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I am a home bartender based right outside of Washington, DC on the Virginia side. I completed bartender training in the summer of 2017, but quickly decided that I didn't want to commit to the fluctuating bartending schedule in conjunction with my 9-5 career. Instead, I started @megthebartender and began sharing my journey of experimenting with cocktails at home. I enjoy promoting and collaborating with various companies to promote their brands. I've already worked with multiple bartending-related companies to elevate their brands on social media. I hope to continue current relationships and build new ones while I'm on the cocktail curator journey.

Location Stafford, Virginia
Country United States of America
Member Since APRIL 28, 2020
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SPRING HAS SPRUNG here in Virginia! I'm loving the weather, but my allergies are starting to act up... The @malfygin_us challenge: elevate your G&T with a recreation of the classic! I don't think I strayed too far away from the basics... Smoked Rosemary and Grapefruit G&T 1.5oz @malfygin_us Rosa (gifted) 0.5oz @italicusrdb (gifted) 5 dashes Fee Brothers Jasmine Water 5oz @fevertreemixers light tonic *glass filled with smoked rosemary PS...Rosa is my FAVORITE!!! It's perfect with a couple ounces of club soda or tonic. I usually add a little lime to capture similar flavors to a Paloma.

Living for fresh cocktails with this lovely weather!!! Lavender and lemon together...I mean HELLO! Suuuuuuuuuper tasty!!! Spring Fling 2oz @belleisleshine Lemon Lavender (gifted) 0.75oz fresh lemon juice 0.5oz homemade lemongrass syrup 3oz @navy.hill.rva Juniper

I woke up yesterday to find that @belleisleshine had a new moonshine! Seeing how I love their other flavors, I bought a bottle kit that included the delicious @crescentsimples blueberry lavender syrup and the tasty @navy.hill.rva Juniper Mom Collins 2oz @belleisleshine Lemon Lavender 0.5oz @crescentsimples blueberry lavender syrup 3oz @navy.hill.rva Juniper ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!

Working my way back into the game with a classic! Manhattan🗽 1.5oz @sagamorespirit Rye 0.5oz @thestarlino Rosso 3 dashes @hellacocktailco Mexican Chocolate bitters

Shochu, have you heard of it? It's a Japanese distilled spirit, usually distilled from barley, rice, buckwheat, or Japanese sweet potatoes. It's commonly referred to as "Japanese Vodka," but that name is a far cry in what the flavor and aroma Shochu provides. It can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, Mizuwari (cut with water), Oyuwari (cut with hot water), or in cocktails. The Shochu I used today is made of 83% sweet potatoes and 17% rice. It's 50 proof, making it a lower ABV cocktail. If you can find the one I used, BUY IT!!! Cucumber Cooler 2oz Satsuma Shiranami Shochu 2oz @deerparkwtr 0.75oz homemade cucumber syrup Narwhal pick: @rawrutes

Watched another historic event: the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States. What a momentous occasion to witness the first female VP get sworn in! The cocktail I created is to commemorate this moment in history. I used coffee liqueur as a symbol for President Joe Biden. I chose vanilla vodka to represent those who are happy with the selection and an Amaro to symbolize those bitter with the results. Remember, hoping the President fails is like hoping the pilot crashes the plane we're all on. Keep an open mind, do your own research, don't harp on everything the media feeds you, and keep an open heart. God instructs us to love our neighbors and our enemies. I've seen so much increasing hate over the past several years and pray that we can all come together, appreciate our differences, and have meaningful discussions that don't get to the point of cutting off loved ones. We need to love and appreciate everyone's otherness (what makes us each unique). Cup of Joe 1.5oz @absolutus vanilla 0.5oz @avernaus 0.5oz @theblockdistillingco coffee liqueur 0.5oz heavy cream

Took a page from @theamateurmixologist book of tasty cocktails and made a riff of his Usual Suspect. Acting Suspicious 1oz @mtdefiance reposado 1oz @homeofplymouthgin sloe gin 1oz @chartreuse_uk yellow 0.75oz fresh clementine juice 2 dashes @dcembitterment orange bitter 4 drops @beehive_bitters_company coffee & cocoa bitters

I'm not sad 2020 is over. I'm lucky that 2020 wasn't as bad as 2019! Looking forward to 2021 being better than the last though! This sip is SOOOO lovely! You get tart mouth feel from the lemon, but the lavender and blueberries fill the palate! Gone with the Wind 🌬 1.5oz @malfygin_us Originale 1oz fresh lemon juice 0.5oz homemade lavender syrup 12 blueberries (muddled)

My top 9 most liked posts from 2020. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

This year for 🎅 #secretsanté I got Emrah @lelabbo Thank you Matthias @servedbysoberon for organizing this fun #drinkstsagram event! I took some time to sift through all of your fabulous cocktails and landed on the ingredients for this super refreshing sip! With 2020 being a crap shoot for most people, I thought these ingredients came together for a perfect sip to bring in 2021 🥳 Taze başlangıç (Fresh Start) 55ml @malfygin_us Rosa 30ml @italicusrdb 55ml fresh grapefruit juice 1 bar spoon lime juice 1 bar spoon @delmagueymezcal Vida Mezcal 4 fresh basil leaves

My first Americano!!! This sweet vermouth makes ALL the difference with this simple 3-ingredient cocktail. 1oz @campariofficial 1oz @thestarlino Vermouth Rosso (gifted) 3oz @topochicousa Maraschino cherry: @starlinocherries (gifted) Cocktail pick: @rawrutes

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people at @mtdefiance We got a tour through the distillery and saw the stills and raw ingredients used for their spirits! I also had the opportunity to try their new line of agave spirits. SUPER TASTY and highly recommend. My favorites were the wild agave and reposado. Of course I took those home! MY FAVORITE FUN FACT: Absinthe never had a hallucinogenic factor. None of the ingredients cause hallucinations, unless the proof is SUPER high and you drink too much 🤣 It was a myth created by the French Temperance Movement participants and French wine industry to combat the popularity of Absinthe! Absinthe, at the time, was cheaper than wine and more accessible since the wine industry was struggling with a parasite that was destroying all their crops. COOL HUH?!? Defiant Peach 1.5oz @mtdefiance Wild Agave Spirit 1oz @elementshrub Peach Tamarind 0.5oz honey syrup

When I call my bestie @rothhousecreative for some creative assistance and she comes up with this 🤩🤩🤩 Have you seen the @disney movie UP? It's third on my list of favorite Disney movies. The first 10 minutes make the tears roll EVERY time, but the story is so beautiful. Last year @disneylandparis came out with a limited edition tiki mug set to honor the 10th anniversary of this wonderful movie. Of course I needed it! Dug in Paradise 2oz @malfygin_us Rosa (gifted by @artisancouncil ) 2oz fresh grapefruit juice 1oz fresh lime juice 1oz fresh lemon juice 1oz Falernum 1oz Autumn simple syrup* *See post with reindeer pick for recipe

HOW CUTE is my (gifted) strong man cocktail pick?!? Thought he was perfect for this drink as it looks like he's taking a bubble bath 🛀 You can find him at @rawrutes Maple Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail 2oz bourbon 2oz 100% cranberry juice 0.5oz maple syrup 2oz @topochicousa

Calming Gin Fizz 1.5oz @malfygin_us Originale 1oz homemade calming syrup 2oz fresh grapefruit juice 2oz @topochicousa 😌😌😌 Calming Syrup 1.5tsp lavender 1.5tsp cardamom pods Peel from 1/2 orange 1 cup water 1 cup moderna sugar

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