Jasmine Kerr

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Vibrant Mama of 2 🧡 🌻 Growing as a woman and a mom. But honestly, it’s 😂 📌Photographer @theladyacidexperience 📌Trained Doula 📌HBCU Grad #NCAT

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Don’t nothing get more in your face than motherhood! Got to chat with my good sis Mama Quen on my inspiration for the 365 Black Mom Project . We came to the conclusion that it’s necessary for me to take some raw ass photos of this raw ass experience! Still NEED! PREGNANT MOMS SINGLE MOMS PARTNERED MOMS MOMPRENEURS MOMS WITH CHILDREN WITH MENTAL/PHYSICAL CHALLENGES MOMS WITH ANCESTRAL MOMS Tag a mama below or if you yourself are interested PLEASE complete the interest form in my bio! Let’s get it! #okaymamajas #documentaryphotography #mominfluencer #blackmom #blackmoms

Tag your best on the go snack! Seriously! Help me out! If it weren’t for some random packs of animal crackers that I found in the car, I don’t think I would’ve made it upstairs while carrying Khali! It’s too hot yall! Stay hydrated and fed mamas! I have a BADDD habit of running out the door with all these kids off of nothing but a waffle and whatever applesauce Jelani didn’t finish. I just go and not even think about making food for myself until I get home and my stomach says hmm, I’m just wondering…when do I get a little something?! Do yall have a balanced mom to meal ratio because whewww 😵‍💫 Tag your go to snacks! #okaymamajas #momsnacks #snacks #onthegofood #kidsnacks #momcontentcreator #stayathomemom #blacksahm #momof3

My son loves gummies and I love knowing he’s healthy! Lately, I have been betting on nakednutrition kids multivitamin gummies to start both of our days off with a smile! The gummies come in a variety of 3 yummy gluten and gelatin flavors that Kamil seriously can’t get enough of! #momproducts #ad #nakednutrition #okaymamajas

I’m so glad they have each other.

You know that can be the hardest thing for people, just sitting alone. Plus, once you grow children inside and raise them then you really get removed from loneliness. So sometimes it’s just good to get as grounded to the Earth as you possibly can and be ALONE. I sat maybe 10 minutes and after about the 3rd minute , my body got fidgety. I started to think of everyone else. That let me know right now that I’m not used to being still nor just available to listen to myself. Do you sit with yourself? How long? How does it feel? #okaymamajas #selfcare #blackmom #alonetime #momcontent #sahm

Coming back home to Baltimore hits a sweet spot every time! My heart damn near exploded this time getting to go to baltimore_afram ! First heart burst happened when we pulled up on my Pops! We both were in town at the same time and surprising the kids was just ahhhh🥹🥹 Seeing Black folks do nothing but dance, eat, support each other, get money, laugh, cool off, sweat and just simply exist in pure joy was such a beautiful moment! Baltimore definitely flexed on meee, got me begging for some more! See you again realll soon !😉 #okaymamajas #blacksahm #baltimoremoms #afram

Love it here🤍

Listen! She’s a baby and my baby #3 at that! Asking me how old she is on the spot, especially in weeks is a good way to have me nice and confused lol. Side note: of course I know my doll is 9 months but getting quizzed up in the store has me shuffling every time 😂😂 Also, have yall been watching the YSL trial? Woody is a mess😂😂

On one hand I’m overly excited for her to get closer to walking, that’ll mean no more baby carrying! BUT the journey to walking comes with SO much curiosity!! I call myself giving my living room an Okay Mama makeover and every time I turn around, Khali and her juicy fingers are all up in the new curtains lol I WILL have a nice space! I have no idea how, but I’m committed lol #okaymamajas #sahm #momcontent

Mamas eyes had to be on super alert at the beach! Where you at? What are you picking up? What do you have in your mouth?? It never ends. But you know the best thing I got to see ? My babies relaxing, smiling, eating and just being the happiest little beings ever! It did my heart so much good!🤍

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