Nathalie Madsen

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Professional and experienced Content Creator, born in Belgium but based in The Netherlands, with a following base of over 12.000 followers on all accounts combined, in a 70% female and a 30% male ratio, ages 18 - 45. The majority of my followers are living in the USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Australia.

I've worked with many brands in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle and health niche and I love to partner up with you!

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Love, Nathalie

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Location Putte, Woensdrecht Noord Brabant
Country Netherlands
Member Since APRIL 26, 2019
Social Audience 12K
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◽ #ad [post contains #gifted items] from The Vintage Cosmetic Company Hi guys, How adorable is this vintage inspired Dolly Bow Make-Up Headband from @thevintagecosco?! 😍 Yes, I'm an official Vintage Glow Getter now! 😊 Dolly is absolutely perfect to keep those luscious locks out of the way while pampering yourself during a skincare treatment or applying make up. A skincare and make up headband is one of the few skincare and make up accessories that I never owned before but since I have Dolly, I just can't live without her anymore! She's so convenient! Made of this super soft pink polyester towel fabric (which can be washed out easily!), I could wear this cutie all day long! Featuring an irrestistibly cute retro polka dot print, an elastic band to ensure a comfy wear and a big bow on top, Dolly is looking so cute and feels really comfortable while wearing her. Thanks to the elastic band, she fits my head (an almost any other head) perfectly, without being too tight and without giving headaches while wearing her. Do you think it would it be okay to wear her at work too, like a regular headband? Because that's just how comfy she really feels! 😉 Slide through the pictures to see me rocking my Dolly! 😎 You feel like you would rock a vintage inspired headband too? Use my #couponcode GGGMQ6S1 at checkout to get 10% off your entire purchase at The Vintage Cosmetic Company! Question: Do you use a headband when applying make up or skincare products? A huge thanks to #TheVintageCosCo and @brandbassador! ❤ #influencer #instablogger #bblogger #beauty #makeup #makeupblogger #skincare #skincareblogger #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #bowheadband #headband #skincareheadband #makeupheadband #TheVintageCosmeticCompany #Brandbassador #blogginggals #girlswhoblog #dutchblogger #iginfluencersunite #bloggersunder10k #bloggersunder5k #bloggingcommunity #bloggerbabes #glowgetter #glowgetters

Wellness & skincare products inspired by tea

The Teami Blends Superfood Cleanser is an all natural face cleanser, made with 100% organic ingredients, including Matcha, Aloe Vera, Fruit Extract, Turmeric and Sea Kelp. The look, the scent and the texture of this cleaner reminds me of the products of Lush and if you wanna compare this cleaner to any other brand, I would say Lush wil bel the closest that comes to mind. It has a very lightwheighted texture which is easy to apply and easy to rinse & it makes my face feel really soft, smooth and hydrated. ❤ Click the Teami Blends link below and use my code NATHALIE812 to get 15% off your first order!

A walk in the woods. Used: Samsung Galaxy S9 and edited with Snapseed. #woods #forest #sun #sunshine #summer #green #photography #snapseed #mobilephotography #phonephotography #mobilephonephotography #samsunggalaxys9 #snapseed #grass #tree #trees #nature #naturephotography #inthesun #sunny #sunnyday #sunnydays #summerdays #summerday #summertime #moretusbos #belgium #stabroek #belgie


The Furla Crystal Bangle combines metal with enamel and features a Swarovski crystal and a round lock. The lock is easy to open (just press the side of the Swarovski crystal) but it’s still firm and doesn’t pop open while wearing it. The Furla Zaffiro ring is a gorgeous looking gold and black ring, made from metal and enamel. I bought size M, which is just a few mm too small to wear around the proper finger, but it’s looking quite awesome on my pinky finger too, especially when wearing it in combination with other rings, for that “ring party” look!

◽ #ad [post contains #gifted items from] Dior / Freeviews Hi guys, Look what I'm currently testing! 😍 I was so happy when I was picked as one of the testing candidates for the @diormakeup campaign by! My reviews will be online soon! A huge thanks to #Freeviews and #Dior for giving me this opportunity! ❤ #influencer #instablogger #bblogger #beauty #makeup #DiorMakeup #diorbackstagefaceandbodypowdernopowder #diorbackstagefaceandbodyfoundation #foundation #diorfoundation #powder #facepowder #powdernopowder #diorpowder #bloggersunder10k #bloggersunder5k #bloggingcommunity #bloggersofinstagram #bloggersgetsocial #blogginggals #bloggerbabes #bloggerscommunity #bloggingcommunity #luxurymakeup #luxury #luxurybrands

Wellness & skincare products inspired by tea

n’t imagine drinking a cup of delicious hot tea without my trusty Teamy Blends Loose Leaves Tea Infuser anymore! Did you know Teami Blends doesn’t just offers delicious teas and gorgeous tumblrs? They also offer these amazing natural tea infused skincare products and devices (like a skincare fridge), a range of wellness powders and even a portable Smoothie Blender! Click the link below and use my code NATHALIE812 to get 15% off your first Teami Blends order of $50 or above!

