Blake Pesetsky-Kidwell

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We are a small family growing steadily. 👨‍👨‍👧 • Animal lovers🐶🐱 • Small town living🏡 • Natural living🌿 • Married trans men💁🏼‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️

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Day Five. Books. Featuring @life_of_a_michael our co-owner. #photographychallenge #challengeaccepted #challengeyourself #artistsoninstagram #photography #photographersofinstagram #art #books #literature #old #box #1800s #hugo #nebraskaphotographer #nebraska #fiance #engaged #husband #together

What We have Began to Build.

Within the past few years I have met the love of my life, started a family, gotten married, and most recently bought our very first home as a family. Instead of making these decisions myself, I have the best person to be my partner and build a life with. We have began to build our happy, gently, loving, HOME n’t wait to share this journey with you all as we continue to build up our small family and beautiful home.

Day four. Something that you fear. Mine is Insects(mostly flying ones.) This cool Assassin beetle was creepy but interesting. #challengeyourself #challengeaccepted #nebraskaphotographer #nebraska #photography #bugs #insect #nature #artistsoninstagram #photographersofinstagram #photographychallenge

My Semi-Life,A Blogging Series, Part Three.

That morning when my favorite taxi driver picked me up he got out of the van, opened the front seat door for me and told me happy birthday. I went home from school that day with my Aunt and got to spend the weekend with her and my uncle. I am so thankful that I had such a loving foster home, but it is hard to be in a home with a family who had a whole life before you and be able to feel like you belong there. The day they told me I was going to be with my Aunt and Uncle my entire life changed.

Day three is A favorite place. One of my favorites is this park in Lincoln, Nebraska. #nebraskaphotographer #art #location #pioneerspark #naturecenter #photography #artistsoninstagram #landscape #parks #challengeyourself #challengeaccepted #photographychallenge

To The Love of My Life.

In just 12 days we stand in front of each other, hand in hand, eyes locked to each other’s and saying we will love and support each other. Your face turned the best shade of red and you smiled from ear to ear while shaking your head. Our friendship turned into 13 hours of constant texts, 6 hour skype calls, daydreaming of when we would talk next, and every thought in my mind was you. To my soon-to-be husband, Michael Pesetsky, I promise to love you through the good and the bad, to go on adventures with you (even if that means going to wal-mart because we are bored), to take care of you, to be your lighthouse when you need a safe place, to love our family, to read bedtime stories to our kids while we sit on the couch all snuggled together, to grow with you, and to never let you go.

Day two of our challenge! aesthetics! #nebraskaphotographer #photographychallenge #challengeyourself #art #ink #inkwell #artistsoninstagram #roses

My Semi-Life, A Blogging Series, Part Two.

I remember the officer taking me to the police station and calling my aunt, who was at work during the time. I told her about my mom being sick and in the hospital, I told her the details of what he had done to me. It was at this time that my best friend left to go back to the house for dinner like we were told to do. know it when talking to the pastor, but he had already called the police station and told them what had been happening for so many years.

Tomorrow is 13 weeks into this pregnancy and today is the first time I’ve not been able to go into an appointment with Michael. As I sit here in the waiting room anxiously waiting for Michael to send me a video of the babies heartbeat, I think about all of the other partners out there that are missing out of these milestones in a pregnancy. Covid-19 has changed so much in this world for so many of us. I want you all to know we feel you. I know not being able to be there for these things is hard. You just want to be there for your partner and little baby through all of it. Please keep your head up. At the end of this pregnancy when that baby comes all of the worries you feel will disappear. What are your experiences with prenatal care and pregnancy during Covid? Is there something you’ve experienced that has been rough and you need support? We are here for you. Our inbox is always open. #pregnancy #pregnantduringcovid19 #parents #baby #pregnant #blog #facebook page #transparent #pregnantman #seahorsedad #transgender #lgbt #gaydads #carrying #dadsofinstagram #parentsofinstagram #newparent #momsofinstagram #pregnantinapandemic #pregnancyjourney #journey #shareing #experiencematters

It’s that time again! #senior #graduation #photography #nebraskaphotographer #nebraskasenior #senioryear #nebraska #photographersofnebraska #portraits

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