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will finish

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Better late than never. I still have dozens of Brazil photos worth sharing, but these 6 are top of mind, featuring the one and only @flaviathemermaid. ❤️ Você deveria visitar o Brasil 🇧🇷!!!!! #brazil #brasil #riodejaneiro #cristoredentor #southamerica #ilhadomel #paraná

For Mom ❤️🫐…..Read on. Last weekend I completed my 3rd half marathon. I registered 11 months ago and had every intention of training longer, harder, and improving on my pace from 2020. My training began in November and it was trending in the right direction. And then, life happened. I got Covid a week before Christmas which knocked me out for 2 weeks. Worst of all, I was unable to visit my family, including my mother who had terminal cancer. I recovered from Covid on New Years Eve and made plans to visit my parents as soon as I could. Things took a turn very quickly, and my mother passed away a few days later. I was grateful to be by her side with my sisters and father while she took her last breath but needless to say, it set me back emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The last thing I wanted to do was train with 9, 10, and 11 mile runs on the three Saturdays remaining in January. I wanted to stop training and withdraw. Then one night I asked a family member if it would be wrong to run the half marathon with a shirt that reads “Fuck Cancer” in honor of mom. They said no, go for it! The pride in that shirt and the spirit of completing the race for mom is what got me through the emotional and physical pain. I only ran 4 times during January, a month which I should have had at least 16 to 20 runs. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t care about my time, I just wanted to finish the race, for mom. I did so with a pace which was 1 minute slower than the half marathon in 2020. I didn’t care. I hugged Flávia after the race and broke down in tears in front of a lot of people. It was a wave of emotion I couldn’t stop. I’m eternally grateful for the love and support from my family, friends, and the love of my life @flaviathemermaid. Nothing is taken for granted. I love you mom. We miss you every day. #missyoumom #miamihalfmarathon #miamimarathon #running #motivation #inspiration #fuckcancer #cholangiocarcinoma #bileductcancer #cholangiocarcinomaawareness #covidsucks #blueberries

Keep your eye on the prize. A cool down with @landsharklager after a long run is always needed. #Ad #Partner #landsharklager #halfmarathon #halfmarathontraining #triathlon #triathlontraining #running #sprintriathlon #beer

Incredible time in Brazil with my favorite ♥️. 👀 pinch to peep the head turns from the onlookers. #brazil #brasil @flaviathemermaid #rio #cristoredentor #christtheredeemer #riodejaneiro #visitbrazil #parquelage

Have you ever ran a 5k or a half marathon? Ever participated in a triathlon? What's one of the things they hand you when you finish the race? An ice cold beer. That's where @landsharklager comes in. They're my #Partner this fall as I train for both a triathlon sprint and a half marathon. Sure, it might not put protein and nutrients in your body, but it tastes incredible after a hard workout. #LandsharkLager. Cheers to a new type of training. 🍻 #beer #triathlontraining #halfmarathontraining #halfmarathon #triathlon #triathlonsprint #sprinttriathlon #running #athletetraining #ad

Pumped to #Partner with @landsharklager for a campaign of fun in the fall. A cold #LandsharkLager is refreshing, especially after an activity like paddle boarding. That’s a wave I can ride! 😂 #pun More to come, stay tuned. #beer #sup #paddleboard #standuppaddle #outdoorsy #paddleboarding #suplife #watersports #iykyk

Water, salt, and electricity is all you need to create your own anti-microbial solution with @ecoloxtech and the Eco One, in just 5 minutes! No need to rinse. Kills 99.99 % of all viruses 🦠 including SARS. Stronger than bleach. Natural and safe. Non-toxic. This replaces the numerous harmful disinfectants you’ve bought over the last 18 months. Save $$. Link in bio for $50 off your purchase today. Message me for the discount code! #disinfectant #sanitizer #antimicrobial #covid #cleanhands #ecolox #ecoone #reelsvideo

WeWork On Demand allows you to use workspaces and conference rooms anywhere in 24 cities across the US. #AD There are 6 locations here in Miami! Scheduling a desk is as easy as it is in the video and the WeWork amenities are great! Unlimited tea and coffee? Yup. Working from a desk at WeWork allows me to maximize my focus, get work done, and meet some like-minded people. If you’re a new member, @wework is offering a 1 day free trial. Use my promo code ODTRIAL111 to try it out or visit my link in bio. Let me know about your first WeWork experience and ensure your glass is ALWAYS “half full”. PS: If you live a #nomadlife and are never in the same location, you might fall in love with this product! #WeWork #WeWorkOnDemand #coworkingspace #remotework #focused #officespace #workplace #reels #worklifebalance #miami

