Iris Hric

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I'm a stay home mom of five wonderful kids and married to an slovak man. Raising trilingual kids, teaching our kids our language and culture. We love biking, riding, young for walks, camping trip, we are a book lover, love sharing products from brands we use and recommend to our family, friends, followers and community.

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Lukas and Niko got their new Problem Solver Play Kit from @lovevery 🌿 unboxing our Lovevery subscription box has been a blast for both of my kiddos. The rest of my kids joined and decided to play 😅. We're pretty new with @lovevery and I'm so impressed with it! Not only is beautiful but so incredibly versatile. Great for little ones to play based on learning. Soothing but bright and happy colors. Even the box is used for play! Their toys are designed by experts to provide exactly what our kiddos need at each developmental stage. I cannot recommend @lovevery enough to all the parents out there looking for quality and useful presents to children in this holidays 🎄 season. Save $30 on the Play Kits today with code JOY30 I can't wait to use this Problem Solving Play Kit with my boys and teach them the numbers, colors and more I'm both Spanish, Slovak and English. #lovevery #loveverygift #loveverypartner #mindfulkids #mindfulmoments #mindfulplaymonday

Having a good Thanksgiving with the family 🦃 Love @uniquebabyshop_com outfits, they're super cute, just perfect for this Thanksgiving and kids' @pedipedfootwear shoes, just perfect combo I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, from us @meet_the_hric_family HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO MY AMAZING FOLLOWERS, FRIENDS AND BRANDS AND SMALL BUSINESS 💞🥰🤗 Have an amazing time 💓 #pedipedfootwear #pediped #thanksgivingvibes #thanksgiving #momlife #momoffive

“It’s the hap-happiest season of all 🎶” Hot Chocolate cocoa Play dough 🍫 Kids made their own “hot” chocolate cocoa with cereal and marshmallow, it smells sweet chocolate 🍫 like kids wanted it🥰 they made their own playdough Hot cocoa and pretended they have a party 😁. They even cheer, read a book. I set this table just for them to pick their own Hot Cocoa. It has white painted chickpeas, candy cane 🍭 , and some other cute loose parts that comes with the hot chocolate dough. I have to say a funny story 😅 when i was preparing this cute setup from @lilyandivylearning . It was last night when i was preparing, my husband comes and ask, " what is the smell 🥰 smells like cereal!?" Me: yes it's chocolate cereal with marshmallows, but also the playdough smells like a hot cocoa 🥰😁🍫 Husband: noises (cracked 😣) what's this? Me: oh that's not cereal or sweet lol 🤣, it's a dried chickpeas color white 😭🤣😅 Husband: really! 😅 I thought i was a sweet yummy chickpeas . Me: hahaha 🤣😭😅 lol no. Anyways why are you eating the sensory play lol Husband: it smells good lol 😆 He really made my night lol, 😂 Anyone else's husband got into your sensory play when you tried to mix the sensory play with snacks and some not edible 🤣? 🌿P.s. Throwback p o s t 🥰 Grab a mug and follow along with our hot cocoa inspired group: @japinaychi @d_fannin5 @thesnellings7 @mistbarrett @brueck_creative @essentiallymeljill @vborrego82 @anardenadventure @meet_the_hric_family @essentially.uplifting @velvetjeanbowco @kimberlee32 Check out @makewithmoms for more ✨ #makewithmoms #create_play_inspire #playwelove #sensoryactivity #snacktivity #playbasedlearning #learningthroughplay #mmssensorysunday #showoffyourplay #showusyourplayideas

Bela is loving her new @pedipedfootwear shoes with an wonderful designer. She asked me to take pics 📸 of her with her @bloomsybox flowers she loves. Stay tuned for a G I V E A W A Y WITH @pedipedfootwear ❤️ for a chance to win a pair a shoes. Two winners will be chosen 🥰. Check @pedipedfootwear new shoes and great deals. Just perfect for this holidays 🎄⛄ . . . #pedipedfootwear #pediped #flowergirl #mindfulkids

I know she will not remember this, she is too little, but I will remember this. 🌿 Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they're sunshine, food and Medicine for the soul ❤️💐 I love getting my @bloomsybox monthly box flowers 🌹. It really brings joy and happiness to my home. Bela and I are flowers lovers, we love flowers so much. I'm glad i had my flowers at this time, when i wasn't feeling great with my health and some missing my mom she is in my country. It really made my day with the flowers and having my kids and husband's next to me it makes a beautiful moment. Thank you all for your support and following our little journey. Just a perfect time to get some flowers for your family on this holidays, for your partner, love, and friends. Link in my stories 🔗 #bloomsybox #flowerbouquet #flowerslovers #motherhood #motherdaughter #mindfulmoments #mindfulparenting #mindfulkids #flowersblooming #flowersbringjoy #madreehija

