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🌿 #SustainableLivingTips for Sustainable Living IRL 🌿 my lil boo + sustainable living for kids @tgreenearthling

Location Dallas, Texas
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Embracing this stage. Mom life. Not a lot of fashion moments, no flawless hairstyles, a lot of sleep deprivation from nursing whenever this little one wants throughout the night… but hopefully the goal of raising kind humans is being accomplished throughout all of this 💚 #momlife #workathome #stayathomemom #raisingkindhumans #boymom #homeschoolmom

We got these new Options+ Anti-Colic bottles from @drbrowns, plus their new CleanUp™ bath accessories, which happen to be certified plastic neutral by @plasticbank. Since it’s World Oceans Day, it was the perfect moment to talk about how our actions can be sustainable. #ad Two of my tips to raise eco-conscious children are to: 1) lead by example and 2) openly talk about sustainable living with your kids Dr. Brown’s has partnered with @plasticbank to help reduce plastic pollution in our oceans, so for every ounce of plastic they sell, an ounce of ocean-bound plastic is collected and recycled. They’re also designing their products in a more circular way - from bottles that are recyclable at the end of their life, to packaging that is made of more than 95% recycled paperboard and no single-use plastic. That’s a mouthful for a kid, so I just told my oldest son this: “Your new bath toys help to fight ocean pollution, and your brother’s bottle is recyclable! Isn’t that amazing?” That simple statement sparked a conversation about how he wants us all to care for the Earth, and that stems from us making conversations about the environment a normal part of our lives. You can find these and other Dr. Brown’s products that support clean oceans at drbrownsbaby.com #DrBrownsBaby #KeepingBabysWorldClean #WorldOceansDay #WOD2023 #PlasticBank #PlasticBankPartner #SocialRecycling #HumansofSocialRecycling #StopOceanPlastic #SavetheOcean

I’m very particular about my clothes. That’s why I shop at thrift stores. The ones that get it, get it. The ones that don’t… I hope you do soon! Give those clothes more life. #morelife #sustainablefashion #thriftedstyle

Memories of May 2023 ✨ Bouquet Parents night out Dairy and soy free 😩🙌🏾 Chile 🤦🏾‍♀️😂 Sunflowers Mama’s babies 🥰 A little bit of thrifting Black Swallowtail caterpillars My girls - love them 🥰 Bread maker (it’s me, I’m the bread maker) 🍞

@tiliawines certified organic TILIA Malbec, Malbec-Syrah & Chardonnay wines don’t just carry the seal of being sustainable. The bottle’s label illustrates the story of organic vineyards that are rich in biodiversity and social sustainability that enriches the lives of the small growers who make the wines possible. TILIA Wines are made in a way that cares for both people and planet. We love to see it 👏🏾 and taste it! Because this Malbec-Syrah is perfect with a spicy hors d’oeuvre 🙌🏾 #tiliawines #sustainableliving #organicfarming #sustainablewine #winelove

#outfitrepeater audio - done ✅😅 I hope y’all use this sound to share your love of being an outfit repeater, 😆🙌🏾 #thriftstorefinds #thriftstyle #secondhandfirst #sustainablestyle

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