Elora Dodd - Online 1 Room Schoolhouse

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I am a new influencer looking to connect my followers (90% female, mostly Gen-Z) with other influencers and brands that will continue to Encourage, Educate, Entertain, and Empower them. The current generation of young women can be very discouraged with the state of the world - I seek to demonstrate through historical education that the world has always been wild and crazy, and there is always hope. When a viewer experiences my content, they are reminded that they are not - and have never been - the first person to face what they are going through. Furthermore, my viewers learn historical information that will help them in their daily education. I have been told several times that I “make history more fun than in school,” and I think that is the greatest compliment I can receive. My ideal brand to work with would be one that promotes education, especially history, in a fun and exciting package for young people. After all, learning is the most fun thing out there - it is just the ways it is delivered that people dislike.

Location Oklahoma
Country United States of America
Member Since AUGUST 31, 2020
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