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Hi I’m a Boston, MA, Mom and livelong traveler exploring the world with my family and solo. While this is a balancing act, life wouldn't be complete without adventure. I remind people that having "everything" should include the things that make their soul happy. Luxury travel & lifestyle Clothing model Family focused

Location Wellesley, MA New England
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Cheers to you!! One of the best wine experiences I’ve ever had was the tour and tasting at Veuve Clicquot, in Reims, France. Only 1:45min outside of Paris this easy day trip to Reims (in the Champaign region) is a must for any champagne lover. @veuveclicquot @reimstourisme #veuveclicquot #veuvecliquot #champagne #champagneregion

Travel has made me a better Mom. I know that sounds dramatic but it’s completely true. Since I prioritized some travel on my own, I am much more balanced for my family. Let’s face it, the mental load of being a Mom is huge. When thinking about my kids, my mind swirls with thoughts like Am I doing enough? Am I pushing too hard? Or being supportive enough? Will they grow up to like me? Will they grow up to like themselves? Do they eat too much sugar? Do they eat enough? Do I love dogs more? No- but they talk back way less. Are they pulling away? Do they have enough responsibility? Do they actually brush their teeth? C likes parmesan, G mozzarella. When is the next doctor apt? Did I make it yet? Dentist? Do they have enough clothes that fit them for spring? Am I overthinking this? And so on…. Does this sound familiar? We all need those quiet moments to put some distance between the rush of daily life to reflect…. savor the sweetness of doing nothing. Do you take time to slow down? What’s your favorite “nothing” activity? @zara @veja

Traveling with best friends is one of the most memorable and rewarding things you can ever do. My recent trip to France was to celebrate one of my best friend’s milestone birthdays. Good friends are so much more than people to have fun with, they bring out the best in us. They inspire us to be your authentic self, to pursue our passions, and challenge us when you need a reality check. That is my friend Rebecca. She is one of the most inspiring women I know. She has been through some of life’s hardest challenges and not only survived but created a life that is lovely and full of adventures. Not by luck but with very hard work. She has built two successful businesses, volunteered as a doctor across the globe, and is a loving wife and Mother. She is also FUN as anyone I have ever known and loves to travel as much as I do. Travel has played an important role in her journey so she wanted to celebrate in a spot that was meaningful… which is why we found ourselves in Reims, France at Les Crayeres. This lovely location played a pivotal role in recovery after a major tragedy. As she put it, “this was the place where the color came back to life.” Celebrating with her there, surrounded by friends, will be one of the most cherished moments of my life. Love you @reblilley #friendsshowup #reims #reimstourisme #reimscity #reimstagram #reimschampagne #reimsfrance #lescrayeresreims @domainelescrayeres #lifeincolor #lifeisgood #francetourisme #jaimelafrance #zara #frenchchampagne

This was one of those moments that felt like a dream… stunning blue skies and one of the most lovely setting so have ever seen. Les Crayères truly is a dream hotel. This “chateau style” hotel and restaurant in Reims, France is perched within sprawling lawns and gardens. Truly a combination of elegant and sophisticated French style. Part of the Relais & Chateaux group of hotels,this one’s private estate is gorgeous at every angle. The warm and welcoming service adds to the charm of the champagne region gem. If you’re in Reims be sure to have dinner or a cocktail on this lovely lawn or better yet stay a night or two. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. Sunglasses by Alaïa, dress Zara, shoes LK Bennettt London #lescrayeresreims @domainelescrayeres #relaischateaux @relaischateaux #reims #frenchchampagne #visitreims #reimsfrance #reimstagram @zara @maisonalaia @lkbennettlondon

If ‘Sex and the City’ taught us anything, it’s that Paris is the only city in the world that New Yorkers actually fantasize about. – Elizabeth Bard Thank you so much city of light. This has been a weekend like no other. And thank you to all the wonderful people I spent the weekend with. (You know who you are) my heart is so very full. All my love to you sweet birthday girl who made this weekend perfect.🥰

One question… are you a Isle or window person?? Tell me in the comments. #jetblue @JetBlue #jetblueairways #jetbluelondon #isleseatplease

