Karen Salmansohn

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My mission: Boost your happiness & health!

I'm a multi best selling author with close to 2 million books sold nationally and internationally – a columnist for Oprah and Psychology Today – and an award winning designer of books, posters and videos. I have 1.3 million Facebook followers, 60.3 Instagram followers, 90K subscribers, 44K Pinterest followers, 29K Twitter followers, and a celebrity following.

Personally, I'm a late in life mom - who had a baby at 50. I'm now 59 - and promised my 9 year old son I'd do everything I can to live to 100. He asked me to live to 200 - but I bargained him down. I then went on a quest to learn the latest cutting edge research on longevity - and morphed it into a bestselling book LIFE IS LONG.

I write and design a wide range of books & video courses (on happiness, anxiety, love, health, longevity, emotional eating, toxic relationships, success, design, branding) which offer easy-to-understand insights, research and tools to empower you to bloom into your happiest, highest potential self.

I'm known for creating "self help for people who wouldn't be caught dead doing self help" - because I use playful analogies, feisty humor, and stylish graphics to distill big ideas.

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How To Love Yourself More: The Joy Of Not Competing With Others

Because I didn’t want the girls on the team who didn’t win to feel bad,” Sam answered. There’s prettiest, smartest, nicest, sassiest, best dressed, best cook, best athlete, If you want to feel like a winner, you don’t have to beat everyone else – or anyone, for that matter. On our best day we can’t beg, buy, borrow or steal “Winner Feelings” from anyone.

How Immediate Gratification Is Ruining Your Life

Can you resist the siren call of immediate gratification – when it comes to food, love, lust, money, Instagram, texting etc? Often the most important things we all need to do wind up double-dutying as things we do not feel like doing. Instead they should be putting in the work of finding out the systemic cause to their problems – which is usually some form of seeking immediate gratification. Plus, each year these problems just keep getting worst – because we’re ironically seeking “immediate gratification solutions” to the very problems created by our addiction to immediate gratification!

If you're trying to lose weight, here are 7 "Do NOT's"!

Stop Emotional Eating – a life-changing online home study course – I used the tools in my Stop Emotional Eating video course to permanently end my food addictions. Be careful when eating healthy foods like grapes – dried fruit – trail mix – nuts – avocados – granola – fruit yogurts – dark chocolate! Plus, if you’re working out to lose weight, you especially need the energy sleep brings.

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