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NRC is a blog that reviews books, Products & so much More. Book Promotion, & Authors & Book Tours.

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🎄Book Review:🎄 Are you looking for a sweet, adorable book about Christmas magic for your child or children? Maybe even your grandchild or grandkids? Well, I may have a book for your child or children called “The Living Christmas Tree” by Kristin Sponaugle. This book is about two children and how the ornaments come to life at night around the holiday season. What will happen when Hannah finds out what is going on in the evening hours when the Christmas tree comes to life. This tree seems to have the magic of Christmas; what fun will the ornaments do? Whatever happens when the family is asleep. What fun will the children have at night when the children come to visit; until the decorations are put away for next year. The pictures are lovely. I love the plot about the Christmas ornaments that the family has put on the Christmas Tree. Is it possible there is the magic of Christmas as long as you believe? Whether your child or an adult. Children will love reading this book. Children will enjoy learning about the magic of Christmas in a different and new way. Parents will enjoy the book as well. It is excellent for the holiday season or reading during the holiday season. Rating:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 ➡️Blog Post Link: ✅Check out My Recommendation Page > Christmas #bookreviewer #bookblogger #bookreview #childrensbooks #bibliophile #bookish #childrensbooks #picturebook #holiday #christmas #seasonal #seasonalbooks #holidaygifts #seasonalbooks #holidaybooks

Here us my monthly wrap up post and favorite post. Along with my rating photo. SWIPE ➡️ 👻Callie by Bill Tompson 🦃The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Blessings by Mike Berenstain 🦃The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks by Mike Berenstain 🐦Robbie Robin by Theresa Perna 🎄The Christmas Blanket by Ed Damiano (Book Tour / 12/03/21) 🎄Bruce the Spruce: A New York City Fairytale About the True Meaning of Christmas Trees by A.A. Cristi ✅Blog Post Link: #bookreviewer #bookblogger #booklovers #bookishlove #bibliophile #bookstagram #bookhaul #novemberwraupup #wrapup #monthlywrapup #seasonalbooks #seasonal #holidays #winter #christmas #autumn #newreleases #childrensbooks #kidsbooks #kidsinstagram #childrensbookstagram #booktour

📕Book mail📪 Here are the books I received from two different publishers.Thank you to some authors as well. Thank you to those Book Tours as well. Most are review books. I want to say Thank you all. I bought a few of these books. 🐦Popper Finds a New Home by Il Richie 📗Saving Mrs. Roosevelt by Candice Paterson ✅Blog Post: #bookreviewer #bookblogger #historicalfiction #childrensbooks #newreleases #arcbook #bookhaul #tbrpile #tbr #november #novemberbookhaul2021

🎄Book Review:🎄 Are you looking for a book that may bring the meaning of Christmas home to children through the eyes of a Christmas Tree? Bruce the Spruce: A New York City Fairytale About the True Meaning of Christmas Trees is excellent. Children will learn about the true meaning of Christmas Trees. We meet Bruce the Spruce, and he wants to be the attention of the crowds. Will he learn a lesson and what he did for this job to learn his lesson in gratitude? We follow him on his journey from when he was taken and put on to the street to where he ends up. Children will learn about being grateful and what you cherish. Will Bruce understand what it means to be a Christmas Tree? I enjoyed how this book ended: Children and parents will love this book. The author did a fantastic job with the plot of this story. The pictures are well done. I just loved how Bruce reacted and showed his emotions. This book is excellent to have on your bookshelves for the holiday season. This book should be read close to Christmas or leading up to Christmas. I show the meaning of Christmas to children and adults as well. Rating:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 ✅Check My Recommendation Page > Christmas #bookreviewer #bookblogger #bookreview #childrensbooks #rasingreaders #picturebooks #holidays #winter #christmas #christmastime #seasonal #winter #christmastrees #meaningofChristmas #kidsbooks #kidslit #graitude #bookstagram #bookish #books #seasonalbooks #newreleases

🎄Book Review:🎄 Are you looking for a book that might help a child or children find the meaning of Christmas? The Christmas Blanket is a good one for children to read. The story starts with a boy named EJ who wants to see the Rockefeller tree. The way this story signifies told is lovely. It is the view of the EJ. Does your child or children know the meaning of Christmas? The real meaning of Christmas? This book can help a child or children with this question. The pictures are down wonderful. There is only one error I found in the ebook format, and that was that the sentence on pages 8 and 9 was on the wrong pages. Other than that, it was a pretty good read; This is why I put the rating at 4.5 Moons (stars). If you see a four-star rating, I could not put the rating at four and a half stars. I loved the pictures. The hand-drawn images are beautiful; I enjoy looking and looking at the pictures. If I had a hard copy or print copy, I would love to reread it and hold it. I probably would read again yearly. It's a good one to do just that. Parents could make that a tradition of reading this book every year or near the holiday season. I don't want to give away how the plot of the story and how the story ends. Parents and children will enjoy this book. It would be a great gift or even good to have on the bookshelves around the holiday season. You could even use this book in the advent calendar if you wanted to. Rating:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗 #holiday #christmas #childrensbooks #bibliophile #picturebooks #bookstagram #christmastime #seasonal #bookreviewer #bookblogger #bookreview #booktour #christmasbook #happychristmas #deckthehalls #decorate #kidsbooks #kidsinstagram #rasingreaders #meaningofChristmas #winter #greatforkids #december #gift #giveaway #books

