Maylen Acevedo

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Traveling around USA and discovering new places

Location Seattle, Wa
Country United States of America
Member Since DECEMBER 30, 2020
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I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU 💛 . . Yesterday I asked you what are you grateful for but I did not tell you what I am grateful for! . I am grateful because I have a beautiful family, a wonderful hubby, amazing friends and a beautiful country lo live in. . Grateful because I can explore the USA on a road trip 🤩 (cause I love road trips) and the USA is so BEAUTIFUL 😍 . Grateful because I am not perfect but even like that I love, respect and I take care of myself. . Been doing @Trustedhousesitter and this road trip is something that is making me see life differently, even in covid times. . I am not hating the cold as much as I thought ( not my favorite but is not that bad) see the changes of seasons is magical and I develop some new skills in hikking, climbing, long walks into the woods and it looks like skiing pretty soon. . Oregon is a very green state ! This picture was on Forest Park which is 40 min from Hillsboro. 2 miles trail to appreciate oregin nature. . ♡If you did not tell me what are you grateful for in my last post, tell me then here ⬇️ ♡If you did Thank you sooo much!!! 💛💛 . . . #instatraveller #instatravelgram #instatravels #contentcreators #travelinspired #travelinfluencer #travelinsta #influencerlife #digitalcreator #influencerlifestyle #instatravellers #dametraveller

Gasworks Park in Seattle WA . Gas Works Park contains remnants of the sole remaining coal gasification plant in the United States. The plant operated from 1906 to 1956. The park opened to the public in 1975. . The park have this very unique atmosphere because of it history and also has a great video to the city. This is a very popular park where people like to go with kids cause it has a playground, going for a run cause it has some hills or simply go to see beautiful sunsets and a pretty skyline of the city! I definitely have a great time there, I really like the concept “gas plant” I like to explore places that are not so “tourist” so you can have more options when you travel and also have more cool insta photos 😎 . Do you like to visit tourist or non tourist places ??? . . #seattlelife #seattlewashington #seattlefoodie #seattleartist #femaletravel #nexttrip #travellist #usatravel #girlwhotravels #instatravellers #instatraveller #igtraveller #igtravels #travelista #wanderlove #travelmoments #getoutandexplore #adventuregirl

♡ LEAVENWORTH ♡ . Besides Christmas lights brightening a town in winter, this little village has so much more to offer every season of the year. Winter is perfect for snow activities and hot chocolate, Spring is when the flowers are blooming and must be beautiful, Summer will allow you to do infinite outdoor activities and Fall it’s just the perfect weather with the leaves receiving winter again. . What to know about Leavenworth WA ?? Part #2 ♡ You can do tubing in the town for free when there is enough snow (December to February) ♡Leavenworth is located in the middle of Snoqualmie Pass and Steven Pass ( very cheap ski resorts ) which means that you can make this a weekend road trip ♡If you don’t like snow or you love to much a beer you should go in October Fest ! ♡Leavenworth is a VERY touristic town, they are always ready to performance a show every time of the year (due to covid this year they didn’t) . What season would you go to Leavenworth ?? . . . #travelinspired #travelinfluencer #instatravellers #dametraveller #solofemaletravel #travelinladies #femaletravel #girlsvsglove #girlstravel #leavenworth

♡ LEAVENWORTH ♡ . Coming to this place was a dream for me because since I saw the picture on the internet I wanted to go really badly, and honestly it lived up to all my expectations. Walking in this little town bordering mountains covered with snow complemented with beautiful Christmas lights was a really nice experience during these times. . What to know about Leavenworth WA ?? Part #1 ♡ It's a little Barvarian town (German town) and is 2 hours from Seattle. ♡Famous because of the Christmas lights decorating the area. ♡You can found local distilleries, winery's and brewerys. ♡Pretzels and Sausage are a must eat. . Would you visit Leavenworth?? . . . #travelinspired #travelinfluencer #instatravellers #dametraveller #seattlewashington #pnwadventures #solofemaletraveler #visitseattle #Leavenworth

Summer is my favorite season of the year and now that I am living in the PNN I will have to wait for the season to come !! Fortunately @mobisi_bloomingjelly just anticipated that and send me the perfect summer outfit !! Something that I really like is the quality and doble layers of the swimwear also de dress its so comfy and see trough 😍 Maybe I will cheat summer whit a jacuzzi in winter ( who knows ) Thanks @mobisi_bloomingjelly . . . #seattlelife #seattlewashington #seattlefoodie #seattleartist #femaletravel #nexttrip #travellist #usatravel #girlwhotravels #instatravellers #instatraveller #igtraveller #igtravels #travelista #wanderlove #travelmoments #getoutandexplore #adventuregirl

WELCOME EVERYBODY . Like almost every month, today I just want to introduce myself for those who are new on @mayleninmotion ! Thank you so much for be part of this it means a lot every one of you 🥰 . Last time I did 3 trues and 2 lies, this time I want to tell you 10 things about me that you may not know yet !! . 1 I am traveling USA and currently living in WA ) 2 I was doing THS (taking care of pets ) last year (that’s why mayleninmotion started) 3 I love ice cream and sushi 4 I am Latina but I look Asian 5 I work in the health industry 6 I am a content creator si ce October 2020 7 My goal is to show you wonderful places and multiple ways to travel around USA (like me) 8 I like sleeping late on weekends ( and basically everyday but I can’t ! ) 9 I am living the farthest I can from my home ( FL ) 10 I want to inspire you to explore more and take the chance to do different things . Tell me something you think, I don’t know about you !!! . . . #gasworkspark #seattlelife #seattlewashington #seattlefoodie #seattleartist #femaletravel #nexttrip #travellist #usatravel #girlwhotravels #instatravellers #instatraveller #igtraveller #igtravels #travelista #wanderlove #travelmoments #getoutandexplore #adventuregirl

