Deandre Coleman

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Im jus a Young black Buisness Owner Installing Floors And Making Music I Wanna Hear Because That's What I Luv 2 Do✍️💯

Location Park Hills, MO
Country United States
Member Since JANUARY 17, 2022
Social Audience 5K
ndamakin 3K Last Month Last 3 Months
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4/30/22✍Mark ya Calenders🎯QMG ENTERTAINMENT LLC🙏🙏

Happy Thanksgiving to All My Family,Friends, Followers and Supporters✍East Side Of Da Show Me Vol 2 Droppin 11/28/21✈Underground Heavyweightz Vol 8 Droppin 12/31/21🕝🕑🕜💯@ndamakin @coleman_flooring_llc @heather.coleman.7127 @bblktree @@twination2 @kxngcrooked @planetasiamedallions @ras_kass @papoose @therealdnagtfoh @therealayeverb @ali_stlunatic @murphderrty @kyjuanlunaticog @buckshotz @onetimelife1 @motivatedkulture @youngdolph @yogotti @wallo267 @gillie_da_king @midwestmixtapes @laflare1017

Fall Edition By Ndamakin 🥶 💯 @coleman_flooring_llc @ndamakin @heather.coleman.7127 @twination2 @bblktree @kxngcrooked @planetasiamedallions @ras_kass @richforever @therealdnagtfoh @hitmanholla @ali_stlunatic @therealayeverb @wack100 @realcoleworld @therealdnagtfoh @wallo267 @gillie_da_king @murphderrty @kendricklamar @djkhaled @motivatedkulture @1804jackboy @lildurk @nolimitherbo @polo.capalot @rudeboyy_t_real39 @moneybaggyo

Ndamakin Ft BWeezy✍🔥🔥🔥Underground Heavy Weightz Vol 7 Droppin 9/28/21🥶East Side Of Da Show Me Vol 1 Available On All Platforms🚶‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🤾‍♂️Link N Bio👉💪QMG ENTERTAINMENT LLC💯@ndamakin @coleman_flooring_llc @heather.coleman.7127 @twination2 @bblktree @kxngcrooked @ras_kass @planetasiamedallions @papoosepapoose @hitmanholla @therealdnagtfoh @murphderrty @ali_stlunatic @midwestmixtapes @frescokane @hot97 @champagnepapi @diddy @djkhaled @jermainedupri @snoopdogg @wallo267 @gillie_da_king @usher @chrisbrownofficial @torylanez @therealmaryjblige @mworthofgame @richforever @yogotti @lildurk @nolimitherbo @polo.capalot @hot1041stl @rocnation @realcoleworld @hot1079atl @nickiminaj @iamcardib @theestallion @kerihilson@onetimelife1

Put A play 2getha✍Track 6 Off East Side Of Da Show Me😬🔥🔥🔥Available On All PlatForms✔👉Link N Bio💯Underground Heavyweightz Vol 7 Droppin 9/28/21🕝🕑🕜🙏@ndamakin @coleman_flooring_llc @heather.coleman.7127 @bblktree @twination2 @kxngcrooked @planetasiamedallions @ras_kass @papoosepapoose @hitmanholla @richforever @therealdnagtfoh @yogotti @onetimelife1 @murphderrty @ali_stlunatic @kyjuanlunaticog @therealayeverb @frescokane @kanyewest @lildurk @nolimitherbo polo.capalot @youngdreamchaserss @moneybaggyo @djkhaled @realcoleworld @kendricklamar @losangelesconfidential @gillie_da_king @wallo267 @mworthofgame @millyz @daveeast @hot97 @hot1079atl @hot1041stl @rocnation @drdre @midwestmixtapes @rawresse @rudeboyy_t_real39 @troubleman31 @itzbnp_ @liltunechi

Livin Ndamakin Kickz 😬🔥🔥🔥🔥(Limited Edition) Available Now🙏Link N Bio Also 👆 #618 #314 #573 #636👌Datz Right😏🙏💯 @ndamakin @coleman_flooring_llc @heather.coleman.7127 @twination2 @bblktree @kxngcrooked @planetasiamedallions @ras_kass @itzbnp_ @murphderrty @ali_stlunatic @hitmanholla @therealayeverb @papoosepapoose @richforever @yogotti @frescokane @rudeboyy_t_real39 @wallo267 @gillie_da_king @daveeast @mworthofgame @millyz @therealdnagtfoh @lilstl @kanyewest @djkhaled @losangelesconfidential @kendricklamar @realcoleworld @onetimelife1 @hot1041stl polo.capalot @nolimitherbo @youngdolph @liltunechi @1804jackboy @moneybaggyo @kyjuanlunaticog

Destined 2 Win✍Underground Heavy Weightz Droppin 9/28/21🚶‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🤾‍♂️East Side Of Da Show Me Available On All Platforms✔QMG ENTERTAINMENT LLC💯 @coleman_flooring_llc @ndamakin @heather.coleman.7127 @bblktree @twination2 @kxngcrooked @ras_kass @planetasiamedallions @therealdnagtfoh @therealayeverb @hitmanholla @murphderrty @papoosepapoose @richforever @djkhaled @losangelesconfidential @laflare1017 @polo.capalot @nolimitherbo @gillie_da_king @wallo267 @daveeast @millyz @onetimelife1 @liltunechi @rocnation @hot97 @hot1041stl @mworthofgame @yogotti @1804jackboy @jadakiss @drdre @keyglock @youngdolph @est.gee @meekmill @frescokane @mworthofgame

Mixtape Out Now✍Tap N Link N bio🚶‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🤾‍♂️QMG ENTERTAINMENT LLC✔Underground Heavy Weightz Vol 7 Droppin 9/28/21💯@ndamakin @coleman_flooring_llc @heather.coleman.7127 @twination2 @bblktree @kxngcrooked @ras_kass @planetasiamedallions @therealdnagtfoh @hitmanholla @therealayeverb @polo.capalot @nolimitherbo @kanyewest @wallo267 @mworthofgame @daveeast @frescokane @murphderrty @ali_stlunatic @gillie_da_king @papoosepapoose @official_kurupt @laflare1017 @yogotti @djkhaled @snoopdogg @hot97 @rocnation @richforever @moneybaggyo @youngdolph @nolimitherbo @hot1041stl @97.5hiphopdaily @onetimelife1 @diddy

Shout Out 2 BTB Gorilla For Supportin da Culture of Hip Hop By Havin Me on Da Podcast🙏Link N Bio🔥🔥🔥East Side Of da Show Me Out Now🚶‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🤾‍♂️Underground Heavyweightz Vol 7 Droppin 9/28/21✍QMG ENTERTAINMENT LLC✔ 💯@ndamakin @coleman_flooring_llc @heather.coleman.7127 @twination2 @bblktree @kxngcrooked @planetasiamedallions @ras_kass @papoosepapoose @therealdnagtfoh @therealayeverb @hitmanholla @frescokane @ali_stlunatic @murphderrty @rudeboyy_t_real39 @yogotti @polo.capalot @gillie_da_king @mworthofgame @realcoleworld @hot97 @yogotti @laflare1017 @therealdnagtfoh @fatjoe @djkhaled @rocnation @kyjuanlunaticog @onetimelife1 @wallo267

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