Michelle Diaz

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My name is michelle Diaz, i am a 21 year old full time influencer since 2018, passionate about fashion, travel, growth and beauty. My brand is all about self improvement, empowerment and importance of education all while looking good and keeping a positive MINDSET. my ultimate goal is to inspire people to experience and appreciate the beauty of the world as well as live as the best VERSIONS of themselves and grow everyday, even if its just 1%

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Mon chéri, mon chéri You and me, c'est love pour la vie ❤️ Outfit- @revolve (direct linked on my story/ “outfits” highlight ✨

Did y’all miss me? 🥺 sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve just been having such a magical time in my Europe trip w my love 🥰 Dress: @shopcider use code “15michellee_ig” for $$$$ off your purchase🥰 Bow: will be selling my own bows when I get back to the us, and this will be one of them 🥰 Shoes- linked in bio under favorites Bag: @prada Necklace: @dior #londonuk #londoninfluencer #cidergang

Heres a little @yvettesports_official haul for yall ❤️ use code Q2michelle for 10% off all purchases #gifted #yvette #gymhaul #gymfashion

Shop the cutest pieces for summer and discover your dark side with @analuisany✨#analuisany#ALglowgame #ad

I hope you have a lovely Sunday ❤️

This is my “I’m shy 🥺👉🏽👈🏽” pose 😂 Outfit- @shopcider Lashes- my own, linked in bio #springlook #springootd #cidergang #dallasinfluencer #dallascontentcreator #rhmodern #girlygirl #girlyaesthetic

After I posted this video, the girl from the beginning of the video became allergic to her OWN SKIN because of pregnancy, and After I posted this, she mentioned how her partner was indeed a dusty and she was gonna have to raise that child on her own, I hope she’s doing good now, but I’d hate for any of you to end up in that situation #bigsisteradvice #adviceforwomen #adviceforgirls #relationshipadvice #relationshipadviceforgirls #consejos #consejosparamujeres #highstandards #highvalueman #highvaluewoman #provider #feminineenergy #femininewoman #femininejourney

Don’t waste your time mamas, theres a man out there praying for your dusty bfs downfall so he can be with you and treat you right ❤️ share this with the women in your life if you found value in it 🥰 #bigsisteradvice #adviceforwomen #adviceforgirls #relationshipadvice #relationshipadviceforgirls #consejos #consejosparamujeres #highstandards #highvalueman #highvaluewoman #provider #feminineenergy #femininewoman #femininejourney

Watch the full video linked in bio, but ladies, stop doing charity with men that could not pick a struggle and chose to go the full 9 yards with being ugly, having audacity, being insecure, probably have no sexual discipline, low-key hate you for being attractive and get a high from seeing you hurt because of the resentment they towards the beautiful women they’ve been rejected by in the past, their lil ugly hearts are full of trauma and insecurity 🥺 don’t let them unload it on to you Share this with the women in your life if you found any value in it ❤️ #bigsisteradvice #adviceforwomen #adviceforgirls #relationshipadvice #relationshipadviceforgirls #consejos #consejosparamujeres #highstandards #highvalueman #highvaluewoman #provider #feminineenergy #femininewoman #femininejourney

My ✨Met Gala✨ Look, what do you guys think? 🥰 i was channeling my inner @benulus 😍 queen of corsets and layering ❤️ #metgala #metgala2022 #dallasinfluencer #fashion #hyperfeminine

Many think I encourage women to fully depend on a man, but that is not the case, many think either you have a 50/50 relationship where you have a job and put in half the bills OR your man fully provides but has you chained to a piece of furniture and doesn’t let you pursue any passions or see your family, well let me tell you THERES A MIDDLE GROUND!! And YOU CAN have the best of both worlds I also encourage women to not date a man just for his money, but look for a high value man instead, a high value man will most likely always have his stuff together and will want to provide, he does not need to be a millionaire You can have a job/business/be in school AND have a man that provides, I’m also not saying depending on a man is wrong, many men out there take their role as providers seriously but you never know what can happen girls we need to stop seeing things as black and white, when there is always a gray area, many that don’t agree with my content, do not see that gray area, yesterday I received a comment how “I most likely get abused” because I’m dating a provider, and it’s truly sad to see that women will think it’s either having a man that provides but abuses you and does whatever he wants with you because he has all the finances, or to be with a dusty that doesn’t abuse you but makes you provide half of everything and do everything at home I SWEAR there’s men that want to provide, respect, love, and support your passions, you just need to believe you deserve one, because if your mentality is “being provided for and abused” or “doing 150 in a relationship while he does 50” yall are never going to find/attract that high value man

It’s 2022, stop getting gaslit into thinking low standards will get you good treatment, “oh he’s gonna love me because I don’t make him waste his money like these other girls” no he’s just gonna see you’re desperate and don’t value yourself so he’s gonna be with you for convenience and waste your time while he most likely cheats with high maintenance women that make him feel masculine, again it’s 2022, time for us to start thinking logically ✋🏽 share this video with the women in your life if you found value in it ❤️ #bigsisteradvice #adviceforwomen #adviceforgirls #relationshipadvice #relationshipadviceforgirls #consejos #consejosparamujeres #highstandards #highvalueman #highvaluewoman #provider #feminineenergy #femininewoman #femininejourney

its 2022, we don't get sad if someone does us wrong, share with the women in your life if you found this valuable⁠ ⁠ #bigsisteradvice #adviceforwomen #adviceforgirls⁠ #relationshipadvice #relationshipadviceforgirls⁠ #consejos #consejosparamujeres #highstandards⁠ #highvalueman #highvaluewoman #provider⁠ #feminineenergy #femininewoman #femininejourney

What advice did your father figure give you?? And don’t worry, if you never had a father figure to teach you the ways, now you have me ❤️ share with the women in your life if you found this valuable #bigsisteradvice #adviceforwomen #adviceforgirls #relationshipadvice #relationshipadviceforgirls #consejos #consejosparamujeres #highstandards #highvalueman #highvaluewoman #provider #feminineenergy #femininewoman #femininejourney

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