SEATTLE Things to do ! . . Part 1 . Seattle is a really nice city boarded by water on the pacific north west of USA. Some of the things you could do are: 🎡Visit the aquarium of Seattle (temporary close by COVID ) 🎡Visit Mainers Lander which is basically walk around all the pier area and even with COVID there some restaurants open for to go/ pick up or seating outside 🎡 Great Wheel which is totally huge and once Covid pass I’m sure you will be able to enjoy an amazing view. . I really love to walk around this area, see the sunset and listen to the Seahawks it gives me a lot of serenity is a clear day ! . Would you visit Seattle WA?? . . . #girlsvsglobe #girlstravel #travelpost #traveltherenext #travelinladies #travelinspired #travelinfluencer #dametraveller #solofemaletraveler #seattlelife #seattlewashington #seattlefoodie #seattleartist #femaletravel #nexttrip #travellist #usatravel #girlwhotravels #instatravellers #instatraveller #igtraveller #igtravels

OREGON USA TIPS PART #2 On this post I am going to show you the second part of Oregon which was our way to get to Mt. Hood which was very recomended! . Things to do in Oregon part #2 ♡Mt hood (2 hours from Portland) ♡Trilliun Lake (perfect view of the mountain/ 4 miles loop trail) ♡Tubing in Skibowl $30 per person ♡Wildwood recreational area/Salmon River ♡Columbia River Gorge (very famous waterfalls (45 min Portland) Extra winter Tips ♡Hikking/Snow boots are highly recomended if you are going to the mountain ♡Make sure your car is extra ready to be on the snow/ice ( we got stock on the ice twice like other cars too) ♡Use layers, and gloves and wood socks and anything you need to feel warm ♡It gets DARK/BLACK at 4-5 pm (take advantage of the morning ) ♡Backpack ready with water, some snacks and a camera (depend on what are you going to do you add more) ♡Be ready to see beautiful landscapes and take the time to enjoy them ❤ . Would you go to oregon in winter ? . SAVE AND SHARE THIS POST . . #instatraveller #travelinspired #travelinfluencer #travelinsta #instatravellers #dametraveller #descubre #pnwadventures #oregonisbeautiful #mthood

OREGON USA TIPS PART #1 . Hello all my beuautiful faces! Welcome one more time to @mayleninmotion 👏 . Today post we are going to talk about the GREENEST state I've ever seen, OREGON! After 15 spectacular days in Oregon we definitely considered to come back next year for more, if winter is awesome I can wait for summer there 😀 . Let me start with my favorite things in Oregon: ♡It doesn't have sales tax!! Yeap, you don't pay taxes in your shopping. ♡Food is very cheap. 2 sushi rolls and adamame for $16 🤯 and pizza $12 (they don't cook that, but you cook that at home "very common in oregon") ♡Gas is very cheap too and they have employees that help you to fill it up while you stay in the car. ♡It has a real city (Portland) and also all the nature close to you ( distance are 1-2 hours to do outdoorsy things) . Things to do in Oregon PART #1 ♡Silver falls (MUST GO) ♡Definitely visit oregon coast, Canon Beach its really nice. ♡Forest Park (short nice hike) ♡Downtown Portland ♡Mt. Tabor (is huge and its perfect to walk with dogs) ♡Council Crest park (you can see Mt. Hood OR and Mt. Ranier WA) ♡Take some dance class with @dance_forfitness ♡Bridgeport village mall @illflyyoujump . SAVE AND SHARE THIS POST!! Part #2 is coming soon !! . Have you ever been in Oregon?? Tell me your expirince !! . . . #instatraveller #travelinspired #travelinfluencer #travelinsta #instatravellers #dametraveller #descubre #pnwadventures #oregonisbeautiful #mthood

Welcome everybody ! . I am starting to see a lot of new beautiful faces and I wanted to introduce myself. . Let's start with a game, 3 trues 2 lies about me (so you can start knowing me better) 1. I've been to 20 states in USA 2. My favorite animals are cats 3. I love road trips 4. I've been to 10 countrys 5. I'm fluent in Spanish . My name is Maylen and my passion is travel, my dream is to travel the world and every different culture. For me travel gives you a new life in any place you go. . My favorite parts of a trip is to eat a lot,, explore places that not everyone knows of, challenge my self to be more adventurous and of course connect with other travelers like YOU 💗 . Currently I am taking care of pets while their owners are out, so I am living for free without have to pay a dollar. (Check my IGTV to know how ) . My goal is to show you my experiences so you can try it in a sooner future and share your experience with me and others. . I am really grateful that you are here reading this post and I just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH !! Almost 2K is HUGE for me, and its because of you so WELCOME to mayleninmotion!! . Are you ready to guess the 3 trues and 2 lies ??? Let me know your answer here ⬇️ . I💗U ALL . . . #instatraveller #travelinspired #travelinfluencer #travelinsta #instatravellers #dametraveller #quetalviajar #viajarbarato #instatraveling #viajeras #explora #explorando #descubre #revistaviajar

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