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🌿 #SustainableLivingTips for Sustainable Living IRL 🌿 my lil boo + sustainable living for kids @tgreenearthling

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What thrifted from head to toe looks like 💁🏾‍♀️ #thriftstorefinds #thriftfashion #vintagestyle #vintagedenim #denimdress #duckhead #simplefashion

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

✨ Living sustainably can be a sacrifice, BUT it’s an investment in our future. Let’s choose quality over quantity and prioritize what truly matters. ✨ What’s one sacrifice you’ve made in order to live more sustainably that you don’t regret at all? #QualityOverQuantity #SustainableInvestment #SustainableLivingTips

Here’s what I know 👇🏾 👤 There’s no way one sustainable change that one person makes will “save the world,” but a lot of people making changes can have a positive impact. 👥 A lot of people having a positive impact won’t change the systems we’re in, but it will influence the systems to test out marketing sustainable products. Capitalism runs the systems and they’ll chase whatever the people are doing. So if a lot of folks want sustainable solutions to their everyday needs, established monopolizing brands will try to do that (some will lie, some will fail, some will succeed on a small level, few will actually be dedicated to sustainable changes). 🌐 If the systems realize that sustainable items sell (or get major backlash when their fake sustainable claims won’t fool the people), a bigger impact can be made. Elected officials who prioritize the environment can get voted in to be the law makers. Calling present day colonialism out will be more normal - and using our voices to educate about it and our votes to go against it will help. Making purchases with dedicated sustainable brands and buying less overall, will continue to send a clear message. We are slowly seeing a shift towards more sustainable products on the market because of actions like these. Hopefully that leads to more systemic sustainable solutions beyond capitalist endeavors. So if you see this reel and want to be a part of a sustainable community that cares about ALL PEOPLE + the PLANET, taking everything a small step at a time for positive impactful change, welcome to this community. I’m glad you’re here 💚🥰🫶🏾

All this to say you gotta find balance to be sustainable in this unsustainable world. If we didn’t have a sidewalk, it wouldn’t be slippery with acorns. But we do. And we rent so we won’t be destroying the sidewalk/paved path. Instead, we did a Google search to figure out how this lizard lives in the winter and saw that they dig & burrow. So we took them off of the tree (where we saw one over the summer so we thought they’d like it) and put them in a bush and put some leaves back so that they can stay warm and hidden. I think it’s time for influencers (and all folks, especially newly radicalized folks, of whom I once was) to be real about the difficulty of incorporating sustainable tactics sometimes. All this happened during nap time and a door that slammed from the wind woke the baby so saving the lizard completely took away some of the few minutes today that I get to feel like a human without a baby attached to me 🥴 this stuff - living sustainably in an unsustainable human world - requires effort and sacrifice. So let’s give each other grace and continue to give capitalists/billionaires and the government hell because they are the ones who could really make a significant change. 💚

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