Heather Montgomery

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#Mom, #Blogger #FASTerWaytoFatLoss certified coach, #Disney, #Faith #travel. PR inquiries: heather@heatherslookingglass.com

Location Madison, MS United States
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Through Heather's Looking Glass

Before you work out great ways to calm your mind and add self-care into your routine, it is important to understand why so many people don’t manage to fit it in and see where that might apply to you and what you do. The great thing about doing yoga is that even if you manage to fit in one session a week, it is going to have a positive impact. Taking control over your environment and doing things like decluttering, rearranging and cleaning can give you a lot of calm. All of these little tips will make your day to day life run a little smoother, which will keep you relaxed and lift some of the worries from your mind.

Through Heather's Looking Glass

I am 34 years old and have gone to church on Easter Sunday (well, every Sunday, but you get the idea) for 34 years. I know it seems silly, but I got a little choked up about no Easter dresses, Easter egg hunts, bunny photos, or Sunday service saying “ That night was again particularly hard for me as I thought of how far away this is, of each day being the same, groundhog day over and over again, juggling my house, work, and homeschooling a 5-year-old. I hate that when she makes a wish on what she calls a “puffeler” amongst the weeds in the yard, she wishes that the virus would go away forever instead of wishing for candy or unicorns or a Disney trip like she used to do.

Through Heather's Looking Glass

She can still wear shirts in 5T, but pants that size are way too short, so most of her clothes are 6’s. It’s getting harder and harder to hide things from her, spell words in front of her to Bobby, or let her think something is a certain way I have gotten to attend several class parties and events like the hoedown back in October that were a lot of fun. She is still obsessed with Bella, and Bella has gotten a lot better about being sweet to her, so that has been fun to watch.

How To Keep Kids Busy While Social Distancing

Keeping a 5 year old busy all day every day has been tough, so I wanted to share some ideas of things you could do with your kids to keep everyone sane and happy during social distancing. If your kids like to play with cars then you could create a road map on the floor using masking tape, you could even use other toys as landmarks and build mini-towns with toy characters. This might not seem fun but your children will actually enjoy sorting through their toys, it will give them the opportunity to dig out old toys that they’ve not played with for a while. Quizzes are a great way to keep your’s and your children’s mind ticking while you are stuck at home.