Eileen Cotter Wright

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Hey, I'm Eileen! Crooked Flight stemmed from the idea that I have no business being a traveler. I want to help others avoid silly on-the-road mistakes!

Location Quincy, Massachusetts USA
Country United Kingdom
Member Since DECEMBER 07, 2018
Social Audience 66K
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Explore Local: Discovering the UK’s National Trails

My path traced the foundations of the once great Roman wall built in AD 122 under the rule of Emperor Hadrian. Amazingly, there’s actually a National Trails walking path that follows the length of the wall from end to end. There were hubs along the wall where people gathered at National Trust cafes and museums, but a mere stone’s throw from these sites the wall was empty, and I walked alone. From rugged coast walks in Pembrokeshire and the South West to epic mountain hikes along the Pennine Way and Offa’s Dyke Path; from the rolling fields of the South Downs and Cotswold Way to winding feature walks beside the River Thames and Hadrian’s Wall Path.

Northern Vietnam; A Two Wheeled Journey

North of Hanoi, along the Chinese border, a road carves its way through stunning mountain passes, curves along steep ravines and saunters through rural villages. It started at a cafe with green water and coffee, took a wee little turn (or scrape) for the worse and ended pleasantly enough with the camaraderie of fellow wanderers outside a hostel in Ha Giang. It turned out one of my friends also went head over handlebars that day and as soon as we got private rooms at the Ha Giang Hostel went straight to bed. We stopped numerous times to gaze and take photos as we made our descent from the mountain pass towards the river and our home for the night, The Meo Vac Clay House.

A look at Germany's fascinating destinations (& giveaway!)

If you want to visit Europe for the first time, or are scoping out the next country you’d like to explore, Germany’s got the goods that make for a great introduction to Europe. Not only did I love wandering the trendy neighborhoods, the art and music fest called MS Dockville was a wonderfully chill and fun event to indulge in on a summer weekend. You can get to the coast easily by car or train from a few major cities – for instance, in less than an hour from Hamburg is Heiligenhafen, ideal for friends and family who love the sea. We usually love to travel spontaneously, but due to the event’s popularity and the large crowds, it’s worth having a game plan before you go.

Dad Diaries: Fiji Culture, Villages & Diving

Even though English is the official language of Fiji and everyone speaks it, their native language (dialects) varies from one village to another, but ALL Fijians speak a common version of their language (Bauan) when people from one village speak to another Fijian from another village. Nurse sharks, black tip, white tip, grey reef sharks, guitar sharks, bull sharks, etc. Before you call me crazy, I researched diving with sharks on a third world island and the choice I made was with a world class 5 star dive operation which lived up to the experience. After seeing the sharks up close (the bull sharks were an average of 10 feet, 3-4ft wide and 400 – 500 lbs.) and personal, not sure what benefit the shark suit would do (for the record, my camera NEVER left my chest the entire time, once I saw the environment I was diving in).

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