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Trying to make the job of parenting easier one post at a time. tips and tricks all based on personal experiences & research. wife & two ginger babes. Building a new home in VA and living the beach life in Avalon, NJ for the summer.

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I’ve been bombarded by the “perfect” content on IG lately which is why I’ve been shift to the other platforms for entertainment. And if it’s not perfect videos it’s ones that are just trigger the mom in me of four young children. Anyone else?? Anyways, I clipped these cherry blossom branches from a tree in our yard and I bought some off Amazon. Balance. also, a reminder to use your space to create. Have a balanced week friends ✌🏻

I put together this rainbow flower arrangement for St. Patrick’s Day. I got a lot of questions and had some great suggestions sent to me, so I thought I’d share everything I learned! Don’t forget to save this for Easter and share or tag a friend who may need! 🌈white flowers, i used Anne’s lace & stock flowers, but baby’s breath or carnations would be pretty too! 🌈cut the stems on angle and pull off any leaves 🌈add in a significant amount of dye (not gel) to a little bit of water 🌈arrange colored stems in individual vases to keep their color, i used one big vase at first and the color seeped out, so I switched to my bud vases. 🌈add more flowers to keep them full and fresh

My car is a vending machine iykyk. My diaper bag is packed with all the bags of snack assortments. It’s apart of who we are. It’s how i survive. #momlife #snacktime #snacklife #momsurvivalmode #vendingmachine #imthatmom

@guinnessbrewerybalt and St. Patrick’s Day belong together ☘️💚🍻💚🍀 Local DMV friends, @guinnessbrewerybalt is a great option for all your SPD festivities. This weekend pop over to their tented Irish Village for live music, food, kid friendly atmosphere, Guinness (of course) and merchandise. What plans do you have for this holiday weekend? ☘️💚

I use to strrrruggle making bows each holiday. Now Ive learned this easy bow making trick and you won’t ever come to my house and not see a seasonal or holiday bow. All bow materials and my SPD decor are linked on my LTK or let me know what you need and I’ll send it your way!

*Tried posting this last night but this IG glitch had other plans. Happy birthday to my son. To watch you grow has been one of my greatest privileges and a complete delight. Nothing like your sweet smile and deep love. Also, seeing his baby videos to now has me all 😭

It needed a little jeujing but we got this walnut pesto just right for Finnen’s birthday dinner. Every year this boy’s menu selections get better and better! I love that I have a (nearly) 7 year old with such a wonderful love for food. Can’t wait to see how this menu comes together tomorrow. Do you let your kids select their birthday dinner?

Living the only way we know how while in Mexico, dancing. We were a determined crew to make this trip happen to @majesticelegancecostamujeres and a small miracle none of our 18 kids or the 11 grandparents, used to watch said kids, got sick! Highly recommend getting the friend group trip booked. Looking forward to the next one. Where should we go next?

C U A 🩵🩵🩵

Cancún you pass me my drink? Just book it already, cause time with the best of friends is so good for you. Loving our time @majesticelegancecostamujeres and haven’t stopped laughing. Today we celebrate our friend turning 40 with an epic 80s pool party and I can’t wait for all the memories.

Hospital Bag Must-Haves for Mom and Baby

After three rounds of having a baby, I have figured out what is essential to pack to welcome a baby into the world and survive the fun of postpartum. The general rule is if you used it while at the hospital, it’s yours. So when you start to pack up to head home, be sure to take anything that you used that isn’t nailed down 🙂 You can take the diapers that you didn’t use, the pads and gels, the water bottles, anything! I’d love to know what you find essential to taking to the hospital to have a baby!

7 Great Easter Basket Gift Ideas for your Toddler

I have love sharing my Easter and Springtime gift ideas with you all. Here is what I shared last year and my ideas are more toy-centered gifts. This year, I have really enjoyed searching for new Easter and Spring themed gifts. I hope that either of my posts is able to give you some good ideas and help make Easter and Springtime extra special this year!

Maternity Jeans: A Review of Full Panel and Side Panel Styles -

Today, I want to share my experience and thoughts on the full panel vs. side panel options and the six pairs of maternity jeans I have tried and/or own. I prefer pants with a full panel as I start to pop because they have a panel that pulls up over your belly. However, my latest favorite pair of jeans is a side panel pair, so there is that. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the pair I have, so I tried the Ingrid & Isabel pair which matched up pretty close.

Simple and Fun Ideas to Keep Kids Busy Over the Holiday Break -

However, I have decided to update that post to share more specific ideas on what families can do to keep kids busy but safe over their 2020 break. Finnen loves when I make homemade popcorn, and it is one of my long time favorite treats. Snow Globe Party– make a mason jar snow globe then turn a tent into a living snow globe, and then get comfy and watch a fun movie! Together you can spend time decorating the table, making small tea sandwiches, arranging a cookie platter, and experimenting with tea flavors by adding fun spices and fruit to regular black tea to make it tastier.

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