Heather Montgomery

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#Mom, #Blogger #FASTerWaytoFatLoss certified coach, #Disney, #Faith #travel. PR inquiries: heather@heatherslookingglass.com

Location Madison, MS United States
Country United States of America
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5 Things to do on Your Disney Arrival Day

I highly recommend NOT paying for park tickets on your arrival day because, number one, you will probably be exhausted, and number two, you probably will only have a fraction of the time to enjoy the park depending on what time you arrive. It’s much better to relax and get a full night’s sleep before hitting the parks, so what is there to do? There are so many beautifully themed resorts on Disney property, it’s a fun idea to hop on a bus, boat, monorail or the skyliner and go on a resort tour! Each resort also has unique dining options and treats, so go grab dessert at a different place from where you are staying on your Disney arrival day, and soak it all in, you are on vacation!

Through Heather's Looking Glass

Emma Kate is very much a sheltered sweet little girl (we have done our best to shelter her from a lot of mainstream stuff) and I just wish I could keep her innocence forever. She wears anywhere from a size 13-1.5 in shoes (moving to a big kid size hurt my heart, yall) and she can still fit in a few tops that are 5T, but is mainly moving from 6 to 7/8. Thanks to Bobby, Emma Kate knows about 10 different Bible passages, including the entire 23rd Psalm and the Lord’s prayer. Emma Kate is still an early riser, up between 6 and 6:15 every day, but thankfully we have instilled in her to not wake us up and she does a really good job of entertaining herself in the mornings until I get up.

Through Heather's Looking Glass

Last Saturday we threw Emma Kate an outdoor birthday party that was a lot of fun (but also a lot of work, but she’s worth it!) We went with a Moana theme, and it was super easy to buy stuff for since you can basically just buy anything with a luau/Hawaiian theme and turn it into Moana! A huge thanks to our two sponsors, Bubble Foam Pop and Enchanting Memories Entertainment. There were a lot of questions on Instagram about the bubble foam, so be sure to check out the website, htere are answers to common questions!

Through Heather's Looking Glass

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx Even though it’s still 95 degrees here, I am starting to think cozy thoughts about fall, snuggling up inside with my family, and taking better care of myself as things (hopefully) slow down a little bit. Thankfully, Kerasal is a leading brand in foot care for issues like skin dryness to damage from fungus, aging, or manicures. The multi-purpose nail repair is a paint-on product with a patented formula to improve the appearance of your nails that have been damaged by things like fungus, gel manicures, aging, or nail psoriasis. After all, you can’t help take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself!

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