Iris Hric

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I'm a stay home mom of five wonderful kids and married to an slovak man. Raising trilingual kids, teaching our kids our language and culture. We love biking, riding, young for walks, camping trip, we are a book lover, love sharing products from brands we use and recommend to our family, friends, followers and community.

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A 8th surprise birthday party to Bela! With her favorite theme @bigdotofhappiness LUAU party decor. My palms 🌴 with @kwikstixpaint turned out great lots of friends and including husband were telling me that the party decoration was gorgeous. Anyways, everyone had a blast moment, especially Bela and eating the cake I bake for her, so many loved it. 🌞 I've been MIA on social media! I don't normally post about my health on social media, but I thought I should say something. As many of you know I'm #29weekspregnant now and since May I've Having some sleeping issues. There are days or cero sleep, 1 or 2 or 3hrs of sleep, but thank God this past 3 days I've been sleeping well🙏🏻. I cant wait to have baby soon, just 9 more weeks, halfway there.

Mommy and son's day is out! Early mother's Day celebration🥰 The boys made their own flowerpot 🪻🌸 to gift me 🥰 we had so much fun. For more Mother’s Day Ideas, check out… @everydaywithmigs @beccalanebooks @incantica @magicallymebyemily @sydni.edwards @boldlittleminds @thepurpleelephantbookshop @magbratcher @beagsandbubs @heartsongpress @tenikcag @greyskies.rainbowhighs @sweetpinklemons @mama_2_crew @dana.tenbrinke @meet_the_hric_family @megjohnsonfamily @thebrittburrow Loop hosted by @motherhoodcreatives #motherhoodcreatives

Looking for a fun and interactive gift to keep your kids busy and entertained throughout the entire spring & summer? Look no further than the amazing camera from and the adorable interactive karaoke machine! My boys are absolutely loving these toys and having a blast with them under the warm spring sun. Even my older kids can't resist joining in on the fun! The camera, known as insta 2, not only captures stunning memories but also comes equipped with a 32GB micro SD card, allowing for plenty of storage space. Plus, it prints out high-quality pictures on thermal paper in just 10 seconds, making it perfect for little ones aged 3 and up who love documenting their adventures. Don't miss out on these incredible gifts that will bring endless joy and create lasting memories this summer! Follow and comment Karaoke & 📸 and I'll send you the links. ✨ #kidstoys #summergifts #instacamera #karaokeparty #endlesssummerfun #memoriesinthemaking #activitiesforkids #toddleractivities #toddlerlife #pregnantmomlife #pregnantlife #momofboys #momoffive #momofsix #1000hoursoutside #1000hoursoutside2024

Just living their lives in their new Color Me Pajamas with @Cadenlane #ad. It's not merely a set of pajamas; it's an interactive canvas for creativity and endless entertainment! This delightful ensemble is perfect for keeping kids engaged and serves as a remarkable keepsake gift. Witnessing the joy and excitement on my children's faces as they colored their pajamas was truly priceless. Afterwards, my husband captured these precious moments as they engrossed themselves in their favorite books, while I, as an expectant mother, cherished the opportunity to observe their blissful playtime. These pajamas are exquisitely crafted with exceptional softness, providing utmost comfort for your children to thoroughly relish. A wonderful blend of practicality and imagination, they offer a unique outlet for self-expression and personalized designs. Your little ones will delight in the experience of becoming the artists of their own sleepwear! Now, I wonder, who would be the lucky recipient of this extraordinary gift? Don't forget to use my exclusive code: IRISH20 for a special discount! #sponsored #cadenlane #ColorMePajamas #EndlessEntertainment #KeepsakeGift #CherishedMoments #DelightfulPlaytime #ExceptionalComfort #SelfExpression #PersonalizedDesigns #ExtraordinaryGift

🌎 The boys had a total blast diving into Earth Day! They got to learn all about weather, plants, and more in Spanish, Slovak, and English. This super cute resource, along with a cool book and some dried chickpeas, made learning sooo much fun! 🌎📚 😍 Words we are practicing today: World: mundo Clouds: nubes Sun: soľ Rainbow: arcoiris Ocean: océano Blue: azul Green: blue P.s. i let the kids play while hubby was helping me. Adam and Lukas wasn't feeling good since Monday all day, but good think they woke up feeling much better. I couldn't do anything until now still. Look at these amazing mamas who are sharing their gorgeous activities 👇 follow them to see the fun activities for your little ones.🤩 Check out these moms for more Earth Day ideas and activities: @everythingeverlyy @mrs.shelly.sus @north.east.mama @constructing1stgradeadventures @simplysweetandmessy @tennesseegirlgang @meet_the_hric_family @playandread.together @sweetpinklemons @allthingsyellowandbright @megjohnsonfamily Hosted by @makewithmoms #makewithmoms

Unleash your child's limitless imagination with this incredible set of 500 building tiles @bebloxtoy . From towering skyscrapers to intricate structures, watch as their dreams come to life and their creativity knows no bounds. Let their imaginations run wild with endless possibilities and nurture their problem-solving skills and love for creating. The ultimate building set for endless fun! Kids will try to make a few other things like a airplane ✈️ hopefully see them creating more and have fun. #unleashimagination #buildingfun #letcreativitysoar #endlesspossibilities #problemssolvingskills #nurturecreativity #ultimatebuildingset #kidstoys #playtimefun #montessorihomeschool #montessoriactivity #montessorikids #montessoriathome #playislearning #stemactivitiesforkids #screenfreekids #learnthroughplay #steameducationforkids #bebloxtoy

Learning & Creating with Chalkola

This company makes art supplies for little artist, even for adults or seniors that would love to use for their art talent by using their creativity and make it a fun way to bring their art into live. We truly love their art supplies, they’re great and high quality, my kids have been asking me for other art supplies that they already fell in love with. There were so many fun colorful colors to use, what else I can ask for when you see your little ones having so much fun using their chalk markers and doing what they love the most “Art” so thankful with the Chalkola company with their art supplies, very convenient These markers came in so many bright colors that you and your little ones would love it and use for many fun activities and games that you would have fun with.

We Love YUMI

For first time moms to be or moms with multiple kids, YUMI is the right food for your babies and Toddlers, when you need something healthy and fresh YUMI I love that the meals are made by wonderful nutritionists and doctors, with that saying, “no meal planning, whohoo!”, YUMI foods  are fresh and have organic ingredients from farms, who doesn’t want a healthy delicious baby food for their babies and toddlers, I do. One of the great things I love about them, is that is not sweet as the other baby foods we tried, too sweet is not really good for my kids. If you are looking to try out fresh Healthy organic baby foods for your little ones, I totally recommend you YUMI.

Story time “Harmony” by Cristina Sicard

We love getting new additions to our little library book area! My kids love books about llamas, every time we see new books we get so excited! This book is about ⁣Harmony the llama is not happy living in Ohio away from his llama family in Peru, but by taking the time to reflect, he realizes the good around his home. The Hric Family Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

About Us

IN MY BLOG, YOU WILL SEE MY PASSION ABOUT EDUCATIONAL BOOKS AND RESOURCES, BOOKS REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS, MY TRILINGUAL FAMILY ADVENTURES, RAISING TRILINGUAL KIDS. I do home school play through learn to my two oldest kids which they are 5 years old and 3.5 years old. Raising trilingual kids, my husband and I are trying to teach our kids spanish and slovak language. The Hric Family Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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