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📈Using fat, fiber & protein to balance blood sugars 🍽 Easy #glutenfree meals for real life 👧🏻👧🏻 Mama w/ #t1d 📍#Houston

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Because again, no foods are off limits simply because you have diabetes. Some foods take more thought and intention if you want to maintain stable blood sugars, but you can still have them! . Want to learn more? I’ve linked two blog posts in my profile that cover this topic… one on Sugar and Diabetes, and the other on choosing foods for blood sugar balance ❤️ #milknhoneynutrition #diabetes #bloodsugar #type1 #t1d #type1diabetes #type2 #t2d #type2diabetes #prediabetes #bloodsugarfriendly

*Excuse me while I have a moment with my cookie* 😂 These cookies have the perfect salty and sweet combo, with less sugar thanks to my favorite Truvia Sweet Complete sweeteners! Screenshot the end of the video for the full recipe! #ad #truviapartner #truvia @truvia #milknhoneynutrition #diabetes #bloodsugar #type1 #t1d #type1diabetes #type2 #t2d #type2diabetes #prediabetes #bloodsugarfriendly

Currently dealing with strep throat for the second time in two months 😩 and feeling a little sassy this morning 😏 And yes, all of these things (or some version of them) have been said to me at some point in my life. Now, someone please say a prayer my tonsils will just calm down already 🙈 #milknhoneynutrition #diabetes #bloodsugar #type1 #t1d #type1diabetes #type2 #t2d #type2diabetes #prediabetes #bloodsugarfriendly

Always evaluate supplement claims with a healthy dose of skepticism 🕵🏻‍♀️ and, remember that just because something is helpful for one person, doesn’t mean it will be helpful for you… And vice versa. I’ve linked my blog post all about the top supplements recommended for people with diabetes in my bio. We cover 20+ supplements and based on what the research says, determine whether or not it’s worth talking to your doctor to figure out if it’s appropriate for you ❤️ #milknhoneynutrition #diabetes #bloodsugar #type1 #t1d #type1diabetes #type2 #t2d #type2diabetes #prediabetes #bloodsugarfriendly

Sure, you can cut the sugar in a recipe if you want to. But, if you don’t want to… You don’t have to! There are other ways to enjoy desserts that taste delicious and still promote stable blood sugars at the same time. .. And if you want to read more about this topic, these tips are straight from my second cookbook, The Easy Diabetes Desserts Cookbook, which is available pretty much anywhere books are sold ✌️😎 #milknhoneynutrition #diabetes #bloodsugar #type1 #t1d #type1diabetes #type2 #t2d #type2diabetes #prediabetes #bloodsugarfriendly

Perfection is not possible. We do the best we can and we just keep going 😘 #milknhoneynutrition #diabetes #bloodsugar #type1 #t1d #type1diabetes #type2 #t2d #type2diabetes #prediabetes #bloodsugarfriendly

Everyone has awful diabetes days sometimes… you’re not alone 😘 #milknhoneynutrition #diabetes #bloodsugar #type1 #t1d #type1diabetes #type2 #t2d #type2diabetes #prediabetes #bloodsugarfriendly

Diabetes nutrition planning should be focusing on what to add to your diet (re: fat, fiber, protein)… not what to take away from it. . Our goal is not perfect blood sugars. Our goal is to get to a balanced well-rounded diet that includes all the foods you know and love while also maintaining stable blood sugars as often as we can. ❤️ __________ #milknhoneynutrition #diabetes #bloodsugar #type1 #t1d #type1diabetes #type2 #t2d #type2diabetes #prediabetes #bloodsugarfriendly

What other recommendations do you guys have?? . Ideally when looking for something that’s blood sugar friendly in this category, we’re looking for one of the following: • more of a nutrient that slows down carb absorption, like fiber or protein • less sugar • served in a way that makes carb counting easy #milknhoneynutrition #diabetes #bloodsugar #type1 #t1d #type1diabetes #type2 #t2d #type2diabetes #prediabetes #bloodsugarfriendly #Icecream

And just like that, it’s smoothie season again 😎 1 medium frozen banana 1/2 cup frozen raspberries 1 Tbsp unsweetened peanut butter 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt 1 scoop vanilla protein powder 1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk 48g carb, 11g fiber, 18g fat, 42g protein . And before you think “But, isn’t that too much carbohydrate for someone with diabetes?” 🤔 Look at the other macronutrients listed. It’s got all the fat, fiber, and protein we need for slower digestion and more stable blood sugars. 👍 #milknhoneynutrition #diabetes #bloodsugar #type1 #t1d #type1diabetes #type2 #t2d #type2diabetes #prediabetes #bloodsugarfriendly

27 Diabetes Desserts You Must Try

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite homemade and store-bought diabetes desserts and they are all so delicious! Ideally, diabetes desserts should have one or more of the following things compared to traditional desserts: And, check out my thoughts on quick and easy ways to satisfy a sweet tooth as well as easy low glycemic snack ideas. It’s packed full of delicious diabetes friendly recipes, including a whole chapter on blood sugar friendly desserts.

Diabetes Supplies: Tips for Storage, Organization, and Travel

I’ll share some of my favorite cases and products designed specifically for diabetes supplies below, but you can also use non-diabetes specific supplies and storage options and get creative with them! I use this hard case from Away Travel to store my supplies in a duffel bag or carry on bag. (Never put diabetes supplies on a bag you are checking and will be stored under a plane, unless you are 100% certain you also have enough supplies in a carry on bag. Other great options for storing diabetes supplies are cute diabetes themed bags like my Lows snacks bag pictured below (just search Etsy, you’ll find a ton!), or using silicone Stasherbags

Top Diabetes Apps According to a Dietitian with Diabetes

Let’s go through all the best diabetes apps and find the best apps for you! What apps do people rate as the best diabetes apps? With Glooko, you can sync all of your data from an insulin pump, CGM, other apps, blood sugar meter, and more. Almost all CGM devices offer an app that allows you to view realtime blood sugar data.

How to Lower A1C Naturally + 5 Myths to Ignore

Many people with diabetes wonder how to lower a1c naturally, but it’s important to know the best ways to do that and what myths are out there. The a1c is a reflection of what your average blood sugar has been over the last 2-3 months and tells your physician how much glucose (aka, sugar) is attached to your red blood cells. : Poor sleep habits can make blood sugars more difficult to manage, and high blood sugars can cause poor sleep. So, now that you know true ways that you may be able to lower a1c naturally, let’s look at some myths that are out there and are exactly NOT how to lower a1c naturally.

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