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I make holiday cinnamon rolls & Travel with my kids around the world We did ✨22 adventures in 2022 ✨

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I can’t get this trip out of my head. But what consumes my thoughts the most is the fact that this almost didn’t happen 😅 The fear of traveling with young kids. The fear of the unknown. The fear of self doubt. It almost got the best of me. If anything, I hope this series inspires you to travel more with your kids and truly step out of your comfort zone. If I can do this! You definitely can too!! #familytravel #travelblogger #travelwithkids #moroccowithkids #saharadesertwithkids #travelinspiration

I’m so glad I didn’t listen ✨ #familytravel #22adventuresin2022 #saharadesertwithkids #visitmorocco #saharadesert #travelblogger #familytravelblog @sunrise_sahara_camp

This experience of riding camels in the Sahara desert with my kids was not easy. Honestly I was anxious most of the day. We had never experienced anything like this and the “unknown” is usually a trigger for my anxiety. At one point, when we were at the pool of the riad, waiting to meet up with our guides, I asked scott if we should cancel our booking and stay in town instead. It seemed easier and more predictable. But Scott reassured me that I did my research, I booked this trip because I wanted to do this and that he was going to be by my side the entire way. Why am I telling you this?!? Because making the decision to take trips like this is never easy. Maybe you are scared to take the leap for a life changing trip, and thinking “i could never do that”. Well…I’ve been there! I doubt myself and wonder where to start. I feel anxious and I am constantly scared of the “what ifs”. But i learned something so important from this trip… right on the other side of that fear is something amazing and life changing. You just have to make the choice to do it scared!! After all that stress, I stepped out of the jeep, and was instantly calm. That day, I knew that my decision to do it scared changed me, and that moment on the dunes will be one I will never forget #22adventuresin2022 #familytravel #familytravelblog #saharadesert #visitmorocco

✨That’s over 30 flights ✈️ ✨114 total travel days ✨9 countries ✨3 continents ✨Over 26,000 total miles traveled ✨ McDonalds in 5 different countries ✨8 rentals cars ✨5 ferries ✨3 trains ✨1 camel ride 🐪 ✨110 bags packed ✨3 times we almost ended up in the hospital ✨30 different water slides ✨AND ONE AMAZING YEAR✨ Where did #22adventuresin2022 take you??? #familytravel #travelbucketlist #travelblogger #travelgoals

Will it be hard?! YES!! But it will be so worth it ✨ #22adventuresin2022 #familytravel #travelblogger #travelfamily

Did you know you could stay in your very own Pineapple under the sea?? Yup this SpongeBob’s pineapple is a villa at @nickresortpuntacana and it’s just one of the cool experiences you can have here!! Leave your questions below and we will share everything about this amazing resort. #familytraveler #familytraveltips #familytravelblogger #familytravelblog #familytravel #travelingwithkids #travelingfamily #travelinspiration #22adventuresin2022

I jump every single time 😅 Even if I know it’s coming. Please tell me I’m not the only one. There is nothing prettier than a Mickey ice cream bar in front of the castle. Leave your favorite emoji if you agree ✨ #disneylandparis #disneyland #disneygram #disneycastle #mickeyicecream #disneyparks

Introducing the... ✨✨ SNACKLE BOX✨✨ Road trip snacks stored in a tackle box! This week I’m going to be sharing my BEST road trip hacks and this is one of my favorites. I shared it a few years ago and it went crazy VIRAL! I have loved seeing how you use this idea for your family ❤️ keep tagging me in your videos Follow along for more travel hacks for families #roadtrip #roadtrip2021 #roadtriphacks #roadtripwithkids #travelwithkids #pinterestmom #craftmom #craftymama #carhacksforkids #kidsnacks #carsnacks #snackbox #snackboard

It’s the small moments ✨ I’m so happy i choose to grab those cheap cards. Saved us from a ton of hangry moments

For me, I really traveling with my kids ✨ Oh and corn too!! If you love traveling with your kids and want to learn about why it’s so beneficial for them, be sure to follow along!

I actually can believe it… Because I worked my butt off to make it happen 😉👏🏻✈️✨ #kidsthattravel #familytravelblogger #welltraveledkids #explorewithkids #ourtravelgram #travelfam #familytraveltips #22adventuresof2022 #familytravelblog #familytravel #travelingwithkids #kidstraveltips #withtheblinks

✨ New page, new brand, new site… Over the last 6 months we’ve poured our heart and soul into creating a new page that felt like an extension of our family... a new site that would make you feel like you could step out of your comfort zone and take that dream trip with your kids... and a resource to make creating magic at home, and on the road, a lot easier. This was my dream for such a long time and today I am so excited, and honestly a bit nervous, to introduce to you ✨WITHTHEBLINKS.COM✨ 17 years ago, on the flight home from our honeymoon, Scott and I daydreamed about one day having a family and getting to travel with them. 7 years ago, as I struggled with a difficult pregnancy, depression, and the loneliness of motherhood, I started to share our lives on this silly app. And now, after all this time, a daydream and a silly idea have come together to create THIS! An opportunity to share the magic we try to create for our girls every day, with all of you! I cry every time I let myself really think about it. Thank you for being here and following along side us on this journey. I hope this site inspires you to create your own bit of magic and make a ton of special memories with your family ✨ A huge thank you to the dream team who brought my vision to life the queen of branding @georgia.g.kaye who brought my website dreams to life and @rosejamesstudio for the beautiful custom backpack.

Do you turn everyday tasks into a game? It makes traveling with kids that much easier (and fun)!

DETAILS 👇🏻 We are currently backpacking Europe for two months with one backpack each and when I tell people that they look at me like I’m nuts. But honestly now that I travel this way I don’t think I could ever go back to over packing again! No lost baggage. No breaking wheels down cobblestone streets. No extra stress that comes with extra stuff. Our travels are about the experience so this method works for us and makes our it a whole lot less stressful. Are you team checked bag or carryon? Do you think you could backpack with your family?

We’ve done a lot of traveling with our kids in the last year. Here are a few of our favorite places that we would definitely visit again with our kids 1. Positano, Italy - the views, the beach, the gelato. The Amalfi coast might be one of my favorite destinations on this list! 2. St. John, USVI - white sand beaches, clear blue water, floating restaurants, convinced yet?!? It is one of our favorite islands! 3. Berlin, Germany - we spent 3 weeks in Berlin last year and fell in love! This city has more than 1,000 playgrounds and they are pretty epic! 4. Arenal, Costa Rica - the mix of adventure and relaxation makes everyone happy! The best trip for nature lovers too! 5. Anna Maria Island, Florida - we’ve been to a lot of Florida beaches and this is by far our favorite! 6. Paros, Greece - this Greek island surprised us. Quaint towns, very walkable, and beach side restaurants. Plus easy public transportation. 7. Amsterdam, Netherlands - you see families everywhere, and for good reason. This city felt like home and was absolutely gorgeous. 8. Disney - we are big fans and we think it’s always a good option for a family vacation. 9. On a cruise - we cruised a lot when the girls were little and we think it’s a great way to have a stress free trip! If you could add any to this list what would you add and why? Our travels aren’t done yet so maybe we will be adding more soon!

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