Mayssam Mahmoud

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•Mommy to🤴Yousuf & 👸🏻Meera. •We love to play, have fun and learn! Brand Ambassador for @mumzworld & @palmersme •Licensed Blogger. 📮DM for collabs.

Location Dubai UAE
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Our favorite mini baked potatoes recipe, my kids love it 😍 من أطيب الوصفات يلي جربتهم، الصغار كيفوا عليهم ! ________ @mommyandyoyoplusmeera حساب بشارك فيه يومياتي مع أطفالي بعمر المدرسة ❤️

سمعتوا عن روبوت ميكو من قبل؟ صرلوا عنا فوق الشهر و الصغار مكيفين عليه ! بجاوب على أسئلتهم 😍 بيقرأ لهم قصص، بيلعب معهم و كل شي حلو و مسلي 🤣 و الله عم يعرف كيف يلهيهم هالميكو 🤣 عطوني رأيكن فيه 😍 @mikorobotusa

Sharing with you our dinner @shabestanme , in case you were wondering where to have lunch or dinner this weekend, I can’t recommend this restaurant enough! Great food and service 😍 …….. حبيت شارككم تجربتنا بمطعم @shabestanme في حال حبيتو تتغدوا او تتعشوا برا هالاجازه. بنصحكم تجربوه اذا كنتوا من محبي الاكل الايراني. ___________ #dubai #mydubai #uaerestaurants #dubaifamily

Traveling with Kids !

Always prepare your kids by telling them about their travel journey, what to expect, what to do on an airplane, usually with small kids reading stories works best with them. Before one day of your travel day, prepare everything that you might use or need during the airport and the airplane, let the kids pack their backpacks and prepare their clothes. On the travel day arrive early to the airport to avoid long queues and to finish all your procedures early, because you never know what to expect at the airport. Always give the kids their meal or milk before going to the airport (because hungry kids means fussy kids !) , also during the flight offer them their meal or their favorite snacks.

Valentine’s kit from Palmers

I was excited to try these creams and more excited to let my husband try his cream, because usually men don’t use such products or they think it’s only for ladies, but during winter our skin needs moisturizing to keep it from looking dry and old ! Also another thing that he hates it when the cream stays too long on your skin and gets greasy but the good thing is that this men cream is fast absorbing and you barely feel the cream after applying it, very light and smells lovely 😍. After giving the cream a try for more than 10 days , my husband finally confessed saying that this cream was a good idea for him (although he did not try any creams or lotions before ) and that he can feel the difference already, his skin is more soft, brighter and looks better than before Cocoa Butter Formula MEN Body & Face Lotion is a fast absorbing formula which instantly combats rough, dry skin.

Mom & Son bucket list <3

My son is turning Three this February and I wanted to do this list long time back but didn’t have time to write it down and share it with you Of course I will try my best to keep our dates together after I give birth, it’s our special time together where we experience and explore new things together (and the most important part that we both enjoy it) ,, also I want him to always remember this special time with his mommy. So I prepared this bucket list for things and places I want to do or visit with him before 1st of April, 2017 Mamas, I am encouraging you to create a bucket list with your son or daughter.

.. Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil ..

Now let me tell you about this amazing product I had received last week from Palmer’s, last Saturday I received a package from Palmer’s company Face Skin Therapy Oil: I was very excited when I saw this specific oil in my package, because lately especially during pregnancy my skin suddenly started to change, I had pimples on my chin area, uneven skin tone and dark spots! I tried so many products but nothing was helping, until I tried this oil honestly speaking I had noticed a very big difference from the third day (happy mama :D), I still use the oil every day and thank god my face is so much better and I am satisfied 🙂 . Sweet Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Argan Oil (my favorite <3), Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Oil, Rosehip Oil, Camelina Oil, Also skin restorative oils along with natural Cocoa Butter.

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