Shelbi Moore

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Mama. Travel Planner. Story Teller. Passionate about educating parents on Sensory and Behavioral Therapy. Capturing all the magical adventures of The Moore Family

Location Tampa, Florida South East
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While we are loving Florida, we have really missed the Michigan Fall weather. We snuck home for Halloween and were able to grab some family photos thanks to my sister-in-laws setting it up! It was basically storming outside when we took these so I’m impressed they turned out this good!

I’m not going to lie... Having two kids so close in age was/is a struggle at times. But one of my greatest joys lately has been how much they are starting to play together. Finn is still delayed when it comes to communication so it doesn’t always work out but Ella has grown so much in understanding we have to explain things to him, help him, and show him how to play together! Don’t get me wrong... they still fight and refuse to share 90% of the time. But what progress compared to two screaming in diapers 😂😂😂

On Friday Ella and I spent several hours at the Magic Kingdom just the two of us. It had been awhile since I had spent solo time with her. I was reminded how important it is to spend some 1:1 time with your kiddos. She had so many stories for me and was such a delight the entire trip! No competing with brother or having to share... We only had issues when it came time to leave. She wasn’t to happy about that part. 🤣💕

She makes me die laughing when we tell her to say “Cheese!”. Her arms go board straight, she squints her eyes, and does her best to show all her teeth! 🤣 Also, look how long baby boys hair used to be just a few weeks ago. 😫 He grew up with one hair cut!

All kids are gross. Poop, Pee, Spit up, Vomit.. 90% of the time they have food in their hair or all over their faces 🤦🏼‍♀️ But there is something about having your own kid you become desensitized to all of it. Seeing that it took us months to tackle potty training we cheer for every single poop around here!!! Anyone else do potty dances?? “Look at you! Way to go poo!” 😂

As they are getting older there have been more and more moments where I find them playing together. It may only last a few seconds and then someone is crying... but hey progress!! Also, we found a new park today and I am obsessed!!! I shared more about it in my stories!

When your kids wake you up at 5am and you decide to clean out your phone... You find beauties like this 💕 On our recent trip back to Michigan I got to have a girls night with my favorite people eating foods mostly made of cheese and talking until I was falling asleep in my chair. Over the years these ladies have become my family. They show up to the hospital when I have babies. They attend every birthday party. They rescue me when I need a break. They always show up. They always make sure I feel loved and supported. I will love them forever for that. 💕

Anyone else a hugger and feel awkward visiting friends and family during COVID?! I always want to go in for the hug but want to be respectful of their space. Just another thing to add to my social anxiety. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ PS. I am always down for a good hug. Whether it be virtual, social distanced, or in person. I believe that every soul should feel loved, heard, and accepted. Kindness is not political. 💕

This was our first time to have all the Moore Cousins together for an entire weekend. To say they had a good time is an understatement. Memories made and tons of baby snuggles. Swipe forward to be introduced to our two new additions to the cousin crew.

Ever since our nephew Landon was born (maybe even before then) we have been going to my Sister In Laws house for Halloween. It has become a bit of a tradition for the kids to dress in the same theme and we haven’t wanted to give that up even with us moving to Florida. So we packed our bags and made our way to Michigan just for the weekend. The look on Ella’s face and her excitement seeing her cousins made the trip 10000% percent worth it. Finn isn’t much of a hugger but even he ran up to give hugs to his cousins. We also got to meet two new baby cousins!! Pictures of their sweet faces to come. Don’t worry 😂💕

As October comes to a close I am feeling sentimental about our Ella James turning 4. 💕 This sassy girl used to be a baby 😭

Tomorrow our Ella James will be 4 years old. Which of course means I am feeling sentimental and scrolling through old photos. This is such a sweet memory. I was sent out for a day to be pampered and came home to a surprise Baby Shower at my house. It was perfectly decorated and was filled with all our favorite treats, flower crowns, and so many laughs. Grateful for friendships like these. 💕

It cost nothing to just smile, acknowledge we are all human, created differently, and be kind. ⠀ ⠀ Someone may look different, think different, love different, believe different, abled differently than you.... ⠀ ⠀ Who cares?⠀ How does their differences truly effect you? ⠀ ⠀ Most likely it doesn’t. ⠀ ⠀ So keep scrolling. ⠀ Walk away. ⠀ Go on living your life. ⠀ Be kind. ⠀ ⠀ Show me the template for perfection. ⠀ I can promise it is not me. Nor you. ⠀

This sweet face is a boy of little words but you can not doubt his excitement and determination to ride ALL the rides at @waltdisneyworld He is going to be the death of me or at least give me anxiety attacks with his constant attempts to run away to the nearest ride. 🤦🏼‍♀️ We have noticed he sings along to theme songs or movies which brings us so much joy when he still refuses to use many words with us on a daily basis. He is also loving to sign more and more so we have slowly added to his ASL vocab. This week he did “Stop”, “Go”, “Eat”, “Drink”, “Hot”, “cold”, “juice”. I plan to research some Disney Character signs for the kids and I to learn and practice using on our next trip! 🤟🏻 Do you know any ASL??

I always have intentions of guiding my children down a path to healthy living. I am aware of how bad sugars, dyes and artificial ingredients are... But can you imagine seeing this smile and saying.. “Put that back! here, have a banana.” Uh. That’s a big Nope. So for now we are enjoying life. We will give that healthy thing a try another day.

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