Susana Chanis

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I have been influencing for about 6 months. I have had the opportunity to work with many great companies such as Kroger, Powerade, Bob’s Red Mill, Verizon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many more. This is my passion ad love it.

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I bought myself flowers today. Celebrate yourself, & your life always. Don’t wait for someone else to get you the flowers, get them for yourself sis. 🏷️ flowers, fresh flowers, bouquet, Trader Joe’s, celebrate yourself, love yourself, self love, self care

Strawberry 🍓 Guacamole 🥑 Strawberries Avocados Cilantro Red onions Lime Freeze dried strawberries Chamoy Chips How I made it 👇🏽 Cut up strawberries, avocado, cilantro, and red onions. In a guacamole bowl add you avocados and smash them. Add your onions, strawberries, cilantro, salt, pepper, squeeze half of a lime, and mix all together. Top with @sietefoods chamoy, & freeze dried strawberries. Eat with @sietefoods grain free tortilla chips 🏷️ guacamole, avocados, strawberry, appetizer, chip and dip, Guac, recipes, healthy recipes, strawberry guacamole

It’s Mocktail Friday! If you missed my last Mocktail Friday, I talked about how crappy alcohol made me feel. It’s a depressing feeling I can’t really explain. Even though I haven’t completely cut off alcohol out of my life, I can say that cutting out some of it has probably been easier than I thought it would be 🙌🏽 So here’s to progress & making one of the prettiest Mocktails yet! CITRUS MOCKTAIL Orange Mint Tajin Honey Spirit free cocktail Sparkling water How I made it 👇🏽 Rimmed my glass with @tajinusa. Muddled orange wedges, mint, and honey. Add a slice of orange on the side of the cup & ice. Add Ward 8 @blindtigercocktails spirit free cocktail & top with @spindrift. Enjoy 😋 🏷️ mocktails, mocktail, alcohol free, non alcoholic, drinks, cheers, weekend fun

I’m all about taking a day for self care #ad It’s such a necessity for me to take time to sit back and relax. @spaluxetiqueofficial is always helping me stay on top of my self care routine with this Lavender scent. Click the link in bio or Use Code: Susana for a discount. #SpaLuxetique #TravelWithSmell #ItsBubbleTime

For a LONG time I was so insecure about my body. I’m no longer doing that. I refuse to let my insecurities hold me back from wearing the swimsuit, wearing the crop top, and dressing cute. I’m wearing what I want to wear. Wearing what I’m comfortable in, and I’m no longer embarrassed of my flatt ass 😝 Took me awhile to get here though. I’m still working on myself, but I’m pretty dam proud of where I am physically & mentally today! 🏷️ body positivity, self confidence, love yourself, self love, swimsuits, target, summer, summer style, boat ride, summer fun

I’m literally OBSESSED with mangonadas, so I knew I had to make my own version at home. I’d like to think it’s the healthier version with a little less sugar haha MANGONADA Mango chunks Water Honey @sietefoods Chamoy @tajinusa How I made it 👇🏽 Blended mango chunks water and honey together. Coated a mason jar with @sietefoods chamoy . Poured mix in the mason jar. Topped with mango slices, chamoy, and @tajinusa

It’s Monday. Get a new perspective. Whatever you’re struggling with right now, is not forever. You’ve got this! 🏷️ Monday Motivation, Motivation, Monday Reminder, Reminder, Motivational Quotes, Quotes, Positivity, Positive Vibes

It’s Mocktail Friday! I’ve been focusing on cutting back my alcohol intake. I’m not saying I won’t ever drink again, but right now cutting back on it feels right. Every time I drink, I feel like crap the next day. Not referring to a hangover, but more like a depressing kind of feeling. I mean I can totally see that happening since alcohol is a depressant. Anyways, I’d like to start creating more non-alcoholic drinks. So here’s to the second mocktail I’ve ever made in my life haha. PINEAPPLE CUCUMBER MOCKTAIL Pineapple Cucumbers Coconut Water Perrier Honey How I made it below👇🏽 Cut up some cucumbers & pineapples. Added honey & muddled. Added @vitacoco coconut water. Topped with @Perrier. Mixed all ingredients. Poured in a glass with ice. Topped it with a little more Perrier & garnished with a pineapple. Enjoy 😋

I’ve been on this hardcore vibe lately of restoring myself from past trauma. I’ve healed some of it, but I recently realized that there are deeper things within that I need to continue to work on. The current vibe I’m on right now is doing that along with learning to control my emotions, working out, eating foods my body NEEDS but also the foods my body wants, bubble baths, staying focused, being present, having a positive mindset, and drinking water. What are you currently focusing on in your life?

3 REASONS WHY INFLUENCER ENGAGEMENT STRATEGISTS ARE A MUST IF YOURE AN INFLUENCER 1. Help you increase your USA following: It’s so important to have a strong USA following. Brands don’t want to invest their money into marketing with you, if you don’t have a strong USA following. They want to make sure your followers are real, and you will help them sell their products in the US. 2. Help you increase your organic engagement : Brands are always watching & they want to invest their money on someone who has a high engagement rate from real people. Increasing your organic engagement by answering comments, interacting on stories, and commenting on other accounts posts will lead to increasing your organic reach. This means more paid brand deals!! 3. Help you get YOUR time back to focus on creating high-quality content: Creating content is very time consuming, specially if it’s high-quality content. We can help you focus more on the high-quality content by taking over, and helping you with all your engagement. Building an engaging following and organic reach takes time but with consistency it can pay off! That’s why I love working for @pickingdaisiesmedia because we are here to help you grow your page the organic way and take all that load off you so that you can focus on what matters! Are you ready to get started?

A little Monday Reminder. Sometimes we get caught up in the things we haven’t accomplished. So caught up that we loose focus of where we are going. Life is about breaking limits & growing so we can live our best lives. Focus on outdoing the person you were yesterday & becoming the best version of yourself today.

How To Manage Your Finances With Personal Capital

They offer additional tools such as Education Planner, Retirement Planner, and a Budgeting Tool. The Budgeting Tool helps me stay organized by date with all my spending, as well as my savings. I always set up a monthly spending budget that helps with tracking my spending whether I'm going over my budget or under my budget. This Budgeting Tool is helping with our family savings and with our financial goals this New Year.

Traditional Engagement Party Invites with Basic Invite

Basic Invite even has a huge selection of colors, about 180 custom colors to be exact, and a design suite to match your wedding invitations! Now lets go in detail about their allows customers to change the color of each element on a card, with over 180 different colors to choose from, you can really make it your own. Basic Invite offers 40 different colors for you to choose from. With just three easy steps you can request your guests addresses by sharing a link via social media or email, collect addresses, and get free envelope printing.

12 Beach Must Haves For Families-The Bloggers Group Week 3

Speaking of water, make sure to bring your cooler to keep your water ice cold. We always pack up some juices for the kiddos as well but try to give them as much water as possible over juice to keep them as hydrated as possible. n’t know any better, but after a while you will miss your friends, family, and your beautiful country. Dear 13 year old Susanita, You’ve been waiting for this day, the day to become a teen.

Social Anxiety- The Bloggers Group- Week 2

I’ve had times where I may feel a little nervous to speak up for myself Dear 13 year old Susanita, You’ve been waiting for this day, the day to become a teen. I’m not sure if back then smart phones were actually a thing, all I know is that times have definitely changed. I personally feel like I have not crossed over to the other side of fear just yet, but I’m soooo close

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