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🍷 💃Helping you discover & learn more about wine while also searching for chic & affordable style to share 💌 Contact: mikaylatenc@gmail.com

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Whose bar cart is in need of a little fall makeover🍁 I love changing up my bar cart to match the seasons since I don’t live in that big of a space! Also wanted to feature my new @aspenandbirchusa in a safe spot! I’ll link as much as I can from here to my bio under shop my feed!

20 Delicious Sparkling Wines Under $20 -

This Cava is soft with notes of apple and melon, a perfect sparkling wine for mimosas or sparkling cocktails. This Sparkling Rosé is a great every night wine with notes of strawberry, raspberry, and citrus. This Sparkling Rosé is a great representation of California sparkling and can be found in most grocery stores. Decoy is a great California wine producer and this Brut Cuvée is delicious with notes of honey, peach and citrus.

Sonoma County or Los Angeles? Crazy how this was taken only 2 days ago with gorgeous clear sky’s at one of my favorite wineries in SC @ironhorsevyds This Monday the sky looks nothing like this again and my anxiety is definitely higher. I hope everyone’s staying safe and being prepared! I’ve linked in my bio a map of evacuation zones, so stay calm but vigilant during these crazy times and don’t forget to request your mail in vote! #sonomacountystrong

Why Rent Your Clothing and Jewelry -

For the past couple of years, I have been using both Nuuly and Rocksbox  to rent fun new clothing and jewelry that is stylish and seasonal. I had seen it all over social media 2 years ago and was floored when someone from their team reached out to see if I wanted to try it for a couple of months. Rocksbox is only $21 a month and if you purchase any of your pieces of jewelry that money goes towards the purchase! $88 may seem a little steep, but Nuuly has helped me save so much over the months on clothes that I would only wear a few times, get pictures in and not wear again.

Hey I’m Mikayla and I love wine and style but there’s a whole lot more to me than that so thought I’d share! • I’m originally from North Carolina - Go Heels 💙 and have only lived in California for a little over 2 years • I originally started my Instagram/ blog as a beauty and lifestyle blog named Wandertobeauty - but as I aged and changed so did my platform • I’m bisexual - I’m not your typical queer girl, whatever that means, but love is love and I want to represent and support my community as best as I can 🏳️‍🌈 • I understand no one knows what they’re doing most of the time, but most of my anxiety revolves around this unknownness in life (like why did no teacher prepare us for this) • I hate mayonnaise, sour cream and cream cheese but tolerate each in the right circumstances No one asked for these facts about myself but I felt like sharing and hope my small platform can be a place of real community and support ❤️ Also it’s fricken Bachelorette time tonight 🎉 and this is my informal application for @bachelornation . . . . . . . . . . . . . #moreaboutme #tuesdaymood #tuesdaythoughts #youcansipwithus #barndiva #wineblogger #healdsburg #sonomacounty #winestyle #cocktailoftheday #womeninwine #womenwhodrinkwine #winestagram #momentsofchic #velvetdynasty #mynuuly #freepeoplestyle #antropologie #lgtbq #loveislove🏳️‍🌈 #instagramcommunity #lifestyleblogger #ltkstyletip #ltkblogger

What to do in Sonoma County While Staying Safe and Healthy in 2020 -

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to stay at Wildhaven Sonoma, an elevated camping experience situated in the heart of Alexander Valley. Capo Creek Ranch is a beautiful winery situated in the heart of Dry Creek Valley. While there, we were able to explore some of the vineyards, learn about the winery’s history, and taste some incredible wines all while overlooking more gorgeous views. My friend’s father runs this incredible paddleboarding business where you can either rent the boards and paddles for the day or he can take you on a tour around the river.

Some days I consider leaving California, then others I’m reminded why I moved here in the first place! Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit @ferraricarano and experience their Sycamore Grove Tasting which included single-vineyard wines and delicious food pairings that highlighted ingredients from their gardens. (Check my stories to see more) The property here transports you straight to Europe and I did not want to leave. We explored every nook and cranny we were allowed to and I still wanted more after our 3 hour visit!. If you’re ever in the area I can’t recommend this tasting enough! Thank you sweet @heyjayrose for setting this up yesterday ❤️ Here’s to a good Monday 🥂

5 Sparkling Wine Cocktails Perfect for Summer -

So I’ve compiled a list of 5 of my favorite sparkling wine cocktails that I think you will love. Each recipe calls for Prosecco or your favorite sparkling wine. I strongly suggest using a Prosecco or Cava rather than Champagne or a sparkling wine made with the Champagne method. Prosecco and Cava typically lean on the lighter side with flavors of citrus and green apples whereas Champagne typically has flavors of bread, vanilla and nuts.

Let’s talk breasts ladies 🤭 October is breast cancer awareness month and every time this month roles around it astounds and saddens me that almost everyone I know has a direct relative or friend who has had breast cancer. So I wanted to take a minute and say F the stigmas, we need to talk about our breasts 👊 We need to stop being awkward and shy when we go to the doctors for our yearly checkups and start asking questions! When I first had my breasts examined and my doctor told me I should be doing checkups on myself regularly I was shocked because everything already felt lumpy 😂 I had to ask how to properly examine myself and what I should look out for. It may seem silly and I may seem young but when you have had someone in your family diagnosed the likely hood of getting it goes up significantly, so if by simply checking myself regularly and detecting something early could save my life or me having these conversations with friends can remind them to do the same then I’m more than happy to! It’s not fun talking about our health always but we only get one body and if 2020 has taught me anything it’s that life is extremely fragile and we need to appreciate and be proactive for however long we have! For anyone mourning a loved one this time of year I’m sending all the virtual hugs and love I can ❤️

It’s bootie season 🍁 And yes I’m still drinking whites because it’s still drink whatever you want to season 😂 Are you a neutrals gal or animal print? In my opinion animal print is a neutral 😉 These are both from last season but will link some very similar options in my bio!

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