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We are a family of 7 including 5 sweet little boys ages 10 months-8 years and we love sharing everything family and lifestyle. Ou mission is to encourage joyful living and provide life-giving content and encouragement for families. We've partnered with multiple brands over the past 2 years including ones such as Gerber, HelloFresh, Ruggable, Walgreens, Kroger and more to share everything from Kid's products to food to Home. Our authentic voice makes us unique and connects us to our audience in a relatable way. Our audience is largely made up of mothers who are also raising young children and looking for ways to make their days easier! We look forward to partnering with brands who align with families and everything that surrounds that. And we look forward to connecting with you. All our photos are taken on a hi-res camera for the most professional look!

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Still brimming from this weekend packed full of fun! Turning 36 is my new favorite 🥰. From the baby shower for our sweet girl, to Jude choosing to get baptized, to being celebrated by family and ALL of you. This weekend was packed with family and celebration. Just the way I like it! Thank you to all of you doesn’t feel sufficient for the extra sweetness and thoughtfulness you added to my day with your words and messages! So as my boys would say: “thank you times infinity” or “thank you googolplex times”. (You’ll have to look up what that means if you’ve never heard it) 🥰. You’re the best IG framily and this community continues to grow deeper and richer in friendship and joy! Notice I even snuck in a little pink with the balloons this year (last year it was blue) ☺️. Lots of fun to come…💙💙💙💙💙💙💗

Tim here! I snatched Sarah’s phone this morning while she was still sound asleep to wish her a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 36 never looked so good!! Sarah you’re my best friend, the best mommy, my favorite red head, the most kind, most generous, funniest and down right most awesome person I know. Thank you for living life with me! I am falling more in love with you every day!! Cheers to another year filled with new adventures and memories!! Can you join me by wishing Sarah a Happy Birthday!!??

Dear Chase, HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY 🎉!! To love you is to experience a sweetness that is undeniable. You’ve grown so much in these pictures and I’m so happy we get a front row seat to see your personality grow and your heart for others shine through. You are SO compassionate Chase. You don’t always say it with your words but you always show it with your actions! Little kisses, sitting by someone to show them love, your hugs and snuggles and always asking “how are you doing today?” When you say it- you mean it. You really want to know about others. You have a knack for building anything and are SUPER into legos. You are happy to sit at a table all day and build. The first few years of life you were very quiet and introverted but these past couple years you have become quite the extrovert. We have seen sides of you that surprise us and make us laugh. Your subtle unexpected bravery when skiing, your perseverance and being aggressive (with a giant smile) on the soccer field. It’s all so fun to watch. You are clean, neat and particular and daddy and I believe that those all contribute to who you are. We see in you a steadfastness to stay committed to others and what you do and ultimately the Lord! You are unwavering, kind, gentle and compassionate. You may not love big crowds, but people are drawn to your peaceful demeanor. Not to mention how fun and silly and goofy you are! Chase- we are so proud of who you are now and who you will continue to become! We love you SO much!! Jesus loves you even more. Love, Daddy and Mommy!

Sometimes when I look at Beck and Griffy all I see is me as a little girl! Swipe to the last two pics of itty bitty Sarah at the same ages and tell me if you agree! Also, sometimes I forget to pick up my camera and take pictures “just because” so I did just that the other day and it always brings me joy. Especially with Griffy’s hair like that ☺️. These two still feel like my babies yet are growing so much everyday. Maybe I’ll have to recreate this first picture with our sweet girl in front of Griffy 🥰.

Fresh lineup, fresh week, fresh joy, fresh perspective, fresh attitude. Basically an opportunity for a fresh everything. 🙌🏻 Which often I need. Especially today! Between the “todays” of wiping noses, drying tears, helping brothers get along, teaching life lessons along the way, following through, staying consistent (and that’s all before 11am) and whatever else you want to add to the list, it can FEEL like a lot. But oh how feelings can be faulty if we lean into them too much. So I’m working on balancing my feelings with faith and my trust in the God who walks with me, gives me strength in my many weaknesses and equips me for each day. I don’t need to be equipped for next week. Sometimes I just need it day by day. And in being diligent with the day by day, it builds something in me that prepares me for whatever comes next no matter how big or small. Fresh week, fresh joy, fresh perspective, fresh attitude. I need it all! And in case you are in the same boat as me, I hope that encourages you a little too! 🤍 And if nothing else, may these sweet boy smiles (look at Griffy ☺️) bring a smile to your face!

#ad I asked the boys “what is something you want to do in 2023?” and told them to wait to tell me till I was videoing. Love their sweet and unique answers! So fun to hear them dream and share what is meaningful to them! Dear boys- you are the BEST you out there! Keep being uniquely you! Now tell us yours! Something realistic you hope to do in 2023. Is it snorkeling with sharks like Hudson 🦈😳? Or more calm like building legos with Beck? I need to think on mine. For sure having a baby tops the list for me (SO exciting)!! But if I’m thinking something I can do right now, Cyber Safety is a major one for our family. With most people using devices and being online, @nortonsecurity helps keep you safer and protect your privacy! It’s easy and doable (and I put a link in stories for you)! Head there to check it out. #CyberSafety

