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Hi I’m a Boston, MA, Mom and livelong traveler exploring the world with my family and solo. While this is a balancing act, life wouldn't be complete without adventure. I remind people that having "everything" should include the things that make their soul happy. Luxury travel & lifestyle Clothing model Family focused

Location Wellesley, MA New England
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Today was all about Boston, MA. She was in all her glory. I love that dirty water. #boston #bostonmassachusetts #ilovethatdirtywater #bostonyouremyhome #redsoxnation #patriotsfootball #bostonmassachusetts

Want to know what New Hampshire hotel has the best views to see the fall foliage? ✨Mount Washington Hotel ✨ Have you ever been to Mt. Washington Hotel? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments! ❓ Not only are the views epic but the hotel has a rich history and many family friendly activities. 🌲♥️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🌲🌲As you drive the scenic Route 302 it is hard not to be impressed with The Mount Washington Hotel’s huge white facade and bright red roof. ♥️🏨 From the hotel you have sweeping views of the majestic Mount Washington, including the COG route that takes visitors to the top. The huge windowed interior spaces, wrap-around porches and expansive lawns with bonfires are the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail, while you take it all in. And in our case our kids can run around a bit and explore. The hotel dates back to 1902 and was built by primarily Italian craftsmen brought over for their artistry. When it opened the visitors were primarily Boston and New York Elite high society that would travel by train to the grand hotel. The hotel was actually one of hundreds of grand hotels built in the White Mountains and is one of the only remaining. Unfortunately, most of the others burned down due to their wood construction. 🎿This family resort has countless activities such as zip lines, hiking, fire pits, and much more. They also boast an 18 hole and 9 hole golf course. Not to mention Bretton Woods Ski Resort across the street. ⛳️ 💧 🔥 #mountwashingtonhotel • #mountwashington • #newhampshire • #whitemountains • #brettonwoods• #mountwashingtonvalley • #whitemountainsnh • #omnimountwashington • #leafpeeping • #crawfordnotch • #mtwashington • @omnihotels ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #autumncolors #autumnleaves #autumnvibes #autumnvibes🍁 #ignewengland #newengland #newenglandfall #newenglandlife #newhampshire #whitemountains

⁣While traveling or at home there is nothing like a good night’s sleep. 🌟😴💤 #sponsored It is essential for self-care. Especially when you want to make the most of every day.💫 One way to enhance a night’s rest is wearing luxurious pajamas from Lunya! ✨ 🛌 Why is sleep so important? 1️⃣ **Recharge Your Mind**: Sleep is a refresher and recharger for your brain. It helps consolidate memories, improve problem-solving skills, and enhances creativity. 2️⃣ **Boost Your Mood**: A well-rested you is a happier you! Adequate sleep can reduce stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day. 3️⃣ **Physical Health**: It’s not just about mental wellness. Quality sleep also supports your immune system, helps maintain a healthy weight, and lowers the risk of chronic diseases. 4️⃣ **Beauty Sleep**: Yes, it’s a real thing! Sleep allows your body to repair and regenerate, leaving your skin glowing and your hair looking fabulous. I am so thrilled to be partnering with Lunya as I have liked their washable silk items for years. This lounge set has quickly become one of my favorites. Not only are they so pretty but they feels so nice. My son even doubled back on a hug, “Wow, Mom these pajamas feel so nice.” (Extra hugs from a tween is a BIG deal.) Shop my link https://get.aspr.app/SH9kl I will also put this shopping link in my link tree in my bio and in stories. Ps for my long new and long term followers- yes this is a real sponsored post!! Im so excited… what a dream. Thanks for being here for the ride. If end up getting something from Lunya please DM me… so I can personally thank you. ☺️ it’s all happening (-dazed and confused) #PajamaPerfection #SleepInStyle #SweetDreams #goodinbed @lunya #washablesilk #wellesleyma #pajamagoals #goodnightssleep #sleepwelltonight #goodsleep #behappy #healingenergy #stressrelief #relaxtotal #sleepwell #paidpartnership

✈️ Long plane rides get you the place you long to see, but they can also be dangerous. Did you know that sitting for prolonged periods of time on a plan can cause deadly blood clots to form in your legs? Do you do anything to prevent blood clots on airplanes? This is what happened to my mother in late July. Unfortunately she ignored the signs and ended up in the hospital but it could have been much worse! Here are some important steps to prevent blood clots on Long Flights! 1️⃣ **Move Your Legs** Get up, stretch, and walk around the cabin every couple of hours. Simple leg exercises in your seat like ankle circles and knee lifts can also help. 2️⃣ **Stay Hydrated** Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which can make your blood thicker and more prone to clotting. 3️⃣ **Wear Compression Socks**: Invest in compression stockings to improve blood flow in your legs. They’re a traveler’s best friend! (I have both Bombas and Comrad) 4️⃣ **Avoid Crossing Your Legs**: Sitting with your legs crossed can restrict blood flow. Keep your feet flat on the floor whenever possible. 5️⃣ **Choose Aisle Seats**: Aisle seats make it easier to get up and move around without disturbing your fellow passengers. EVEN BETTER upgrade to a bigger seat where you can stand up? Yeah I know it’s easier said than done but if you have risk factors this might be a reason to treat yourself. 6️⃣ **Stay Comfortable**: Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and adjust your seat for proper leg support. ALSO- Know if you have a higher risk factors for blood clots, such as -a family history of clotting, -smokers, -women, -overweight, -advanced age, -pregnancy -medicines such as birth control pills or hormone replacement Please share this or talk to your loved ones who might have increased risk!! Safe travels! ✨✈️ #TravelSmart #HealthyJourney #ClotPrevention #americanheartassociation #travelsafely #strokeawareness #heartattack #dvt #heartattackprevention #strokeprevention

