Tahtiana Jade

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Hey there! I just want to introduce myself to you. I am a singer/songwriter/producer turned blogger who now works in the Tech Industry. I’ve seen a lot even though I’m young and I have a lot of advice to give about those industries that will benefit anyone, but specifically people of color. My aim is to give as much help and support to those who are looking for a career change and who need a little push and some tips on navigating those industries successfully. I can’t wait to connect with you!

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6 Ways to De-Stress for work

I’ve noticed that after I work out for about an hour, that night I sleep better and wake up feeling more rested than when I don’t work out. If you don’t have any workout equipment at home, and it’s too hot or cold to walk outside, then I would suggest finding a good home workout channel for beginners on YouTube, get a fan and blast it on you, or turn on your AC, and go to town for at least 30 min. If you do have a lot of distractions, then this could be a good excuse to get a little me time, put on some music, light a candle, and relax for about 30 min. Getting at least 6 to 8 hours of good sleep is probably the most important thing on this list that will help your stress levels go down.

How to transition into Information Technology

Yes, a lot of people who work in the service industry and other industries where it’s impossible to work from home are suffering hard right now, but there are still a lot of tech companies hiring. I know that’s a harsh truth, but I’ve heard way too many people fall back on that statement because their either too scared to learn or they just don’t want to. These companies can’t legally discriminate against you for being a minority, and a lot of them are not hitting their quotas for people of color at their companies. I didn’t realize how many people don’t own computers until I had to talk to customers.

Pro’s and Con’s of being an Independent Artist

Unfortunately, if you don’t come from a family with money, it is going to take some time to save to buy the kind of promotion that you need in order to get noticed. Since that’s the case, you can’t count on going viral, blowing up, and getting signed to a label. Buying Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, will all assist in your content being promoted and getting real people to pay attention to you. Artists typically do have to pay for this one way or another, but the amount of promotion puts them in a better position to pay it back to the label.

Is there a Racial Hierarchy in the Tech Industry?

You have one subgroup that wants to fit in with white people and become “Americanized”, then you have another group that wants to fit in with black people. Like the Asian women category, I haven’t come across many older Indian women work in the tech industry so I’ll focus on the Millenial generation. Anyways, from what I’ve seen, Latin women tend to work their way up in a company pretty quickly and are very ambitious. As I’m sure you can imagine, lighter-skinned black women will have it easier then dark-skinned black women.

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