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A passionate baker, the voice behind the sweet baking blog One Sarcastic Baker, and the author of the "Baking Science" cookbook. Baking and photographing are international languages, forms of self-expression, and a way to connect with bakers worldwide.

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Another taste of my childhood. . My mom used to make the most delicious, sweet yeast bread with big gaps and chocolate filling. . No special shaping of pans, with this, it’s all about the flavours. To make this, use 1/4 of my Brioche Bread recipe, link in my bio. . For the chocolate filling, mix all of the ingredients until smooth: - 10 tablespoons of soft butter - 1/2 cup powdered sugar - 1/2 cup cocoa powder. . Follow for more baking tips, recipes, and ideas. . . . . #baking #brioche #yeastbread #homebaker

What are your Mother’s Day plans ? . I’ve got some great ideas for you, and you can find them on on the blog, search for: . - Chocolate Waffles - Puff pastry Croissants - Double Chocolate Muffins - Brioche French Toast . . . . #baking #morhersday #homebaker #foodie

As a mother, I feel comfortable that more than you baking your mom a pastry for Mother’s Day, she wants to peace and quiet to bake it herself. . And to be left alone even if you can’t find your missing shoe 😉. . Find the recipe on the blog, link in my bio. . . . . #baking #cinnamonrolls #homebaker

I’ll take Puff Pastry over Phyllo any day, but my Greek girls are all about the crunch. . And this is their favorite cookies/treats/dessert, two Phyllo sheets smothered with melted butter and a chunky dollop of Nutella. . I brush the triangle with butter before baking at 375F for 13-15 minutes. . Leave a comment with your question, and follow for more baking tips, ideas, and recipes. . . #baking #phyllo #homebaker

I know it’s hard to believe that these crispy and crumbly cookies are super easy to make but are so so so delicious! . Promise once you bake them you’re hooked! 😉 . Find the recipe on the blog, link in my bio. . . . . #baking #biscotti #cinnamon #foodie #homebaker

Took TWO days IG break…😬. . And my theory is that all will be forgive and forgotten with these five minutes scones… . What do you think? . Find the recipe on the blog , link in my bio. . . . . #baking #scones #homebaker #foodie

How much do you love Pastry Cream? . It’s so creamy, delicious and believe it or not, it’s pretty easy to make . . Plus it’s great to fill puff pastries, donuts, cakes, you name it! . Now you can find the recipe on the blog including tips, troubleshooting and step by step images 😉. . Link in my bio. . . . . #baking #pastrycream #pastry #foodie #homebaker

cream cheese breakfast pastries are flaky, creamy, and delicious

Below are a few options, but I say that you can make this using the simplest option of cutting the puff pastry the size and shape you wish, fill with cream cheese and cranberry sauce and place another layer of puff pastry on top. Cut the puff pastry to 4″x4″ squares, place 1-2 tsp of cream cheese filling at the center. Fill the center with 1-2 tsp of cream cheese and also 1/2-1 tsp of cranberry sauce. Cut the puff pastry into 4″ even squares, place 1 tsp of cream cheese filling and 1/2 tsp of cranberry sauce at the center then bring 2 opposite ends to meet at the center.

Snickers Bundt cake has the perfect buttery, tender, and fluffy texture

If you are not a Snickers fan or have allergy concerns you can use Twix, Mars or even M&M. Omit the peanut milk with regular milk, and instead of Milk chocolate use caramel. To avoid over mixing the flour and creating strong gluten strands, once you add the last portion of the flour, remove the bowl from the mixer and finish blending and folding in the snickers pieces using a rubber spatula. Make sure to remove the cake from the pan within 5-10 minutes to avoid the chocolate pieces that sank to the bottom or are on the sides of the pan from getting hard and as a result will tear the cake. I melted some additional milk chocolate (about 1 cup 170 g / 6 oz) and added 1 TBS of shortening.

Sponge Cheesecake Cake light and tender cheecake cake.

The airy sponge batter has plenty of air in it to firstly incorporate the cream cheese custard and also make sure the cake is not too dense. To make the cream cheese custard, I like to firstly warm the cream cheese and the microwave for a bout 30 seconds. I like to add about 1/2 cup of the sponge mixture to the cream cheese mixture to thin it a bit. Ass 1/2 of the sponge batter into the cream cheese custard and mix it in to thin the custard.

Star Pie has a tender crust, sweet and crunchy filling and warm spice.

What Ingredients Are In This Star Pie Recipe:Despite the fact that the crust includes some uncommon ingredients, the process is just like any pie crust. Preheat oven to 350F, remove crust from the refrigerator, brush it will a beaten egg, and fill with the cooked filling. Brush with beaten egg, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and bake in the middle rack for 30-35 minutes until the crust is golden brown. In a medium-sized pan, place the figs, prunes, half a cup of grapes, cinnamon, sugar, and water and let the mixture come to a boil and the sugar melt.

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