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Hi! I'm Megan, a New Orleans native who's a freelance journalist, author and mom (boy, 6). After doing influencing off and on, I recently decided to leap back into it as a major part of my career!

I've done lots of food and drink and event influencing, and some home and garden, beauty, wellness and parenting.

Writing is my profession and I grew up as a theater kid. Eager to put both those talents to better use, as an influencer!

Location New Orleans, LA
Country United States
Member Since JULY 11, 2020
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On a lighter and more delicious note, my first print byline in @bonappetitmag is here! Interviewed Chef @anabanana_castro and she is AMAZING. It's her favorite New Orleans restaurants and bars! I learned a lot, looking through her eyes. I'll share the link when it's live online! (I've included a few pages here, but not the actual article.) BON APP THE TEETH, Y'ALL! 💗

Hi, friends. Blessed to tell you that my first ever letter to the editor ran in @nolanews today. I'd use exclamation points, but it's a serious topic. It's about harm reduction, and how certain words we use make that less accessible to all who can benefit from it. Who can benefit from harm reduction? Everyone. Literally anyone can die or be otherwise harmed from drug toxicity--especially multidrug toxicity which is taking so many lives. Yes, some people choose synthetic opioids. But many, so very many, are just doing the drugs they always did and are poisoned by greedy people in drug sales. Remember: One pill CAN kill. 💜 P.S. I can only post a link using the mobile app, which I'm not doing. It's linked on my website (see bio), both on the main page and the portfolio section.

My Paw Paw used to always tell me to write names on the back of my photos. Stubborn me didn't listen. Even without the original messed up exposure/development and the Hurricane Katrina damage, I can barely name anyone in this 21-year-old photo. Sorry to these men.

Howdy! Loving not being on here frfr. Check out the cool photos I've taken with my 2012 @sonyelectronics CyberShot! Enhanced slightly with @adobecreativecloud @photoshop, of course. 🥰 Anyway I scheduled time to post and leave in @finchcare! Will post again in two weeks? 🐥 Here's what's happening with Franklin, Buddy Jo the Cat and me 👩🏽👦🏽🐈‍⬛: • Franklin loves roller skating! The @rollerderbyskateco skates from @walmart were one of my best purchases! • Buddy Jo is in love with a fuzzy stick thingy from the new @dollartree in the 9th Ward. • Speaking of that Dollar Tree, y’all gotta try @popdaddysnacks pretzels and the taro Lady Boba! And if you take lots of vitamins or pills, they have the best daily AM/PM pill containers ever. • I’m back in love with @heftybrands Zoo Pals plates and my Walmart knock-off George Foreman grill. #LookaDaGreaseLookaDaGrease Also my @oldarthursbbq rubs are everything! • My newsletter is back and I’m soooooo excited about it! Still figuring out my blog posting schedule… • THIS THURSDAY-SATURDAY I AM PUTTING MY PHONE ON DND. So yes I am alive. Just working, gonna look like Charlie Day with the index cards and string and stuff. Basically on Lexis-Nexis, Newsbank and things. • Made a payment page on my website! • @tales_of_the_cocktail made me sober-curious, so I’m having big fun exploring the land of mocktails! I still drink though, to be clear, and I always will (unless I convert or something or my liver falls out). I think that’s it! Happy Hump Day! (Megan the Camel has no humps. So ride, Megan, ride.) 🐫

Yes, I'm talking about my free monthly newsletter a lot. Subscriptions mean a lot to me, especially when I'm not on here as much. Thank you so much for all your subscriptions! ❤️ If you still need to sign up, visit the Iink in my bio. Merci! P.S. Took this photo a few days ago with a @sony Cyber-Shot from 2012! Enhanced with @adobecreativecloud @photoshop

Been working on this blog post for a whole month! If you're curious about digital minimalism, especially if you think you can't do it because of your career, there might be something beneficial for you in this post. ❤️ P.S. Sobering fact I learned reading Dr. Anna Lembke's Dopamine Nation, is that if you know you engage in a behavior to your detriment but continue to do so? Yeah. Addicted. Sorry. You don't have to be selling cat or crack or ya mama's TV. You don't have to be destitute. You could literally be like most of us, through little fault of our own, just realizing things have changed even a bit for the worse and that they would be better if we spent less time on social media/our phones. It's really truly not your/our fault though! You can read about that here, at the link in my bio. 🥰

