Jasmine Kerr

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Vibrant Mama of 2 🧡 🌻 Growing as a woman and a mom. But honestly, it’s 😂 📌Photographer @theladyacidexperience 📌Trained Doula 📌HBCU Grad #NCAT

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What’s something you do with your kids that makes them feeeel like they are in total control? These opportunities seem to help Jelani trust himself, practice his decision making and be proud of where he ends up (or learn a lesson on what not to do next time) So good morning mamas! It’s okay to let them try by themselves and run just a little far! #okaymamajas #mommymotivation #sahm #blackmom #boymom

I mean I am the oldest, your only girl and only in town for a short whileeee right ?? *bats eyelashes Drop a sparkle✨ if your mama still looks out for you! @stylesbysugafoot got me all the way together and I couldn’t thank her enough! Florida naturals go see her! #mommydaughter #hairday #retwist #naturalhair #locstyles #momlife #okaymamajas #sahm

Just tell me one thing girl that made you happy today? I said a while ago that I just need to be somewhere I can physically feel and see that life is bigger than me and that’s what I am a part of . I am not my stress. I am not my issues but just one of many blessings in the world. My brother, sons and I took an impromptu trip to the beach and this is exactly what I needed!! It literally was nothing but pure joy!! What was your pro for the day?! #okaymamajas #clearwaterbeach #mom #blackmom #happymom #therapy #peace #dancingmom #boymom #stayathomemom #travelingmom #toddlermom

I mean just waking up and getting right to the eats! Can I get a good morning?! How’s your breastfeeding journey going ?

She makes 46 look like true freedom. Love you mommy! Happy birthday @stylesbysugafoot 📸: 🙋🏽‍♀️ @theladyacidexperience #floridaphotographer #clearwaterflorida #tampaphotographer #mompreneur #okaymamajas #birthdayshoot

Queen Mother’s birthday is on the 14th of this month and we finally got our bday shoot in! It’s really amazing to be able to show your passions to your parents! Follow @theladyacidexperience for the final photos!✨ #momanddaughter #okaymamajas #birthdayshoot #mompreneur #floridaphotographer #ncphotographer #baltimorephotographer

I’m here to encourage mamas to become their best selves REGARDLESS of the duties of motherhood. BUT I’m also here to build community around mamas who experience the truth which is …this shit ain’t easy, fair, or always fun. So the advice I have to y’all and myself is to feel it and stop. Wherever you’re at just stop, serve yourself some affirmations and keep on! I believe there’s growth in that. #okaymamajas #momlife #selfgrowth #momminainteasy #mommotivation #sahm #blacksahm #stayathomemom #boymom

When the sun comes up it’s a brand new day baby. It’s full of new uncertainties, new opportunities even new expectations. When that sun goes down, it’s resting time. It’s quiet time. As connected as we all are to each other we also all live in our own little worlds. So have your own sun too. I’m working on leaning into my world and feeling unapologetically confident in it. It’s okay to start some shit over. It’s okay to pick up from where you left off. It’s okay to stop. It’s okay to decide to do something totally different. Rise and rest the way it makes YOUR world feel best.

You plan on moving today? As a SAHM, I knowww the routine and honestly stress of the day can make it so hard to fit in some intentional movement . But sis, just try 30 minutes today! I get up at 7/7:45 anyway. Today is day 2 of me working out but this time the boys were already up. So, we just threw on some clothes and went out there. Not too long but the burnt was felt! Cheering you on ladies! #okaymamajas #mommotivation #mombod #fupa #boymom #sahm #blacksahm

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