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope your weekend is filled with fun friends and maybe some adventures. Lots of love you all, I really appreciate you being part of my journey. And I’m grateful to be part of yours. Special thanks to my amazing partner in crime Annie. You the best! 🫶🫰 @anniewoh #uluwatu #uluwatutemple

🙋🏼‍♀️Why did our family just booked ANOTHER trip to Under Canvas, we love Glamping- BUT this time we are going with friends!❗️ 🏕️Do you Glamp? Would you like to know more? OR what’s your favorite part? Our family has been glamping twice. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Once in the Finger Lakes of New York. And, once at Under Canvas Grand Canyon when we visited Arizona a while back. 🏕️💚🧡 LOVED staying at this luxury yet adventures glamping destination. My kids were in heaven sleeping in a tee-pee in the desert. While my husband and I reveled in the quiet peaceful nature mixed with lovely meals, cocktails and amenities. 🍸☺️🪵🔥 Each evening we would return from our days adventures to hot showers, warm campfires, and epic sunsets as we listened to music and made smores under the stars. ✨🏕️🥾 My daughter signed out the resort’s guitar and played for us. 🎸🎶 We even heard a coyote! (I think, could have been a dog.) 🐾🐾🐕 So this summer when our family friends asked us if we wanted to go to Acadia we were thrilled to suggest Under Canvas! 🏕️🥾🦞 Our three families as well as some four legged family members can’t wait to enjoy the coast of Maine together next June. 🦞⚓️💙 So I officially have a trip planned for 2024…now to find some more adventures. These photos are from our time at the Grand Canyon Under Canvas. Leggings @lululemon Top @smartwool Kids clothes @thenorthface @undercanvasgrandcanyon @undercanvasofficial #undercanvas #glamping #grandcanyon #familyglamping #campfirefun ⁣ #glampinghub #glampingresort #glampingnotcamping #glampinggoals #campinglife #glampinglife #luxurycamping ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #campinglife #campingout #campingvibes #campingweekend #campingwithdogs #campingwithkids #familycamping #familycampingtrip #visitmaine #acadianationalpark @glamping_community

✈️🗺️Want to make travel planning much easier? ➡️Let me know if you already do this? And if you have any tips on how to organize this let me know too. 😊One way to make travel planning so much easier is to save locations that speak to you on your Instagram Feed. 🌃 ❗️Even when you are NOT planning a trip. If it’s a spot you might go to in the future - SAVE IT. (That is what I did when I saw this gorgeous swamp in South Carolina (1st photo). Then a year later when planning a trip to Charleston I was sure to visit.) 🐊🌳 📱You can organize your saved posts in folders by destination, season or trip theme (family, girls trip, hiking.)📁👯‍♀️🥾👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 📁🗂️These folders are not only fun to go back though but they can be a great springboard when planning your next big adventure. These are the steps to saving posts (Video 1) 1. When you see a post, reel or carousel that you like. 2. Click on the tab shape at the bottom right 3. There will be a pop up with your saves collections (folders) 4. If you don’t have any already have folders click the “New Collection” - If you are planning something with someone else you can add a collaborator here 5. Name the folder something that will be helpful later. NOTE- If you are watching a Reel in full screen you will need to click on the three dots on the right, the save tab is in there. To go through your saved folders: (Video 2) 1. Go to profile page 2.Click on the three horizontal lines on the top right 3.In pop-up list click saved. 4.You will see all your saved folders with the first post saved as the icon photo. If you have a insta-newbie friend please share this with them so they can learn too! Shout out to @champitravels for the excellent Mexico Reel for September in the second video. I’ll share it in my stories in case you want to save in your Mexico Folder. #travelgram #traveler #cypress_gardens #southcarolina @SouthCarolina #southcarolinawater #southcarolinalowcountry #instaknowledge #instagood @cypress_gardenssc #travelhack

