Rose Palmer

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Life is patchwork of experiences. Sharing travel stories, photography and quilt designs. North America Travel Journalist Association multiple award winner for photography and writing.

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Wohooooo! I saw my first penguins today......and they are just too cute! The Sapphire Princess docked in Ushuaia Argentina for the day. Ushuaia bills itself as the most southerly city in the world. I chose to do a wildlife cruise excursion along the Beagle Channel. We went past rock islands with black and white cormorants and sea lions. Our final destination was Hammer Island which has a Magellanic penguin rockery. The boat was able to get right up to the shore which is where all the penguins were hanging out. ( We did not get out of the boat so as not to disturb them). I could have watched them all day. Can't wait to see more. . . #patchworkofexperiences #princesscruises #sapphireprincess #cruiselife #cruisetravel #cruisevacation #cruiseship #lovecruises #loveboat #Antarctica #anarcticacruise #IFWTWA #NATJA #penguins #lovepenguins #penguinlove

Much like the water we are sailing through, our itinerary is fluid. We had an unexpected day of beautiful scenic cruising through Chile's Patagonia region and the Straits of Magellan as we try to reach Ushuaia early, trying to beat high winds there tomorrow. Mother nature was mostly kind to us today as well, letting the sun shine occasionally, and when it didn't, creating rainbows. I spent all day out on deck moving from one side to the other, attempting to see it all. And also donning more layers as we continued south and it got colder. First time I've had to wear my winter coat in summer. Exploring Ushuaia tomorrow and then it's on to the Drake Passage the day after. . . #patchworkofexperiences #princesscruises #sapphireprincess #cruiselife #cruisetravel #cruisevacation #cruiseship #lovecruises #loveboat #Antarctica #anarcticacruise #IFWTWA #NATJA

For #traveltuesday I thought I would share a few photos of my floating home for the next two weeks on the #sapphireprincess . . #patchworkofexperiences #princesscruises #sapphireprincess #cruiselife #cruisetravel #cruisevacation #cruiseship #lovecruises #loveboat #Antarctica #anarcticacruise #IFWTWA #NATJA

Relative quiet seas for dinner tonight. . . #patchworkofexperiences #princesscruises #sapphireprincess #cruiselife #cruisetravel #cruisevacation #cruiseship #lovecruises #loveboat #Antarctica #anarcticacruise

And we're off! After a challenging day and a half for the crew of the Sapphire Princess we are on our way toward Antarctica. This cruise was scheduled to start yesterday but high waves in Valparaiso harbor kept the ship from docking till 1 PM. A domino effect of issues resulted in our cruise not setting sail till late afternoon today. But as the Caprain pointed out, "this is not a typical cruise, it's an adventure. We are headed into some of the most difficult water for sailing on the planet and his job and the crew's is to keep everyone safe" I couldn't agree more. I think I am in very good hands. . . #patchworkofexperiences #princesscruises #sapphireprincess #cruiselife #cruisetravel #cruisevacation #cruiseship #lovecruises #loveboat #Antarctica #anarcticacruise

My ship has not sailed - literally.  It's National Penguin Day and I am off to see penguins - I hope. I am in Valparaiso, Chile waiting to get on the Sapphire Princess for a 16 day cruise around South America and Cape Horn with 4 days of scenic cruising in Antarctica. But, due to high waves in the Valparaiso harbor, the ship could not dock till 1 PM, about 8 hours later than originally scheduled.  So, I am waiting until we are allowed to board later this evening. In the meantime I thought I would share some photos of my meals here in Valparaiso since it is #FoodieFriday. Had a great foodie dinner at La Conception restaurant yesterday and also a good lunch at Kapura today. My B&B (La Flora Boutique Hotel) put on a nice spread for breakfast as well - I especially liked the homemade passion fruit jam made from the 7 varieties of passion fruit they grow on the property. Can't complain - it's warm and sunny and the hotel is letting us hang out here till we can board.  Wonder if this is a sign of things to come when we reach the Drake Passage - Drake Lake or Drake Shake? Only time will tell. . . #patchworkofexperiences #visitvalparaiso #valparaisochile #valparaíso #unescoworldheritagesite #IFWTWA #natja #foodporn #foodphoto #foodie #foodigram #foodphotography #foodies #foodlover #foodpics #instafood #foodography #foodforfoodies

I am starting to plan my spring 2023 travels and I am going back to Greece! One of my favorite small ship cruise experiences was the week I spent sailing the Greek islands with @running_on_waves.yacht in 2021. It was the perfect combination of a beautiful ship, attentive service, wonderful fresh food, and of course, Greek islands. This year they have also added themed itineraries for those that want a little extra activity: golf cruises, yoga cruises, and a diving cruise. These Itineraries are perfect for partners where one wants some activity and another wants to just relax or sightsee. You can find their cruising schedule at . To get a discount use the code quiltrippingrunningonwaves. If you are thinking of doing a Greek Island cruise, sail on the beautiful Running On Waves - you won't regret it. . . #patchworkofexperiences #runningonwaves #visitgreece #visitgreecegr #discovergreece #greekislands #sailing #sailinglife #yachtlife #luxurycruise #luxurycruiseship #luxurycruises #golftrips #golflifestyle #yogaretreats #yogacruise #greecediving

Cheers to the end of an amazing year of travel in 2022 filled with many new experiences. It was a year that started with uncertainty and cancelled trips but that quickly changed to a non stop series of adventures, both domestic and abroad. Wishing you all a new year filled with joy, adventure and new horizons. Remember to savor the journey - the destination is just the icing. Let's see what new experiences 2023 will bring. Thanks to all the brands, destinations, and people that made 2022 so special: @european_waterways @princesscruises @ilove_lucerne @visitjordan @rowadventures @pandaw_river_expeditions @tourismthailand @tour_gui_cambodia @visitms @ifwtwa1

Merry Christmas friends. Hope you are staying warm.

