Penny Williams

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I’m a coffee-lovin’, ADHD-obsessed momma on a mission, and I’m honored to help families on this always chaotic, often stressful, anything-but-ordinary parenting journey.

Through my podcast, award-winning books, online parent training programs, parent coaching, online summits, and mom retreats, I have helped thousands of families with kids with ADHD and/or autism survive and thrive.

I'm the host of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, which has over 500,000 downloads in 100+ countries.

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Podcast! The Emotional Brain, Regulation, and Behavior

I'm really excited today to be talking to Lauren Spigelmyer, and we're going to talk all things, emotions, regulation, and behavior, how all of those things are intertwined and how to really help our kids to develop those skills and navigate those different areas. Let's start by talking about the foundations of emotions, emotional brain, emotional regulation kids with ADHD, kids with autism, really often are very delayed, I think with emotional intelligence and skills, those nuances, and also with self-regulation, those are really important foundational aspect for us to be talking about for parents. B. So what that means then is that when a child is stressed or triggered and their dog is barking, which causes their wise owl to fly away, their emotions are kind of taking over, kind of hijacking their thinking brain. And then we want to teach them how to calm down that barking dog, because if they can calm the barking dog and it stops barking that wise owl can fly back

PAP 113: How to Press the Reset Button When Your Child Gives Up

And I emphasize fun because I know like my kids are in distance learning and if your kids are at home and they come on break and some kids just want to have a break, or some kids want to like actually even go onto some like computer game during break, which is like no eyeballs off screen. So I think you have to know your child and know if they're going to be able to use that for a short time, that kind of thing, and then come back to work. So you, you want to come in with this, like let's problem solve together, but seriously connect with your kid's teacher and just let them know, like you're willing to help with this collaboration, but kind of clue them in because a lot of teachers, they don't know what's going on behind the scenes. And as a school psychologist I work with school psychologists across the country, in my online course the thriving school psychologist collective, and we're looking at ways to support teachers right now and kids and families, because we're all in this together

PAP 112: Creating Harmony in the Home, with Dr. Lynyetta Willis

right now I'm kind of stuck in being more of a homebody than I already was, and that just needs to be, but there's a lot of ways, especially our relationships with our kids and our significant others that we can be getting unstuck right now. Going back to that creative space my husband and I, so our kids are older than maybe some of the kids, but listeners, my children are eight and 11 and at nighttime we'll tell them, all right, this is mommy, daddy time. Like maybe I need to heal something that happened to me when I was five or maybe I need to honor the fact that I'm not getting enough sleep or maybe I need to heal and honor the fact that I really haven't dealt with the grief associated with having a neuro-diverse child. Dr. Lynyetta Willis (35:44): Because if my child is responding to a situation in a way that I think is unhelpful, and I'm very intentional about using words like unhelpful or helpful versus good or bad, if they're responding in ways that are unhelpful, is there an opportunity for me to discipline in its true sense of the word?

Podcast 111: How to Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick

I'm really excited today to be talking with Elizabeth Sautter and we're going to talk about how to make social and emotional learning stick. And this is a huge topic for our community of parents who have kids with ADHD, possibly also autism spectrum emotional communication, emotional awareness, emotional regulation is so often a challenge for our kids and a challenge for us to really help them through that. I talk a lot to parents about talking through your thought processes, your problem, solving processes, things like that with your kids, leading them to say, Oh, here's an idea that we could do to solve this problem, or asking them questions so that they come up with the answer instead of just telling them what the answer is or telling them what to do. And it's just so much more valuable and yes, it takes a little more time, but when we're teaching skills that our kids really need and really need help with, and we're just making it part of the day to day, it's so much more well received from them, especially when your kids are teenagers, right?

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