One of the best ways to Cultivate an #AttitudeofGratitude is by reading great books! I LOVE #biblicalfiction, and @MesuAndrews releases monthly short stories on Her next full-length novel, #PotipharsWife releases May 2022. QOTD?? Hiw do you Cultivate an #attitudeofgratitude ? #bookreviewer #bookblogger #launchteam #biblical #life

Book Review: Robbie Robin teaches children and others about birds. A little about taking care of young birds. Your child or children will learn the life lessons that birds or some animals imply, letting go and living where they happened to exist. This book follows that journey. However, most of the children in the book did not do much to care for the bird. It mainly was their mother. All family members learn what it is like to raise a baby bird. I know that a true story inspires this. This book is really for children that can read. The print is a bit small for children. I would think this book means more geared more advanced readers. Otherwise, the book signifies achieved well. The pictures are well drawn. I did enjoy the images. Images were great to look at, and they could somewhat tell the story. What will the family do when it is time for Robbie to go? What will Robbie do? Does the mother seem to feel heartfelt when Robbie leaves the nest? This book does teach some tough lessons about wildlife and letting go. Rating:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗 #bookreviewer #bookblogger #bookreview #childrensbooks #birds #nature #spring #animalsbooksandchildren #kidslit #picturebookillustration #picturebooks #bookstagram #newrelease

📕Book Mail📫 This book was picked up Saturday and thank you to @barbourbooks for chosen me and sending me a copy of this book. I cant wait to read it. #historicalfiction #history #americanhistory #ww2 #worldwar2 #revellreads #reviewcrew #onmytbr #tbr #tbrpile #bookmail Thank you to @barbour #historical

📕Book Review:📕 The Berenstain Bears Gives Thanks is another excellent book to have for your child or children's bookshelves during the holiday season. Suppose you are looking for another good Thanksgiving book. This one is good. This one somewhat brings in the fact of Sister's feelings about Thanksgiving dinner and a turkey. Have you had to distract a child from worrying and giving them something else to do? Well, this book shows that with Sister Bear and her worry about a turkey named Plymouth. Mama seems to come up with a suggestion that Sister can write a play about Thanksgiving or the Pilgrims Bears and their journey over to the new land. How we have our Thanksgiving feast and how it came about. This book teaches several different life lessons and some meaningful things we should be thankful for. Children should be able to describe what Thanksgiving is at your house by their feelings or senses. What could they all be? Some things children can do as they wait for the dinner on Thanksgiving occur act out or write a Thanksgiving story or what they think the Thanksgiving story is. You may be surprised what Thanksgiving means for them or your family. Parents and grandparents might want to add this to your child's bookshelves, for they will want to read and reread it. It is terrific to read before the holiday. Ratings:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 Blog Post: Check Out my Recommendation Page #theberenstainbears #thanksgiving #thankful #holiday #childrensbooks #bibliophile #bookish #bookreview #blogger #bookstagram #bookreviewer #reviewer #rasingreaders #picturebooks #seasonal #seasonalbooks

📕Book Review:📕 The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Blessing is a book for all children. The book is a must-have on your bookshelves if you are a Berenstain Bears fan. This book helps teach children about Thanksgiving and being thankful for the blessing that you have. This book teaches Mama and Papa as they ride through the woods to their grans and gramps place for Thanksgiving dinner. They teach about how the native Bears and pilgrims shared and started the whole Thanksgiving feast and what it means to be thankful for all the blessings you have. The blessing is quite a few things we have somewhat forgotten we came to have. Some of the blessings are Family and Friends, Faith, and religion. A few others. The cubs do mention a song that is a favorite of mine. The song is “Over the river and Through the woods.” What will your child or children learn about the history of holidays and celebrations? This book teaches a bit about it. What is your child or children learning to be Thankful for during the season? Are we teaching that children should be thankful for the blessing that they have? The many blessings we have in life have continued told in this book. Rating:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 #bookreviewer #bookblogger #bookreview #childrensbooks #bibliophile #bookish #seasonal #holidays #autumn #theberenstainbears #thanksgiving #rasingreaders #picturebooks #bookstagram #seasonalbooks #faith #livinglights @zonderkidz #christian