If you’re looking to combine fitness, fun, tranquility, and nature, look no further than paddle boarding. 👍 (They really need to create a paddle board emoji….) PS: Idaho is a great state for water sports and outdoor recreation! 🚣🏻 #visitidaho #sup #paddleboard #standuppaddle #outdoorsy #paddleboarding #suplife #isup #watersports #iykyk #travel #idaho #mccallidaho 📷: @alina.wellington

How’s my Crow? 😂 I’ve never been one to care about the brand name or the quality of the shirt on my back, but after wearing this outfit by @vuoriclothing, my mentality has shifted. #vuoripartner As someone with a multitude of outdoor hobbies, I try not to buy activity-specific clothing (unless I really need it, like a triathlon suit). I’d rather buy something versatile which I can use anywhere and on any day. Whether I’m playing tennis, practicing yoga, hiking, running, or mountain biking, this gear will keep me cool and comfortable with it’s breathable fabric. Vuori also maintains ethical and sustainable manufacturing standards. 📸: @flaviathemermaid #therisetheshine #yoga #fitnessclothing #activewear #tennis #miamifitness #miami #yogadaily

It's the final week of #NationalRunnersMonth and it’s time to reflect and evaluate. @dickssportinggoods challenged me to go above and beyond, push my limits, and change my running routine. This (ironically) took place during my second phase of #75hard. Needless to say, that made things interesting and while I didn't reach my pace goal, I did increase my average distance. I also managed to sign up for next year's half marathon. If you’re like I was and always hated running, do yourself and your heart a favor and go for it. Start running today and #NeverRunOutOfFirstTimes. How did you do this month? Share a post to highlight your accomplishments and efforts from this month and have a chance to win a pair of @hokaoneone shoes! Use #SeeYouOutThere and tag @dickssportinggoods & @neverjordinary to qualify. NO PURCH NEC. Ends 11:59PM ET 05/31/21. 50 US/DC, 18+. Rules at ______________________________ #LetsGo #RunningLife #Runner #RunHappy #RunningMotivation #HappyRunner#MiamiRunning #FitnessJourney #DKSPartner #75HardPhase2

During week 3 of #NationalRunnersMonth I urge you to switch things up a bit. Change your common running route, listen to a podcast or audiobook instead of music, or anything which goes against the grain of your typical routine. Always keep the body and mind guessing. Keep up the good work and feel free to share your goals! Tag @dickssportinggoods and @neverjordinary with the hashtag #SeeYouOutThere for a chance to win sustainable running gear from @adidasrunning! NO PURCH NEC. Ends 11:59PM ET 05/23/21. 50 US/DC, 18+. Rules at #DKSPartner #LetsGo #Runninglife #Runner #RunHappy #reelsvideo #RunningMotivation #djiglobal #HappyRunner #MiamiRunning #MiamiRunner #fitnessjourney @hokaoneone

How’s my form? 🤫 If you’ve been following me, you’ll know I hate running (ref my story highlight named ‘I Hate Running’). Well, I used to. I still don’t look forward to running, but it’s so good for you and your ❤️. In fact, research shows that running is one of ONLY two sports GUARANTEED to make you healthier. Crazy! (Barring any injuries of course) I’ve been running for exactly 2 years and have made it a significant part of my lifestyle. I had a chance to break in the new @HokaOneOne Rincon 2’s on Monday during this first week of #NationalRunnersMonth. We did suicides on the bridge to Key Biscayne! They’re very light and feel great over mid-range distances so far. I’ll see how my knees feel over the next few weeks and determine if I need to get custom insoles or stick with what it came with. 🚀🚀GIVEAWAY🚀🚀 I urge you to get out there and log a run this week! If you share your run, be sure to tag @DicksSportingGoods and use #SeeYouOutThere for a chance to win a pair of @brooksrunning shoes. NO PURCH NEC. Ends 11:59PM ET 05/09/21. 50 US/DC, 18+. Rules at #DKSPartner #Ad 📷: @flaviathemermaid ______________________________ #running #startstrong #runner #hokaoneone #brooksrunning #nikerunning #letsgo #funrun #workout #fitness #runstrong

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