On our recent trip to Mexico we stayed at a large mid range all inclusive hotel. I have gotten a lot of questions about it… We had a nice time, but they are not my top choice. I wanted to offer my honest thoughts on these types of hotels. First- I have had some amazing experiences at all-inclusive hotels; with family, with my husband and on girls trips. Pros to All-Inclusives; -Cost effective -Convenient- making them great for families with young children. -Typically lots of activities, such as pool parties, work-out classes, face painting, etc. -All you can eat food and drinks. Your child doesn’t like his chicken, order a burger- so easy. -In many cases customized services such as butlers or concierges to add a more personal touch, this was the BEST PART of our stay in Mexico. Our hotel’s butler staff made the trip. The cons; -Lack of cultural & authentic travel experience. Because you tend to stay at the hotel and do their activities you don’t really get to enjoy the “real” experiences of being in the destination. -These types of hotels tend to be crowded. It can be difficult getting reservations to restaurants, finding chairs at the pool, and packed activities. Especially during peak times. This was very true in Mexico. -Food quality- While food and drink are plentiful they get repetitive and it’s usually not high quality. A mediocre burger at the pool gets old after a day or two. -It’s hard to find the quiet and calming feel of vacation. In Mexico our “patio” was next to a walkway with loud music playing 8am-9pm. -The environmental impact feels a little alarming. What do you think of all inclusive hotels?

Have you seen the warnings about cyber attacks from charging your phone while traveling? Let me break down what I found- The US Federal Communications Commission released a warning about charging your phone in public USB stations; specifically emphasizing the risk at airports and hotels. Malware installed through a corrupted USB port can lock a device or export personal data and passwords. The ports themselves can be corrupted AND the actual USB and cords. These are their recommendations to stay safe: 📲Avoid using public USB charging stations to charge your phone. 🔌Use an AC power outlet instead. 🤳Carry a portable charger or external battery. 🚫If you plug your device into a USB port and a prompt appears asking you to select "share data" or “charge only,” always select “charge only.” 🛑Don’t use USB cords or chargers that are not yours. My first reaction is binging along a few auxiliary chargers… this always seems easier to me anyway. They also sell Data Blocking USB adaptors that you can use to stop malware from accessing your info. I hope this helps! Be sure to share with your traveling buddies so we can all stay safe. This photo is of my daughter in Mexico. #traveltips #travelsafety #travelsafe #cybersecurity #cyberattack

Do you have a list of life Goals? I don’t mean on in your head, but an actual list you can add too and refer back too. I don’t but I keep reading about the importance of making one. The positives of making an actual life goal list; Gives you a visual reminder of what you truly want. Helps with accountability- show it to others. Celebrate progress- there is nothing like achieving these goals! So I have decided to write them down (actually in a spreadsheet on Google but you get the idea.) A few items on the top of my list are -visit 50 countries -learn French enough to converse -take my children to Australia -snorkel with whales -hike on all 7 continents What is on the top of your list? Do you have one written down? This video is from Chinatown in San Francisco last summer with my husband.

Bonjour! Did you take a language in school when you were younger? Did you stick with it and become fluent? No? Me neither. I took 8ish years of French and loved the language but quit in late college and remember very little. I regret this so much! I’m left asking myself WHY? Why didn't I stick with it? Why don’t more people learn a second language? Did you know only 4% of Americans who study a second language in school become fluent? 60% of Americans who took a language in school only remember simple phrases or words. Does this sound like you? So with travel in mind and doing things that I don’t want to put off... I AM LEARNING FRENCH! I put that in bold and on social media…. To make it official. (can’t back out now) Now I need your help to keep me accountable. If you see me, feel free to ask me. I promise to post how things are going. ANYONE WANTS TO JOIN ME? We can do it! I would love some company on this journey? Did you learn a second language- Any tips? I know many of my international friends probably speak a few languages, what worked best for you? Please put in comments if you speak another language. If you want to learn one with me. Any tips, apps, thoughts you have to help me along. In the interest of full disclosure I do have dyslexia (and ADHD) so alternative learning methods are usually my jam. this photo is from the mountains above Murin Switzerland. One of my favorite days ever.

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