🍂 Fall is just around the corner- and for me there is no place like my home of New England to enjoy it. 🎃🍁 Things to look forward to- and the spot I look forward to enjoying it! 1. 🍁 Sweater Weather- Harvard Square, Cambridge 🧥✨ 2. 🎃 Pumpkin Everything- Pumpkin Bread from Quebrada and Wards Berry Farm, Sharon 🎃🥧 3. 🍂 Fall Leaves- White Mountains, New Hampshire 🍁🍃 4. ☕ Cozy Mornings- Tatte Bakeries in Wellesley or Boston ☕🌅 5. 🏈 Game Day Glory- Gillette Stadium 🏈🙌 6. 🍎 Apple Picking- Lookout Farm, South Natick 🍎🌳 7. 🎃 Spooky Season- Salem, MA and Beacon Hill, Boston 👻🧟‍♂️ So, get ready to dive into the pumpkin patch, enjoy apple cider by the fire, and savor every moment of this enchanting season. 🍂✨ What is your favorite thing about fall? -fluffy jacked @alo -jeans @citizensofhumanity -sweatshirt @velvet -loafers @gucci 📸🍁 #FallFever #AutumnAdventures #NewEnglandFall #falltravel #newengland #whitemountains #bostonfall #fallfoliage #beaconhillboston #charlesstreetboston #deananddeluca #pumkinspice @lookoutfarm

What is your favorite place you have ever visited? I asked my kids this- Aruba, Mexico, Italy, Antigua, Niagara Falls and one place they always come back too is Sedona, AZ. 🌵🏜️ They don’t even say Sedona, more specifically hiking in Sedona. 🥾🌄 I think they feel in love with the colors, the feeling of freedom.- who know maybe it was the vortexes?? 🏜️ But barring their other favorite spot Italy. They want a adventure with hiking for this years family trip. So that’s the plan for April vacation. Now to get planning! Should we do camping?? My husband is NOT a fan so the work will fall to me. East Coast, Desert south west, National park, California ❓ What are your thoughts on family camping / hiking trips? Is that even a vacation? I know some of you are experts on this, while others avoid hiking and camping at all cost. Any thoughts are helpful! This video is from an subset hike with my daughter on Bell Rock. It will probably go down as one of my favorite moments in my life. She was so happy running around and playing on all the rocks. I was newer to photography and just in awe of the colors as they changed. I love how this video has our shadows. 😍

Our Annual Cape Cod Escape 🌟🌊 As Labor Day approaches, our my family knows a fun weekend is ahead. We cherished our yearly tradition of going to Brewster with some of our closest friends. The parents have all known each other since the early days of college and now our children are as close as family. It is such a special group. Our destination, the Oceans Edge on Cape Cod @oceanedgecapecod. 🏖️🌅 Nestled on the shore, Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club is a complete family resort with tons of activities (golf, archery, biking etc) with a great beach with full service and cozy bonfires under the stars. Our three families have created so many traditions and memories together here. 🌠❤️ But, here’s the dilemma we face: Should we return to this beloved hotel next Labor Day, where our kids run to find their special spot- (it’s called the cave and they all run there instantly)? 🏡💕 OR should we venture into uncharted territory and explore a new destination, creating fresh adventures? 🌍 -the kids didn’t like this idea! We’re torn between the comfort of the familiar and the allure of seeing something new. 🤔🗺️ Do you ever question revisiting a familiar place or embarking on a new adventure? What would you do? 🗨️🤷‍♀️ Dress- Belle @bellcollection @oceanedgeresort #CapeCodGetaway #FamilyTradition #OceanEdgeCapeCod #LaborDayRetreat #TravelDilemma #ExploreOrReturn #TravelCommunity #ShareYourThoughts

z-Carlton Nusa Dua a lovely first stop in Bali 🌴✨ (I will be sharing all of my Bali Hotels, and the Ritz in Nusa Dua was our first location. I’m going to include the good and not so great, so read to the end. AND Be sure to save if you’re planning to visit Bali.) From the moment you arrive, you are greeted with Balinese hospitality and the refreshing ocean breeze. This sprawling beach resort is quintessential Ritz Carlton, with elegant restaurants, stunning pools, and luxurious rooms. 🏖️🌅 We chose this hotel for its close proximity to the airport and surprisingly affordable price for a 5 star hotel. We stayed in a swimout room with two queen beds which was great for two people. Highlights; -Approx 30 min from the airport. -Very helpful and friendly service. -Reliable Ritz/ Marriott that offers the perks of Marriott Bonvoy. -It had a fantastic looking kids club. -Gorgeous gardens. -Several pool and dining options. -Very comfortable and spacious rooms. Things to consider; -While the hotel is pretty, it didn’t quench my hope for an authentic Balianses experience. -The beach had a fair amount of plastic pollution in the water. It was the best I saw but still something to consider. -The resort is HUGE. They offer shuttles around the properties, which help, but expect to walk. -The swimout pool was freezing. We never really got in unfortunately. Honest Opinion; All and all I would recommend the Ritz for a night or two to get your bearings when you first arrive. BUT you might consider, a hotel on the south/west side of this part of the island for the incredible sunsets. #balihotel #ritzcarlton #ritzcarltonbali #ritzcarlton🔥 #luxerylife #baliguide #balivacation #luxeryhotel #indonesiahotel #nusaduabali #nusaduabeachhotel

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