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Scorpio☀️Gemini🌙Scorpio⬆️ Student Astrologer+Radio Host. Ohio Media School. Podcast:Evening Astrology with Hales on Spotify. Mom/Divorced and World Peace.🕊️

Location Gahanna, Ohio
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I inquired more Holiday pillows and Santas ☺️ Can you have too many though? 😄 #christmasdecor #christmas #holiday #cheers #christmasmovies #santaclaus #santa

Okay bakers, what happened to my wheat bread? It barely rose. This is my 1st time making wheat bread. What's the secret for it to rise properly? My cinnamon swirl bread looks fantastic though.

I just adore that my 36th profection year is on Libra Rising ruled by Venus (swipe for chart) as my natal chart is ruled Venus cause I'm a Libra Rising 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 I looked at my Solar Return chart yesterday and it's ruled my the Sun which represents self/legacy as my Solar Return chart is ruled by Leo. I found that this year will mark letting down walls to trust, heal, explore spiritually and love so I can open doors for wealth, partnerships (both professional and romantic), security and stability 🎉 It's all very #tanc as we say being that I've already had the prerequisite the last 6 months ☺️ Here's to a transformative/power (Pluto representing my natal Sun sign Scorpio) year filled with activating and achieving my desires (Venus) as I'm worthy/deserving (Sun) 😘 PS: I'll be opening beginner astrology classes back up this year (thanks to my soul sister Missy for the guidance on this regarding exploring my spiritually) after a 2y hiatus so stay tuned 😀 PSS: missy_astrology is an amazing teacher/mentor. I HIGHLY recommend learning from her by booking readings and classes 💋 🥂🎂💐💃🍬🍭36🦋🍀💋❤️👑💚 #scorpio #birthday #solarreturn #astrology #astrologersofinstagram

#ootd #birthdaygirl

Here's to 36 🥂

I'm still sicker than a dog but not as sick as yesterday. So, I did my hair and put some makeup on to try and motivate me to finish unpacking the house 🍀 Also, cause it's my last day being 35 and I don't want to spend it looking like a bum 😆

Because... Ohio 😏

All the flowers I have bought from or was given by moon_maiden_flowers over the last 8 years are moved into the new condo 😍

Thank goodness I have Peacock Premium 🦚 we are watching for free and kiddos are excited! ☺️

Auntie wouldn't want me to feel this broken. This is the closest to a smile I can get too.

Grief is no one's friend

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