Alena Pidala

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Wife, Mom & Blogger! —PR Friendly—

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Keys & Kingdoms: Review,

According to the latest research, learning to play a musical instrument has been shown to help improve creativity as well as problem solving skills. Children who have learned to play piano may be better at finding creative solutions to problems that arise in their lives!” Yes, learning to play the piano is the BEST holiday gift and MeloQuest’s hot, new Keys & Kingdoms adventure game teaches kids 6-15 REAL piano skills while they’re immersed in a really fun quest game for (iOS, Mac and PC).

Sparkle Girlz by Zuru,

We also love to donate around the holidays as well, but I love to donate new, good quality toys!! Zuru has come out with an adorable, affordable doll line called Sparklegirlz and we received a load of amazing products from this line!! ZURU is spreading fun, fantasy and fashion in the doll aisle with Sparkle Girlz. There is a wide variety of girlz to choose from and for a price point of ($4.95) at walmart, this would be the PERFECT Stocking stuffer!!

Family Fun with Big G Creative!,

, creators of the most fun games for all ages, the new Who’s the G. O.A.T.? game for ages eight and up, lets family and friends learn about each other’s hidden talents with a game that comes with six irresistibly squishy foam goats – Who’s the G. O.A. T? asks players to pick which competitor they think will be the best at a challenge, then vote by tossing a squishy goat at them. Challenge cards test players’ physical talents such as walking on your knees and doing cartwheels or playing hacky sack or bowling with the little squishy goats, and verbal or written tasks such as writing the most flavors of ice cream. Complete with two mega mouth magnifiers, the whole family will enjoy this comical competition of reading lips.

Erin Condren x Hello Kitty Collab!,

I was thrilled when I got chosen to review their amazing NEW Hello Kitty x Erin Condren Collection“>Hello Kitty Collab! I decided to let Molly pick out some awesome products to use during her school day (which is mostly remote)! We chose a notebook with an inter changeable cover, a beautiful pen, a soft covered notebook, a beautiful pencil case and notepads!! The NEW Hello Kitty x Erin Condren Collection is awesome!

Im in love with @misfitsmarket !! It’s amazing! #fresh #freshfruit #freshveggies #misfitsmarket #sogood #healthy #healthyeating #blogger #influencer

We have (obviously) used this chair from @deltachildren for a few months and have been loving it! The insides are plastic and the outside is washable! We love their paw patrol furniture!! Perfect for toddlers!! #deltachildren #deltafurniture #toddler #chair #freeproduct #review #socomfy #pawpatrol #walmart

Our first lollipop in our Paw Patrol chair from @deltachildren !! Thank you for sending us this amazing chair! You can get one too on!!! #deltachildren #furniture #childrensfurniture #toddler #freeproduct #blogger #influencer #chair #pawpatrol

Thank you @booninc for these AH-MAZING bath toys!!! We can’t wait to use these tonight! #yesboon #boon #bathtoys #free #freeproduct #review #toddler #toddlerboy #influencer #blogger

This @thefirstyearsbrand Potty May be nicer then my own! 😂 We will be starting to potty training soon, so thank you so much to The First Years!! I haven’t potty trained in years, wish me luck!! #yesthefirstyears #thankyou #free #freeproduct #almost2 #potty #pottytraining #boy #blogger #toddler #toddlerlife #influencer

Happy Earth Day! Actually, Happy 50th anniversary Earth Day! Go check out my blog for some good reads for the kids, that you probably have right in your home! Link in Bio! #earthday #earthday2020 #earth #blogger #influencer #drseuss #books #read #kids #kidsbooks #education #homeschool #quarantine

Wow! What a fun surprise. Thank you to @hellobello for this box of goodies. Much needed smile in this quarantine (and excited to use these new diapers!!) #diapers #gifted #freeproduct #diapsandwipes #hellobello #favorite #thankyou #blogger #influencer #wipes #baby #toddler #monthlysubscription #walmart

Had tons of fun decorating our own donuts this morning from @dunkin !! Don’t worry, the coffee in the last photo was mine- Molly says it was her “prop”! Such a fun treat!! #dunkindonuts #dunkin #donuts #decorateyourown #yum #welovedonuts #sogood #fun #diy #blogger #influencer #familytime #quarantine #quarentinelife

Huge mess, lots of school work for my 9 year old, 2 year old is insane... BUT I got my workout in!! @jazzerciseondemand for the win!! Trying to stay healthy and get fit! #newbeginnings #workout #jazzerciseondemand #jazzercise #fit #fitlife #influencer #blogger

It has been a whirlwind of emotions here...So many hardships, and so much anxiety and sadness has truly brought me not to make my Easter Guide this year. One, because people are struggling but two, because people aren’t going to be able to celebrate like usual. However, I did want to share this. These awesome Dig It up toys from @mindwaretoys are amazing for home schooling and more! Mind Ware was kind enough to send me the Dig It Up Dinosaurs, Dig It Up Space and Dig It Up Animal sets! Molly (age 9) and Evan (age 22 months) both equally had fun!! #mindware #mindwaretoys #toys #science #fun #homeschool #freeproduct #kids #kidstoys #digitup #dinosaur #spaceship #blogger #influencer #thankyou

I ran to the grocery store yesterday morning. Everyone was rushing around with their masks and gloves on, looking paranoid to be out in the world. Believe me, I was as well... These caught my eye. I stood there for a second and put them in my cart- not sure if I would purchase them. An elderly woman was in front of me in the check out line (don’t worry she was 6 feet away) talking about how she lived through World War 2 (she said she was 93...) and how it seems like in the moment it’s never going to end, but it will- and you will smile again, and you will hug your friends again, and see the flowers... I bought the flowers. I never thought I would have to go through sometime like this- as I’m sure none of us did... but we will get through this. Reach out to a friend and say hello, hug your babies, write in your journal, and buy the damn flowers. They make me smile, and they will make you smile too. 💛

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