Jen deHaan

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Oil free vegan recipes. Focusing on living a whole food plant based life! Whole food plant based diet: easy and affordable recipes, no oil — plus tips and info about plant based nutrition, the vegan lifestyle, documentary guide and more.

Location Parksville, BC
Country Canada
Member Since SEPTEMBER 12, 2019
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Pad Thai Protein Salad recipe from The Plant-Based Cookbook + Book Review and Giveaway!

I am so excited to share a delicious oil-free vegan Pad Thai Protein Salad recipe from an upcoming new cookbook called The Plant-Based Cookbook by Ashley Madden. Ashley’s new cookbook features 80 healthy and delicious vegan, oil-free and gluten free recipes! You can find the recipe to make this tasty salad below, and information about the other fabulous gluten and oil-free sweet and savory recipes you can find in the new cookbook. Here is Ashley’s recipe for a Pad Thai Protein Salad from her new book, The Plant-Based Cookbook.

Lemon ginger bowl sauce with miso recipe (Oil free, no added sodium) * Plant Based Recipes: Easy Oil Free Vegan Recipes

This vegan recipe for a lemon ginger sauce makes a nice and easy spreadable sauce that you can add to burgers, wraps, or bowls. To turn this recipe into a salad dressing you can drizzle, add a couple tablespoons of oat milk and lemon juice each and test the results. Support this site with a small token of your support on any of the following sites. You can donate to keep this site up and running, and oil free vegan recipes coming your way!

New vegan bacon at Whole Foods Market

The restaurant kit on the Hooray Foods website notes that the product can be described as vegan. I haven’t tried this product (and it does contain oil), but it sounds like it’s not too bad tasting according to this C-Net writer who tried the product. A main goal of introducing plant-based products was to give the consumer a better choice in the food system. Have you tried the Hooray plant-based bacon?

Simple miso gravy recipe (Oil free, Vegan)

Another option to make life easier if preparing a large meal is to combine the dry ingredients in advance, substituting mustard powder for prepared mustard to eliminate one more step. Add all of the dry ingredients to a clean and dry pan on the stove: Heat over medium-high, stirring constantly so the spices and flour do not burn. Follow these steps to make this miso gravy recipe SOS-free (salt, oil, sugar free): Make sure your mustard is sodium free, or substitute yellow mustard powder

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