Dylan Prill

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I love sports and keeping everyone updated on what's new

Member Since DECEMBER 19, 2019
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Life is all about change. What I realize in 22 years of my life that the older generation hates change and will not accept change. But guess what every day is all about change in the society right now and will be in the next decade. Yes change is a good thing and you can do great with change. @prilly11

Work your ass off and be happy. Be you and just do anything in your power to be successful. Follow your dreams and follow them tell you don’t have any more dreams in you.

Not going to lie. People theses days only want likes on Instagram and all that, people should care about there self esteem and what they can do to prove to other they can do to benefit themselves and others. Like me I want to be a motivational speaker and business motivational speaker. To help other to make there dreams come true in there life. Follow me at @prilly11

I love Wisconsin with the nature!!!

Pushing yourself is the best thing in life whatever you do!!!! People will say they will be there on your way but in a long all your on your own to work hard and just be you!!!!

Bartending type of a day!!!!

Never let anyone talk down to you. Prove everyone wrong and you’ll be the happiest person ever!!!. Be you and you will be happy and love life when you know your doing it right.

Honestly only person you should care about what you think to do in life is you. Be you and prove people wrong. You’ll be happy and successful and proving people wrong every day. Just do what makes you happy

Go All In!!! When your young it’s perfect go 36 months and see if you like something. Like yes for example a sales person it’s hard for connections out there or even knowing people if they want to buy but if you love what your doing don’t give it up. Love what your doing and your going to be happy. Keep a positive note!!

Life is great not going to lie. You have to take all the opportunity as you can meet the right people and you’ll work on so much opportunities not just with them for yourself. Be happy and be yourself!!

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