🦃Happy Thanksgiving Week Everyone! I’ve teamed up through @playfullymade_diy for some Turkey activities. Disguise Turkey along with a story time with @authorbcummings . Kids love making a disguise turkey and have a story time . I haven't feel good this past week. I waited until today, now..I'm in the hospital 🏥 hopefully, nothing serious and go back with my kiddos. Not a fan of hospitals 😞 . Without feather ado, check out these other accounts for their Turkey day inspiration. @honeybeelane_co @plantingseedsthroughplay @jmacgibbs @purposeful_playtime @kjeanneb @meet_the_hric_family @playing_the_day_away @playtime_made_fun @tcariss . . . #Playfullymade_DIY #create_play_inspire #playwelove #bookishplayideas #bookishplay

I wish i could hit a pause and keep you as you are. It seems like I waited forever for you to be mine and now that you're here it feels like it's all going so fast. Raising a daughter is like growing a flower @bloomsybox . If you've done your job well, she blooms into the most beautiful flower you have ever seen. Bela is loving her @pedipedfootwear shoes and the gorgeous @bloomsybox Flowers. . . . . #bloomsybox #pedipedfootwear #pediped #daugherandmother #mommyandme #mommyanddaughter #myprincess #myonlydaughter #motherhood #mindfulmoments #mindfulparenting #flowerslovers #flowerbouquet #loveflowers

🦃 in disguise Heihei from Moana movie. 🦃 Let our hearts be full of both thanks and giving. @theDIYMoms have teamed up with some creative mamas to share some fun Thanksgiving themed kids crafts & activities! Niko and the kids are super excited about Thanksgiving day! He is been talking a lot about a disguise turkey from last year we made 😁. We decided to do something from Moana movie. We picked the plants from a pine tree🎄 to use for the feathers . Then Niko painted all with blue and green @kwikstixpaint paint stix , super easy and fast to paint them. Also, made the clouds and the palms with coconut. This part of Thanksgiving celebration 🥰. We do this every year now, kids like dressing and creating their own disguise turkey 🦃. It's super fun for them to make this craft. Resources supplies: 🍂 Tempera paint stix @kwikstixpaint 🍂 White thick paper for the background 🍂 Drew for Niko the disguise turkey 🦃 and daddy helped him cut and then he paint. Have you made a disguise turkey with your kiddos? 🦃 . . . Check out #DIYMomsThxgivingCrafts22 for more ideas! #TheDIYMoms #DIYMomsFall #kwikstix #thanksgivingcrafts #thanksgivingart #create_play_inspire #naturecrafts #preschoolactivities #kindergartenactivities #actividadesparaniños #actividadessensoriales #actividadesconniños #actividades #arteconniños #kidsartwork #kidsartideas #fallcraft

Learning the alphabet letters and colors with Chicka Chicka Boom Boom 🌴📚 @yottoyproductions It's #youngreaders Day! I setup this #bookishplay for Lukas to learn the alphabet letters and colors in both Spanish, Slovak and English. First we had a fun story time with @yottoyproductions along with the cutest plushie monkey 🐒 🌴. Lukas use his imagination and creativity to play based on learning. Such a blast day! 🌴It was fun to use for his motor skills . 🌴problem solving 🌴 Critical thinking and letters, colors identification. ✨Resources: 🐒 Book and @yottoyproductions 🌴 Wonder Stixs @kwikstixpaint 🌴 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom kit @minute4mama ✨ Not quiet ready for Thanksgiving 🦃 yet 🙈 anyone else ready for the holidays especially for Christmas 🎄? #yottoyproductions #kwikstix #kwikstixpaint #mindfulplaymonday #harvest #showoffyourplay #openplayyourway #openendedplay #imaginativeplay #finemotorskills #finemotoractivity #sensoryplay #sensory #sensorybin #sensoryactivity #sensoryplaytime #sensoryplayideas #toddleractivities #preschoolactivities #preschoolathome #activitiesforkids #kidsactivities #simpleplayideas #simpleplayforlittles #simpleactivities #bookishplayideas

Happy national young reader's day 📚 I set-up this Bookish play with @yottoyproductions for Lukas to learn some alphabet letters and colors. He had a blast having his favorite book along with the monkey Chicka Chika Boom boom 🌴 . Lukas started to look at the book with the alphabet letters and decided to match them with the resin letters from @minute4mama kit. I colored the palm tree 🌴 with @kwikstixpaint wonder stixs and added some letters so Lukas can matchem as well. I try to make a Reels for 30scs. But it's hard 🤪 not to put all the capturing tht Lukas had a blast . Resources & Christmas gift ideas: 🌴 The Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book & the cutest monkey @yottoyproductions ✨🤩 *Totally! Highly recommend you @yottoyproductions Your kiddos are going to love it, perfect gift 🎁 🌴Wonder Stixs @kwikstixpaint super fun to use all of their products, totally in love with them. I use for all my activities,crafts and DIY 🙌✨ 🌴 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom kit @minute4mama ✨ All these bundles are super fun and great gift bundles, just perfect time for Christmas 🎄⛄ ❄️ Celebrate young readers on these accounts: @aschroeder12 @emmy_and_jax @fullbloomcreativity @rowdyropps @greyskies.rainbowhighs @payton.j.rose @creativelyangie @thecraftysol @becomingmeghin @meet_the_hric_family Join December loops at @letscreatediys #letscreatediys #youngreadersday #whatsinmybookbag #yottoyproductions #kwikstixpaint #kwikstix #mindfulplaymonday #bookishplay #bookishplayideas #showoffyourplay #openplayyourway #imaginativeplay #finemotorskills #finemotoractivity #sensoryplay #sensoryactivity #sensoryplaytime #sensoryplayideas #toddleractivities #preschoolactivities #preschoolathome #activitiesforkids #kidsactivities #simpleplayideas #simpleplayforlittles #simpleactivities #actividadesparaniños #actividadessensoriales #actividades

