Jasmine Kerr

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Vibrant Mama of 2 🧡 🌻 Growing as a woman and a mom. But honestly, it’s 😂 📌Photographer @theladyacidexperience 📌Trained Doula 📌HBCU Grad #NCAT

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Still. Thankful for him. Thankful for us. Amazed at this journey, let’s keeps going up @supremekha_lid 🫶🏽✨

I’m speechless when it comes to my love for them! 3 of em! All healthy! All beautiful! Super thankful for them!

1,2 annnd 3🫶🏽

Let’s meet Gabby & Rowan!💕✨ Muva Gabby and Baby Rowan share the same middle name. Plus they both are little sisters to AMAZING big brothers 😊 Thank you @gabeedavis_ for participating in the vision and allowing me to capture such a precious duo! Girl mommies tap in! My Mommy & Me Special ends Nov 30th!

Sleigh bells ring! Are you listening?!🎄🎅🏾 @theladyacidexperience is ready to get into the Christmas spirit with some holiday photo sessions! #greensborophotographer #ncphotographer #christmasphotoshoot

My baby boots took his Pre-K photos! It’s funny how kids smile and laugh all day and then when it’s time to smile for a posed photo I get 😬 But y’all know I love it anyway!🥰😍🫶🏽 He’s growing up and I’m so proud of him! Side note * Lani has been EATING yogurt for 15 days now. This is the first time in his LIFE that he’s eaten ANYTHING period, let alone this consistently. Grow baby grow!

Sleigh bells ring! Are you listening?!🎄🎅🏾 @theladyacidexperience is ready to get into the Christmas spirit with some holiday photo sessions! #greensborophotographer #ncphotographer #christmasphotoshoot

Took some selfies with my Khali Bear today!🫶🏽 She’s only a few weeks so I’m still in survival mode…diaper change, nurse, hold and repeat. But I have really been loving the truth that she’s an extension of me. She’s an extension of my mother! There’s so much beauty in that! I can’t wait to see what she becomes!

Just Fine is a gospel song okay?!🫶🏽🎉 What are you holding yourself back from?? Chile, I’ve been slow with getting into my honest life of color,creativity and coin! But this week I said no more!! Today, I went to @pinetopgreenhouse to catch some footage so I can let y’all know that FALL MINI SESSIONS ARE AVAILABLE … but I had to bring the chirren…ALL 3! And you know what, everything still got done a thousand takes and a few tears later🫠 Nonetheless, mamas if you’re feeling purposeless start writing! Start planning and start moving! Believe it or not, there is very much still room in the world for you! Start with what you have (reminder to myself) and SMILE! Trust me, getting started even counts as an accomplishment! Love y’all! You got this! #okaymamajas #sahm #blacksahm #femalephotographer #ncphotographer #greensborophotographer #mompreneur #momof3

Yes God! HAPPY 1 Month to Miss Khali Baby! Happy 1 Month to my unit✊🏽🤍 I wish I had more video but as you can imagine, I don’t really have time for video. I’m in it and my hands are full lol Everyone is adjusting so well and I think we all just appreciate her sweet presence SO much! Jelani and Kamil have her front, back and her head already so the big bro protection is REAL! When I say that’s daddy’s baby! He handles her perfectly, it’s a beauty to see. Every girl deserves a pops who just gets it! Oh and me! I’m working on healing and growing while also doing LOTS of learning! Mamas, even if Daddy is the provider and the man of the house, we are for sure the managers. So we have to keep inventory and tabs on everything and EVERY BODY and make sure all gaps are filled. I realized this morning that I may be getting to the part where I just need to SLEEP. (I’ll talk more about this on my story) Things get crazy but it’s not a shit show yet. So for that, I do pat myself on the back and say that my family is BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE and that abundance is truly ours. We have so much to work on but the journey is not to be taken for granted either! Motherhood constantly shows me that life is forward. You must keep going! So with that being said, I am back and ready for creating! Contact @theladyacidexperience for more booking information! I have a special project in the works for girl mamas so stay tuned for that as well! Cheers to LIFE! I love you Khali! #okaymamajas #sahm #blacksahm #momof3 #1monthbaby

Not even baby girl is going🎉🥹 I remember the days I HAD to bring the baby at least because I never pumped milk or they wouldn’t take a bottle. But look here! Baby #3 and we’re kind of pros now lol. So the milk is ready, the bottles are set and I am getting ready to walk out the door! How was your first night out without the baby? #okaymamajas #sahm #postpartum #johnsonsfamilyvacation

I’m BAACCKK and just in time to capture one of your greatest milestones!🎉🎓 It’s Grad Season and I’m excited! Visit my site or email (linked in bio) for more booking information! #ncat #ncat23 #uncg #uncg23 #ncphotographer #greensborophotographer #gradshoot

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