I am catching up on writing about my travels this year, starting with my cruise to Norway in August on the Sky Princess. I've written an in depth review of the Sky Princess with lots of photos, a dining review covering all the choices on the ship, a detailed review of what I did in each port and a photo essay showcasing my favorite photos from the two week trip. You can find all these stories on my blog page at - the link is in my bio.  . . #patchworkofexperiences #skyprincess #princesscruises #cruiselife #cruisetravel #cruisevacation #cruiseship #lovecruises #loveboat #norwaycruise #arcticcruise

Well. that's a wrap. My 8 week trip to Jordan and South East Asia is done, and after flying completely around the globe, I am now at home, trying to get over the jet lag. Over the course of 8 weeks I had 12 flights that ranged from 1 hour long to 13 hours. The fates were on my side because I had no major delays and my checked bag showed up on the carousel every time. When I travel with my husband, at the end of each trip we ask each other what our top three favorite experiences have been. So, after 8 weeks of travel, what are my top 3? 1. Interacting with elephants at sanctuaries in Thailand 2. The bar-b-q on the sandbank on the Laos Pandaw cruise on the Mekong River 3. Visiting Angkor Wat and all the other temples around Siem Reap. It was an extremely memorable trip that I will never forget. Now to start processing 15,000 photos and writing lots of stories. . . #patchworkofexperiences #mekong #mekongriver #mekongcruise #laostrip #laos🇱🇦 #laostravel #laostourism #visitlaos #pandawcruise #ifwtwa1 #NATJA #smallshipcruising #luxurycruiseship #luxurycruise #luxurycruiser #cruiselife #cruiseshiplife #cruisevacation #lovecruising #rivercruise #rivercruiseship #quirkycruisesfloatmyboat #luxurytraveller #slowcruise #slowtravel #authentictravel #traveldeeper #travelphotograpy

My "Silk Road" quilt. As with many of my other memorable trips, I made a quilt before I left, inspired by the destinations where I would be travelling. I used bright shades of dupioni silk fabric on both sides of the quilt - purchased at a quilt show I went to last year. I knew that working with the silk would be a little more challenging so I chose a pattern that used large pieces. This is one of the "Turning Twenty" blocks. I think that the larger fabric pieces in each block also show off the colors well. I photographed my quilt in different spots on my trip (yes, I travelled around the world for 8 weeks with a quilt). These photos were taken at the various sites in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Again, a huge thanks to my friend and expert longterm quilter Cindy Carey of @northstarlongarmquilting who went out of her way to fit me into her schedule. I had two weeks in between trips to get this done and I could not have accomplished it without her help. So, which side do you like better? . . #quiltsofinstagram quilts #quilter #quiltlove #quiltlife #quiltdesign #quiltsinthewild #quiltingfun #quiltinglove #quiltart #modernquilt #quiltingbliss #quiltingkeepsmesane #quiltinginspiration #travelquilt #quiltphotography

I spent the last two days of my trip in Bangkok, exploring the many historic sites around my hotel. I visited the royal palace, and a few more major temples, all of which were quite impressive in their extensive and elaborate details. I wasn't super efficient in my sightseeing- I could have seen more but I was movig slowly due to the heat and humidity. Still, I'm happy with what I did see and got a little sense of what Bangkok is all about. Next stop-home. . . #patchworkofexperiences #tbex #tbexasia #amazingthailand #amazingthailand🇹🇭 #visitthailand #tbexasia2022 #tbexPhuket #amazingthailand🇹🇭 #visitthailand #bangkok #lovebangkok #bangkokthailand

Loved my unique experience at the Float House River Kwai. The location was convenient for touring the historic sights and it was the perfect peaceful spot for taking a day off to do nothing. The service was great also. The hotel set me up with drivers to pick me up at the Bangkok airport and now to take me back to Bangkok. And they also set up the guide and driver for my sightseeing tour. Their restaurant had a nice selection of local and western dishes, all freshly prepared. I loved sitting on the swing on my little deck and watching the river and then going into my air conditioned cabin. Kind of like being on a cruise without being on a boat. . . #patchworkofexperiences #tbex #tbexasia #amazingthailand #amazingthailand🇹🇭 #visitthailand #tbexasia2022 #tbexPhuket #amazingthailand🇹🇭 #visitthailand #riverkwai

A Love Letter to Beautiful Istanbul

I like to start my day early with a traditional cup of Turkish tea at the Seven Hills Hotel rooftop restaurant in the Sultanahmet district with its perfect sunrise views of the historic Hagia Sofia as a backdrop. Across the plaza from the Hagia Sofia is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, or Blue Mosque as it is more commonly known, which was completed in 1617. Just feet away from the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque, and sitting beneath modern city streets that are teeming with pedestrian, automobile and tram traffic, a walk through the underground space of the Basilica Cistern is an opportunity to physically experience a world that existed 1500 years ago. Back in the Sultanahmet district at the end of a wonderful day of sightseeing, I was once again on the rooftop of the Seven Hills Hotel to watch the sun set over the Blue Mosque-this time with a glass of wine.

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