Michele Bigley

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Award-winning travel and environment writer Michele Bigley's words have been featured in the New York Times, AFAR, Outside, Los Angeles Times, CNN and many more. She is currently writing a book about taking her sons to meet the change-makers working to protect the planet from, and prepare communities for, our climate crisis. She details their journeys, highlighting easy climate solutions for parents in her newsletter EIGHT FEET ON THE GROUND [https:/https://michelebigley.substack.com/}

Follow Michele's adventures https://www.instagram.com/michelebigley/?hl=en and https://twitter.com/michelebigley

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Now is not the time to stop

n’t need Citizens of the USA are waking up this morning with a new administration, one that brings hope to many of us engaged in the work of attending to our planet. Molly Rauch says, “We need to put our kids on our hips and march into our representatives’ offices and be face to face. Pick one climate organization doing work that resonates to you and sign up for their policy action alerts. They see me sweep away what we don’t need to make room for what we do need.

Hope for troubling times

After he digested the stories of bombs and wars, famines and droughts, he’d do his three S’s (shit, shower and shave), burn some toast, and head out to his garage workshop to build something of worth. So many of you are working full time, nursing sick kids, siblings, and parents, teaching your kids, washing dishes, taking care of your own mental health, and still, you’re able to make sourdough starter, or knit masks, get out of bed in the morning. I mean, can we give a shout out to the K-Pop youth who used social media to rock Trump’s campaign rally; or the IG activists sharing photos of the Capitol invaders to help ID them! So, here’s your task this week, friends, use your social media, or online surfing addition for good.

21 things for 2021

Together, this year, we’ll enact change in our lives and maybe even inspire the people around us. None Actively communicate about climate issues to local government—get involved in local government. When the Delaforce clan was in Hawaii visiting family over the holidays, they participated in the new Malama Hawaii travel initiative and planted a legacy tree on Oahu. For the Delaforce Ohana, this simple act of planting a tree became a highlight in their journey to the island and helped make their journey a bit more regenerative.

All our earth-friendly actions this year

None Organizations like TED, the brilliant crew at Bioneers, philanthropists like Jeff Bezos, and many universities worldwide have committed to doing their part to fund, fight, and focus our attention on our climate crisis. We can bathe our worry in some of the tangible solutions taking place around the planet. How might you use this time when many of us are forced inside due to cold, the pandemic, and the slowing of our work lives to honor what we’re already doing? But we can’t move forward until we honor what we’ve already done to make the Earth a more habitable home for our children’s grandkids.

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