👻Book Review:🎃 Callie is a good Halloween ghost storybook. If you are looking for ghosts and some secrets, this book by Bill Thompson is a good one. It is the first one in the series of “The Bayou Hauntings.” It all starts once a granddaughter comes for the reading of a will? This book is good, but it rates it 4.5 stars or Moons as it is not that ghostly. What did Callie end up getting from her grandfather? What does her Uncle Willard want that he keeps trying to keep Callie leaving? Do we meet a little girl that comes and goes at her own will? Who could that be? I feel this story is slow-moving and not all that ghostly until a little girl shows up, and it is stormy, making it more horror. It is mild in horror when the girl comes and goes. Callie seems confused with the riddles. I was not all scared of this ghost with the puzzles. It seems to be my mystery and secret, revealing more towards the end other than through most of the book. Callie’s friend Mark seems more convincing and seems to have a plan, but we do not know until the little girl and Mark start making mistakes. Callie seems to catch on. Are Willard and Mark working together to get rid of Callie? Rating:🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗 #holiday #halloween #horror #paranormal #ghosts #bookreviewer #bookblogger #bookreview #blogger #bookstagram #bayouhauntings #historicalfiction #mystery #seasonal #seasonalbooks

📦Book mail📪 Look what came in the mail a week ago. Sorry for the delay. Popper finds a new home. #bookreviewer #bookblogger #booklovers #bookishlove #bibliophile #bookstagram #childrensbooks #bibliophile #newreleases #animals #animalsbooksandchildren #kidslit #children

Here is my monthly wrap up post and favorite book of the month with the rating photo. October was slow reading month. But I enjoy the autumn and holiday season coming up. 🦠The Germ That Would Be King by Jennifer Tremblay 👻The Costume Contest by Roger Carlson 🎃Halloween Yoga by Teresa Anne Power 🍂Twin Tales: Alike and Different by Brielle Dupervil, Nadia Dupervil ➡️Blog post Link: #bookreviewer #bookblogger #booklovers #bookishlove #bibliophile #yoga4kids @abcyogaforkids #seasonal #holidays #autumn #halloween #childrensbooks #children #animals #picturebooks #health

It's release day for A Picture of Christmas by Bell Renshaw (aka: @emiliehaney_author). This is the 4th book in the Winter Montana series and perfect for fans of Hallmark-style Christmas reads!  You can purchase A Picture of Christmas on Amazon in ebook and paperback here: About the book: Rhett Bradley is home for the holidays, but it’s not by choice. Forced to take time off, he’s surprised to find that being back in Winter, Montana isn’t the dead end he was expecting.  Olive Fitzsimons has a secret email friend who’s made her new job at the mayor’s office bearable, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy there.  As Rhett and Olive continue to run into each other in the small town amid holiday festivals and sparkling Christmas lights, their once fiery opposition starts to settle into something more—but is it something lasting?  Join the familiar cast of characters in Winter, Montana as the community joins together in the spirit of Christmas where hearts soften and a kiss between opposites is the perfect holiday miracle. Hope to read this one as well. #bellrenshaw #WinterMontanaSeries #christmasbook #cozy #sweetromance #christmasromance #montanachristmas #christmasreads #christmasreads2021 #newreleases #bookstagram #tbr #seasonal #holidays #winter #bookreviewer #bookblogger #booklovers #bookishlove #bibliophile #bookstagram

Here are the books I received from several different publishers.Thank you to some authors as well. Thank you to those Book Tours as well. Most are review books. I want to say Thank you all. I bought a few of these books. 🍂The Berenstain Bears Bears and the Nutcracker by Jan and Mike Berenstain 🎄The Legend of the Christmas Tree by Rick Osborne 🍂The Legend of the Christmas Cookie by Dandi Daley Mackall 🍂Twin Tales by Brielle and Nadia Dupervil (Book Tour / November 5, 2021) (Review) 🍂The Christmas Blanket by Ed Damiano (Book Tour / December 3, 2021) 🐕If Puppies the Pockets by Lyn Willy 🍂The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince: Everybody's Good at Something by Prince a Sanders 🍂Born to No Woman by Franck Bouysse 🌝Maxwell by Jeremy C Gredone Dino Yoga by Lorena Pajalunga All are on my radar to read. I hope to read these books soon. This is my book haul for this month.What are you reading this or received this past month? Link to Blog Post: #bookreviewer #bookblogger #childrensbooks #christmas #seasonal #holidays #winter #twinbabies #historicalfiction #bookhaul #tbr #tbrpile #animals #animalsbooksandchildren #kidslit #bookish #bibliophile

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