31 weeks!! And this is the only time I will say I like coconuts 😂. This morning I saw something that said “today matters” and it got me thinking so I wanted to share my thoughts in hopes they encourage you: I know all too well how easy it is to get into a rut. Or at least feel like my days are insignificant. But feelings can be faulty! On the flip side, I’ve learned that my “todays” impact all my “tomorrows”. That within each of my days is a short term vision and a long term vision. I may not see or feel the results of today right away, but I will eventually. What I do today really does matter!! If today is a day of rest, it matters. If today is a day to be productive, it matters. If today is a day to reset, refresh, and refocus, it matters. If today is a day to grieve, it matters. If today is a day to toss out the to-do list and have fun, it matters. If today is a day to rejoice, it matters. Whatever today holds, it matters, because your impact matters. But the real reason it matters is because YOU matter- more specifically, you matter to God. He cares about your stuff because He cares about YOU! So much. You will never be more loved to God than you are right NOW. And I feel the same about you all too! So whatever you are doing today, whether plugging along 31 weeks pregnant or something else, know that you are so valued and what you do matters 🤍. I hope you feel that here and at the least, hear it! “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us new in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭2:10‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Packing in all the memories and experiences with these boys before baby girl comes in 9 weeks (and we hunker down for a bit)! This weekend included skiing for Tim and the older 3 boys in Idaho (swipe for the best pictures from the mountain) while I hung at a house with friends and the younger 3. They are all still learning but Tim said the highlight was watching them go from timid and learning day 1 to excited and doing amazing on day 2 (and now all they are talking about is more skiing). Maybe one day I’ll join and learn too! Anyone else here a skier or snowboarder? If so…what places do you commonly ski at? Hope you all had a great weekend wherever and however you spent it!

Took this right after we found out our sweet baby is a girl! So excited for my mom to be in on baby girl’s birth! She has actually been in on every single of the boy’s births and it is so special for me. She is the most calming presence, incredible birth coach, supports Tim, takes all the pictures and cries and laughs and rejoices with both of us through it all. Fun fact: She has been in on over a hundred births through a birthing ministry she was a part of when she was a younger mother and I so value her presence in the room! Mom- you are the best mom for me and the best Nana for our boys and girl! THANK YOU for being my mom and friend and cheering us on in every way. Can’t wait to have you be here for the big day to welcome our sweet girl and your 24th grandchild!!

It’s TRADITION- first pic of the NEW YEAR!! 2023>2022>2021>2020>2019 and oh my the growth (and more growth coming)!! Do you see how itty bitty Crew is in that last picture? We started this new year picture tradition when we moved into our home. HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR FRIENDS!! **I was thinking that for myself, my hope is that I don’t just look to a new year for new things. But that I realize each day brings its own newness whether mundane or monumental. I want to continue to learn and lean into both!! Sure am thankful for each of you! In many ways words won’t express- please know you bring joy to our family in a valuable way. We are rooting for you this year and ready to walk alongside you in it all!

29 weeks!!! Bump day and my baby on my baby 🥰. Can hardly believe we are about 10 weeks away from meeting our sweet girl and sister! The boys ask about her a lot, pray for her “thank you God for our little sister coming soon”, randomly stick their hand on my stomach to feel her kick and Griffy mostly likes poking my protruding belly button 😂 (see stories for evidence). I’m feeling great honestly. In that “sweet spot” of pregnancy but definitely have my moments. I also know that usually by 34-35 weeks I start getting MUCH more tired and worn down and teary (and sometimes grumpy and hangry) from being “done”. So I’m focusing on the now and enjoying every bit of this pregnancy that I can. Minus the parts where I cross my knees every time I sneeze or cough 😆🤷🏼‍♀️. Thanks for cheering us on each week as we get closer to her arrival! 💗🎀

Merry Christmas to our bonus Instagram family 🎄 Each of you is a bonus to us in every sense of the word. We love you, we value who you are individually and we appreciate all you add to our lives. And so does God (even more than us)!! THANK YOU for being the best!! We will continue to use this space to bring joy joy joy and encouragement as often as we can and always hope to add value to your lives as well! All our love, The Molitor Fam! Tim, Sarah, Jude, Hudson, Chase, Crew, Beck, Griffy and baby girl coming soon 🤍

Isn’t this setting stunning?? Pre-Christmas extended family vacation did not disappoint one bit! It takes a lot to coordinate this many people but we did it and made the best memories! Helps that this place is amazingly beautiful!! Any friends here who have been to Zion or southern Utah? The boys are already saying “next time I want to come back in summer!” Not very often you find a giant house that sleeps 56 with all the play areas for kids (and adults) and so much to do. Huge thanks to @zionredrock for having our extended family! I gave some tours in stories but definitely check them out for your next trip to Southern Utah. It’s an awesome place for a family reunion or a bunch of families to go together. As an added perk, they gave me code: MODERNFARMHOUSE for $500 off any of their large rental homes! PS- head to our stories today for some extra special Christmas giftaways that we are doing to spread a bit more cheer just from our family to you 🎄!

Wrapping our minds around the most EPIC tour we have ever been on!! Took off-road vehicles all around Southern Utah for 4 hours and saw the most beautiful scenery. We crawled and climbed rocks in the vehicles, zipped through sand dunes and just had a blast as a family! Even saw the “Flintstone House” and “Dinosaur Tracks”. The boys were THRILLED (also shoutout to Auntie Caitlin for staying back with Griffy- takes a village). Swipe through to see some incredible pictures and if you are ever in southern Utah- do yourself a favor and book a “Utah off road tour” with Bill! I’ll share more in stories! I feel like I’m losing track of days down here. How is it almost Christmas? We head home tomorrow!

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