I setup this Bookish sensory play with @mom.the.ot and @northsouthbooks for my kiddos l, but Niko couldn't wait 😅. Lukas and Adam were sleeping, meanwhile Niko saw the setup and decided to play 😅 Bring all the fall vibes 🍁🍂 we won't give it up right. Let's just celebrate until the end of November 🥰🙈 Niko sort the loose accessories by color with @learningresources scoop. Then, we practice I'm both Spanish, Slovak and English the colors. We had a story time with @northsouthbooks before the fun began. A beautifully illustrated and inspirational children's story about finding one's way in the world and appreciating the little things in life. This little tale brings Marcel Proust's statement "the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" to a new level. A simple story with a deep message about friendship and life. Resources: 🍂 Fall kit @mom.the.ot 🍂 Scoop @learningresources 🍂 Tray @kookaroo_ . . . . #learningresources #learnthroughplay #mindfulplaymonday #harvest #showoffyourplay #openplayyourway #openendedplay #imaginativeplay #finemotorskills #finemotoractivity #sensoryplay #sensory #sensorybin #sensoryactivity #sensoryplaytime #sensoryplayideas #toddleractivities #preschoolactivities #preschoolathome #activitiesforkids #kidsactivities #simpleplayideas #simpleplayforlittles #simpleactivities #playwelove #create_play_inspire #actividadesparaniños #actividadessensoriales #mmssensorysunday

There's nothing that say fall more than some Apple pie 🥧 To create an inviting activity, i placed some pie kits @play.more.mama . So Kids pretend they picked some apples and made their own apple pie. 🍂Used their own creativeness 🍂 had so much fun using the imagination and those little fingers for Great for motor skills, and learned more Spanish Slovak and English. Resources: 🍂 Pie kit @play.more.mama 🍂 Tray @kookaroo_ #mindfulplaymonday #applepie #showoffyourplay #openplayyourway #openendedplay #imaginativeplay #finemotorskills #finemotoractivity #sensoryplay #sensory #sensorybin #sensoryactivity #sensoryplaytime #sensoryplayideas #toddleractivities #preschoolactivities #preschoolathome #activitiesforkids #kidsactivities #simpleplayideas #simpleplayforlittles #simpleactivities #actividadesparaniños #actividadessensoriales #actividadesconniños #actividadesinfantiles #actividadesparaniñosencasa #actividades

I setup this play @play.more.mama for my kiddos. It was a blast and lots of fun for them. Fun creating their own playdough Pumkin using some loose parts 🌿. Have you checked the #reels on my previous p o s t? To see more 🥰 Resources: 🍂Pumkin kit @play.more.mama 🍂 Tray @kookaroo_ #mindfulplaymonday #harvest #showoffyourplay #openplayyourway #openendedplay #imaginativeplay #finemotorskills #finemotoractivity #sensoryplay #sensory #sensorybin #sensoryactivity #sensoryplaytime #sensoryplayideas #toddleractivities #preschoolactivities #preschoolathome #activitiesforkids #kidsactivities #simpleplayideas #simpleplayforlittles #simpleactivities #actividadessensoriales #actividadesparaniños #actividadesconniños #actividadesinfantiles #actividadesparaniñosencasa #preescolar

Learning & Creating with Chalkola

This company makes art supplies for little artist, even for adults or seniors that would love to use for their art talent by using their creativity and make it a fun way to bring their art into live. We truly love their art supplies, they’re great and high quality, my kids have been asking me for other art supplies that they already fell in love with. There were so many fun colorful colors to use, what else I can ask for when you see your little ones having so much fun using their chalk markers and doing what they love the most “Art” so thankful with the Chalkola company with their art supplies, very convenient These markers came in so many bright colors that you and your little ones would love it and use for many fun activities and games that you would have fun with.

We Love YUMI

For first time moms to be or moms with multiple kids, YUMI is the right food for your babies and Toddlers, when you need something healthy and fresh YUMI I love that the meals are made by wonderful nutritionists and doctors, with that saying, “no meal planning, whohoo!”, YUMI foods  are fresh and have organic ingredients from farms, who doesn’t want a healthy delicious baby food for their babies and toddlers, I do. One of the great things I love about them, is that is not sweet as the other baby foods we tried, too sweet is not really good for my kids. If you are looking to try out fresh Healthy organic baby foods for your little ones, I totally recommend you YUMI.

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