◽ #ad [post contains #gifted items from] Cuvée Beauty Ever wondered what products I keep in my shower for daily use? Well, featured in my shower these days, are the gorgeous products of botanical and crueltyfree haircarebrand @cuveebeauty! These luxurious looking champagne infused #haircare products are scented with champagne and figs, giving them the best scent I ever smelled! I'm not really a big fan of the way to apply the solid shampoo and conditioner, as you could read in the review I wrote a while ago, I still think it's time-consuming to apply them properly (strand by strand), but I still keep using them because they smell so divine! I really adore that scent! They also offer the shampoo and conditioner combo in regular bottles, by the way, and those are my absolute nr. 1 when it comes to shampoo and conditioner.The Sugar Scalp Scrub, enriched with the same fabulous champagne and Fig scent, is pure heaven! A review on the scrub will be online soon! Question: Have you ever used a scalp scrub before? A huge thanks to #CuvéeBeauty! ❤ #hairproducts #scalpscrub #shampoo #conditioner #solidshampoo #solidconditioner #scrub #hair #sugarscrub #shower #inmyshower #showerroutine #showerproducts #showertime #showershelfie #Influencer #instablogger #bloggersunder10k #bloggersunder5k #iginfluencersunite #bloggingcommunity #bloggerbabes #bloggerscommunity #champagneinfused #champagne #luxuryhaircare

Beauty and Fashion by Natje

The Netherlands (where I live) and Belgium (where I work) tend to be very windy and stormy sometimes, especially in this time of year, and we, long haired girls, we all know the struggles of having long hair while wearing a sticky, glossy lipstick during those windy days, right? That reminds me of the lipglosses I used during my teenage years, you know and probably have used them too, those sticky glosses in glass tubes with a rollerball on top of it and the squeezable little plastic tubes with a hole in the top that always gave way to many gloss when squeezing them I prefer to use the Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum myself to prep my lips, because it’s really good, it tastes like candy and it smells like the Snow Fairy range! What I used to achieve this rather simple everyday look: Fo you prefer matte or glossy lipsticks?

#ad [post contains #gifted items] from The Vintage Cosmetic Company Hi guys, I'm so sorry for my absence the past two weeks, I had a really hectic time at work lately. Anyway, it's been really hot lately. Usually, I shower once a day and wash my hair every other day, unless it's really hot outside, in that case, I wash my hair every day. When washing it every other day, it always bothers me to get my hair wet while showering, because when it gets wet without washing it, my hair appears to look more greasy, flat and dull. Most Shower Caps are looking so boring and old fashioned but when I came across this adorable shower cap from @thevintagecosco, I knew I just had to have it! #TheVintageCosCo proves not all Shower Caps are old fashioned and dull. In fact, they make you look really glamorous while protecting your blow-dry. Their entire range of "Don't Rain On My Parade" (I'm getting major Glee flashbacks while writing this! 😉) Shower Caps are looking adorable! The Pink Flamingo has a cute dusky pink flamingo print and is lined with waterproof pink polka dots inside and a pink trim. All Shower Caps are made of 100% polyester, to ensure your luscious locks are 100% protected against the cruel water, while being 100% in style! 😉 Slide to see me rock my Pink #Flamingo Shower Cap! 😉 Being one of their #glowgirls, I'm able to offer you all a 10% discount on the entire webshop. Use my #couponcode GGD9MSSF at checkout. This code is valid until june the 24th, so don't hestitate and get your adorable looking #vintage #ShowerCap, your cute make up and skincare headband (check my previous Vintage Cosmetic Company post for more), your false lashes, bath accessories, sleep mask or pillow case, scrunchies, hair brushes, make up brushes or skincare accessories now! 😉 Question: What's your musthave shower accessory? A huge thanks to The Vintage Cosmetic Company and @Brandbassador! ❤ #influencer #instablogger #bblogger #skincare #skincareblogger #skincareaddict #skincarejunkie #bloggersunder10k #bloggersunder5k #bloggingcommunity #bloggersofinstagram #bloggersgetsocial #blogginggals #bloggerbabes #girlswhoblog #girlswhoblog #natjesdiscountcodes

◽ #ad [post contains #gifted items from] Ideal Of Sweden #couponcode below! 👇 Hi guys, When I ordered my new phone, which already is a while back by now, the first thing I did was browsing through the @idealofsweden collection to see which cases they had for the phone that would soon be mine. I absolutely adore their whole collection and since they expanded their collection with all kinds of gorgeous looking bags and accessories, like sunglass cases, my wishlist still keeps growing each day! 😉 Does this sounds familiar? Well, have I got good news for you! 😉 Head over to and use my #discountcode BBRC1JTF to get 15% off your entire #idealofsweden purchase now! Question: What Ideal Of Sweden product is on top of your wishlist? A huge thanks to Ideal Of Sweden and @brandbassador! ❤ #IDEALFLATLAY #influencer #instablogger #idealofswedencode #IdealOfSwedenCoupon #idealofswedendiscount #idealofswedensale #discount #coupon #bloggersunder10k #bloggersunder5k #bloggingcommunity #bloggersofinstagram #bloggersgetsocial #blogginggals #bloggerbabes #bloggerstyle #iphone #samsunggalaxys20 #samsunggalaxys21 #iphone11 #phonecase #phonecases #phoneaccessories #phonecover

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