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I make holiday cinnamon rolls & Travel with my kids around the world We did ✨22 adventures in 2022 ✨

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Second time’s a charm ✨ I was so nervous as we walked into the beautiful restaurant to listen to Fado for the second time. The first time didn’t go so well 🥴 What a difference a couple of years can make! I was pleasantly surprised with how much the girls loved our dinner. I kept looking over to see them completely captivated. If you are heading to Lisbon I would highly recommend @cantodaatalaia especially if @matilde.cid is there. The food, the ambiance, the Fado… probably one of the best experiences we had in Lisbon! #FamilyTravel #TravelWithKids #MomLife #lisbonwithkids #fadomusic #portugalwithkids #travelvlog #travelingfamilies

My heart lives in two places 💕 I don’t think I could have found words to describe the complicated emotions we feel better than this. I’ll always be grateful for the beautiful gift of living in Portugal. It’s changed us in so many ways. #travelfamily #portugalwithkids #travelvlog #worldschooling #livingabroad #travelwithkids

Kids pick dinner in Portugal part 3 ✨ The girls found a hidden gem 💎 we might have waited 40 minutes for these but it was totally worth it. #lisbonwithkids #lisbonrestaurants #visitlisboa #travelwithme #eatwithme #familytravel #familylife #momof3 #momlife

The best days are the days that I’m with you 💕 Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mothers out there. I hope today you remember how important you are! 📷: @flytographer

What my kids eat for lunch at school in Portugal 🇵🇹 Is it what you expected? How do you think it compares to lunch in America? It’s just another reason why the girls love going to school every day ✨ @boundlesslife #portugalwithkids #schoollunch #schoolinportugal #travelvlog #travelfamily #eatinaday

Madeira with kids day 2 ✨ save this itinerary!! Can you believe those hike views?!? Now I know why they call Madeira the Hawaii of Portugal 🇵🇹 #travelwithme #travelwithkids #visitmadeira #madeirawithkids #visitportugal #portugalwithkids #travelblogger #travelfamily

Madeira with kids day 1 ✨ save this itinerary!! Here is day 1 of the perfect weekend in Madeira. After those brutal travel days we are making the most of this gorgeous island. #madeira #visitmadeira #madeirawithkids #travelwithkids #travelvlog #travelwithme #madeiraitinerary #traveltips #travelinspiration

Did we pay too much?!? 💰 What do you think? Would you pay this much to ride the famous toboggans in Madeira. You should have heard the girls squeal as we rode done the hill. What an amazing experience ✨ #madeira #madeirawithkids #portugalwithkids #madeiratoboggan #travelfamily #travelwithkids

My kids are the real MVPs ✨👏🏻 #travelvlog #portugalwithkids #travelday #madeira #traveldestination #travelfamilylife

Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse 😫 #travelvlog #travelday #portugalwithkids #madeira #flyingtomadeira #traveldestinations #travelfamilylife

I think this wins as one of the scariest travel days we’ve ever had 😫 We didn’t know that Funchal has one of the most dangerous airport landings in the world and only the most experienced pilots even attempt to land there. The weather was not making this landing any easier 😳 and after multiple attempts we ran out of fuel. When we started the day we were so excited for this bucket list trip. Now I’m worried we won’t make it 😞 #travelvlog #travelday #portugalwithkids #madeira #traveldestinations #travelfamilylife

You want to live abroad but not sure how?!? We had this lifelong dream to live in Europe and because of @boundlesslife we were able to make this dream a reality! We spent 3 months in Portugal with our 3 girls and it was a life changing experience. The school, the community, the culture, it all exceeded our expectations and I’m not sure travel will ever look the same for us! If you are feeling called to try something new, give your kids an immersive cultural education, and create lifelong memories than comment ✨ TRAVEL ✨ and I’ll send you all the details on how to get started. Plus how to save on your very first cohort!! Boundless Life takes out all of the guesswork and can help make this a reality for you too!! #movetoportugal #sintraportugal #lifeinportugal #portugalwithkids #europewithkids #digitalnomadfamily #travelfamily #travelwithkids #movingabroad #worldschooling #boundlesslife

Stranded? 😳😳😳 Have you listened to all the drama?!? We spill the tea on the podcast 🎙️ You won’t believe what happened to us during our 3 month backpacking trip through Southeast Asia with the kids 😣 You can find out what happened here in episode 5! #unpackedwiththeblinks #travelfamily #southeastasiawithkids

How bad do you want it? Travel hacking can seem daunting to most, as it does require quite a lot of time. Figuring out which credit cards to use. Deciding how many points to use. Learning the backend of the airlines websites. It can all be a little overwhelming! But, is it all worth it? The return on investment when it comes to this hobby can be HUGE! With the amount of travel that you’re able to do and the amount of money that you’re able to save, you could be saving thousands of dollars a year. How badly do you want to travel and see the world? In this episode we’re talking about everything Travel Hacking! Come join me and @travelhackingmom for tips on how to get started today. After listening to the episode, head on over to our blog to find out what we think are the best beginner-friendly credit cards and more. Unpacked with the Blinks: Episode 4 #unpackedwiththeblinks #travelhacking #familytravel

How do we travel as much as we do?!? TRAVEL HACKING! In episode 4 of •UNPACKED: With The Blinks• we talk with the amazing @travelhackingmom team about all things travel! This episode is packed full of useful tips to get you started on your journey to earn free travel! Grab your coffee, cozy up on the couch, and get ready to listen to a great episode. #unpackedwiththeblinks #travelhacking #travelwithkids #travelpodcast

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