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Trying to make the job of parenting easier one post at a time. tips and tricks all based on personal experiences & research. wife & two ginger babes. Building a new home in VA and living the beach life in Avalon, NJ for the summer.

Location Avalon & Charlottesville , NJ & VA North East
Country United States of America
Member Since JUNE 23, 2020
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What am I missing? Everyone has their go to items they pick up. Id love to know if I’m missing out on something I should add to my list. @costco pack lunch / easy meals / budget grocery shopping / bulk buying / coupons / easy to make

We love you to pizzas 🍕 NE is fun! #oneisfun #loveyoutopieces #firstbirthday #oneyear #babybirthdayparty #birthdaytheme #partytime #partythemes #firstbday #firstbdayparty #firstbdaytheme #pizzatheme

You sing happy birthday louder than you ever have and give her all the kisses you can. Happy first birthday to our sweet Saoirse 🩷

But why can i already feel the toddler ‘tude saying “ok, Mom put me down.” No one will ever prepare you for how fast a baby’s first year goes by. Just soaking in all the wonderful memories we’ve made in the last 12 months with Saoirse who has completed our family. Happy birthday Eve to our littlest love 🩷

They are proving me wrong every step of the way 🫶🏻 Have a great school year everyone! #backtoschool #newschool #newschoolnerves #newyear #firstdayofschool #firstgrade #prek4

• Living and learning • Story time: we did this same scenario on Saturday, after a long week of vaca. The moment we got out the door two kids were screaming they didn’t want to go the way my husband and I were walking. It took us 20 minutes to walk .20 miles and two kids were riding (bike & scooter). We eventually got it together and had a nice family walk, but I learned that day the following: the next time I wanted to take them out I needed to set expectations. Come up with some ground rules for where we were walking and how long we were walking for. Today we took that walk and I decided to let my oldest make the first decision on where we went. I had already decided we’d walk for 30 minutes so he got to decide which direction. Give-and-take. Today was such a good adventure with the kids. I encourage you to take the step and try getting out of the house with your kiddos. Try the living and learning method.

📍KPT #maine #visitmaine #maineadventures #travelwithme #travelwithkids #bigfamily #airbnb #travelpostcard #kpt

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