for us, but also locals from nearby villages that show us their dance moves. Such an easy and authentic way to connect with the culture. . . #patchworkofexperiences #pandaw #pandawindia #visitindia #rivercruise #pandaw . .

The highlight excursion on my Brahmaputra River cruise with Pandaw Cruises was without a doubt our visit to Kaziranga National Park with its large population of one horned Asian rhinos and herds of elephants. But we also had a lovely float trip in Nameri National Park as well as visits to small local villages which I would never have been able to see any other way. It was fascinating to get a glimpse of rural India. All this while cruising comfortably on the river and watching the scenery accompanied by excellent service. I love cruising with Pandaw in Asia. . . #patchworkofexperiences #pandaw #pandawindia #visitindia #rivercruise #brahmaputra #brahmaputrariver #assamtourism

Cheers with another G&T on the Kindat Pandaw. After my Lower Ganges cruise on the Kalaw Pandaw, I flew from Kolkata to Guwahati, India where I boarded the sister ship, the Kindat Pandaw and unplugged for another week. On the Kindat I cruised on the mighty Brahmaputra River. After a week on the busy Ganges, the Brahmaputra was a welcome respite with its wide sandbanks and little development. For another week I was pampered with exceptional service, fantastic food and fun distractions. We had local dance presentations and our chef taught us all about local food and Indian spices as I watched the scenery slip by. We also had two BBQs on sandbanks with cocktails, music, food, and games. More about the excursions on this cruise in the next post. . . #patchworkofexperiences #pandaw #pandawindia #visitindia #rivercruise #brahmaputra #brahmaputrariver #assamtourism

A Love Letter to Beautiful Istanbul

I like to start my day early with a traditional cup of Turkish tea at the Seven Hills Hotel rooftop restaurant in the Sultanahmet district with its perfect sunrise views of the historic Hagia Sofia as a backdrop. Across the plaza from the Hagia Sofia is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, or Blue Mosque as it is more commonly known, which was completed in 1617. Just feet away from the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque, and sitting beneath modern city streets that are teeming with pedestrian, automobile and tram traffic, a walk through the underground space of the Basilica Cistern is an opportunity to physically experience a world that existed 1500 years ago. Back in the Sultanahmet district at the end of a wonderful day of sightseeing, I was once again on the rooftop of the Seven Hills Hotel to watch the sun set over the Blue Mosque-this time with a glass of wine.

More Photography Awards for Rose Palmer and Quiltripping

I Just learned that I placed in 5 different categories in the first International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association photography contest. In the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, visitors prostrate themselves on the Stone of Anointing where it is believed that Jesus’ body was prepared for burial, while a Christian orthodox nun standing behind them, looking at her cell phone. The Grand Prismatic Spring is one of the most colorful hot springs at Yellowstone National Park. In the Tualatin Valley near Portland, Oregon, a newly planted vineyard is underplanted with red clover to keep the weeds at bay.

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