Excited to share my latest @epicurious articles! A lil researched narrative piece about the origins of chicory coffee and why it’s so special to New Orleans, and a coffee and chicory recipe from my fave place to get it @bamiennola! ☕️ Mentioned/tagged in article: @nguyencoffeesupply, @reily_foods_corporation, @cafedumonde, @ccscoffeehouse and @pagoda_cafe, @communitycoffee, @neworleanscoolbrew and @neworleansroast. 🥄 Always much love to @ahezel, @j_deleo, @maggiejhoffman, Ryan Harrington, @curlygirlcooks, Rebecca Fisher and KATE KA$$IN. God bless Matthew Zuras. I’m sure I was a challenge to work with, once my brain stopped working and the Simpsons monkey with the cymbals took over. When you visit New Orleans, drinks on ME. That goes for you, too, Anna. 🤎

(Varnell Hill voice) Didja miss me?! 🍠 Honestly you probably didn't even notice I was gone, and I don't feel no way about that because that's exactly how these apps are designed. Long story short, I missed real outside! And life before influencers, aIgorithms, before walking into rooms and everyone is on their phones. It's like grown up Toy Story, and all my books and CDs and records and notebooks are the ones crying for me to play with them. 🧸 Took a real digital detox and am just gonna keep it going. Writing about it on my own website--that I also largely ignored--very soon. 🐢 Here's the important stuff: DMs will be seen, but probably late. Please text, email or call. That info is here, on the contact button, or visit 💌 Please sign up for my free monthly newsletter at Basically a recap of what's going on with me and Franklin, any cool articles I want to share with you. Imagine whatever I post on here and in stories, but greatly consolidated and therefore a smidge curated. 👗 Will I still be on here? Sure! I just can't say when or for how often. Commitment-free, yaheardme! Will I still share cool small businesses and fun events? Yes! Definitely! Honestly I think it will be even more beneficial on a website, since this is all... well I've been reading a lot about this and as they say with @thelightphone, "our time is their money." I will say, I won't be able to "engage" with all your comments and stuff but I will see them!

As the kids say, “so this happened.” So blessed and super excited to be recognized by MY CITY! I put on for New Orleans in a national way (@bonappetitmag, @epicurious, etc) so it feels great to have that acknowledged. ⚜️ Thank you, @notcfund and those who nominated me! Elated to be your 2024 honoree in Literary Arts and Humanities! 🏆

Shoulda did this the first time the AC went out. Woulda saved HUNDREDS (paying the gentleman to fix it, hotel stay for one night, keeping my child occupied while waiting for it to get fixed…) 😵‍💫 Blessed to have had it to spend though. Everything else will fall into place as far as other bills and such. Always does. 🙏🏾

Finally made it to @rabbitsfootnola and cannot wait to return! Likely today, hopefully w/@jennylynnfilms. 🐰 Just a perfect little place. I had the wedge salad, chicken salad and a chai latte with housemate pecan milk. 🌸 And I love that gratuity and all that is included, because I grossly overtip anytime there’s a tip option. Yes I know it will help someone and I know I get it back tenfold from Jesus, but it adds up real bad. It’s a habit I picked up as a once young, always Black woman and I really need to get out of it. Til then, thanks for making it easy of me @rabbitsfootnola. 🧘🏽‍♀️ Thanks for the recommendation(s) as always, Chef @anabanana_castro! 👩🏽‍🍳

I fell asleep at the movies and Franklin fell asleep at dinner. 😂 We love @fritainola though! 🇭🇹

WILD. Also. I want these lowkey. 🤣

How y’all say? 🗣️ I’M OUTSIDE! Seriously, this is work for me. Don’t think I’m just gallivanting in the streets. Excited about my first official @tales_of_the_cocktail though! Text, call or email if you need me! 🥃

Since I didn’t grow up playing with @barbie, I thought @BarbietheMovie wasn’t for me. But when I saw so many of y’all big grown selves fussing about it, I decided to take a closer look. And I’m so glad I did! 💕 Did you know the cast and crew of Barbie the Movie is actually incredibly gifted?! Did you know there are more than 100 brand Barbie movie partnerships?! Did you know that there’s a Barbie with Down syndrome, another with vitiligo, one who uses a wheelchair, etc?! I. Am. SOLD! Wrote about it on my website (link in bio or visit 🩷

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