Bella M Rainey

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Hi there! My name is Bella Rainey, and I am a current sophomore at Lindenwood University studying Advertising and Strategic Communications, with minors in Fashion Business, Social Media and Digital Content Strategy, and Sports Management.

My mission in life is to create for good - whether that be decorating for my cousin’s unicorn theme birthday party, or creating an advertising campaign for a local boutique. Through each of these endeavors, I place efficiency, effectiveness, and consumer-satisfaction at the top of my priority list. I perform tasks to their fullest, and am never afraid of a good challenge.

So, when it comes to my social influencing, I am all about being transparent and vulnerable. Whether that be about boys, freelancing, school, or raising a corgi puppy, my number one priority is keeping it real with my followers. Yes I care about presets and strategy, I do that for a living, but I also care about authenticity.

Location Lake Saint Louis, MO United States
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We looooove some tweed 🌸🌙✨

embroidery goodness 😍 $25 in the booth!

New 80s bachelor vibes ice bucket is in the booth 😍 $10.

sunday + retail therapy = joy ✨

Vintage Coach with patent leather is my love language 😍😍

this setup. 😍 • Wicker Shelf - $30 Set of 4 Mugs - $20 Lavender Embroidery Hoop Wall Art - $8 Texas Flag Wall Art - $10

little sneaky sneak peak of the booth! it is finally getting to where i want it 🥳 • • #antique #antiques #antiquefurniture #antiquedecor #antiquejewelry #antiquemall #stlvintage #stlouis #stlgram #shopstl #shopsmall #tiktoktrend #vintage #vintagestyle #vintagefashion #vintagedecor #mcm #midcenturymodern #midcentury #wicker #wickerfurniture #cottagecore

hiiii friends! this account was once bee thrifted, but it is now vintage by bella! there’s a million reasons for this change, but mainly i just needed a clean slate. :) i have shifted my niche to vintage home decor and clothing, and will be selling in person only for the time being! you can find me every day of the week at the Town Square Antique Mall in Wentzville, MO, as well as occasionally doing social media sales for local friends. ✨ woo!

what i'm wearing: fall 2018

*Refuses to wear anything but jeans and cardigans for the next 9 months* I feel like I am one of the only people who really just doesn’t enjoy summer! Olive green looks great on so many skin tones and hair colors, one of the reasons I love it (olive green don’t discriminate). But really, Birkenstocks are a great summer to fall transition shoe! While that was just a little glimpse of some of my fall fashion faves, you can see more over on my Instagram @bellamaerainey!

interion design inspo

I don’t know why I had such a genuine disliking for them, but boy has that changed, because I freaking love kitchens now. Don’t get me wrong, I had my Joanna Gaines phase where I adored her all white everything, but I have a serious place in my heart for kitchens like these. The next thing I want to point out about this kitchen is the exposed shelving, both the wood completely open, and the glass door cabinet! Alright, so I know I said I am out of my white cabinet phase like 5 seconds ago, but here we are, showing a white cabinet kitchen.

advice for a fellow summer intern.

While it does differ from place to place, I feel like I have a little knowledge after my first couple weeks of interning to share with ya. Just because you are an intern doesn’t mean you can’t speak up, pitch ideas, ad be a part of the conversation. They want you there because they want new ideas and insight along with extra summer help. Some people think that is unnecessary, but when I walk into the office and have ideas and a rough draft to show for, I know I am making a lasting impression.

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