Mariesa Cozza

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I've been on instagram for quite a few years now, but have recently started taking the platform more seriously. I have worked as a graphic designer and social media manager for the past three years, which led me to begin promoting products and creating content for my personal page. I recently graduated from Temple University with a degree in advertising, and a concentration in art direction, as well as a minor in sociology. I am based in Philadelphia and I enjoy all things vintage fashion, wellness, and travel.

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I miss this day so much... last May in Paris. It’s the little things I miss most about traveling 🥺 Started the day off with the most amazing croissant I’ve ever tasted, and brought it with me to Montmartre to sit in the lawn and relax for a little bit.... Ended up falling asleep for 2.5 hours and getting the horrible tan line in slide 5 from my ripped jeans 😂 Then spent the rest of the day exploring and finished off with a picnic for dinner in front of an Eiffel Tower sunset. 🌞🌹 Never posted these pics because I didn’t consider most of them to be very instagram worthy but fuck that lol they’re such special memories that I’m so thankful for ❤️ UGH I WANT TO BE ON A PLANE AGAIN MY PASSPORT IS MOCKING ME😖😖😖

Nothin like vintage @nike @jumpman23 🖤

Me knowing I need to clean this mirror but taking selfie’s in it instead #MakeInstagramCasualAgain

Buon Natale❤️

My face again sorry. Maybe I’ll decorate these walls eventually but also they’re doing me well as a plain photo backdrop 😂 Ok bye happy almost Friday.

TODAY IS NATIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION DAY‼️‼️‼️ Democracy is a system that can only work if we show up for it, and y’all, showing up has never been more important. I’m honored to tell you guys that I’ve partnered with the Democratic National Committee’s social media team to help make accurate voter registration and education info easily available to all of my followers! 💙 From now on, you can head to the link in my bio to check/update/confirm your registration status as well as learn more about the voting process! If anyone needs help getting yourself or a family member registered, or if you need help finding info on your polling place, DM me!! I’d love to help out as much as I can. You can also check out my “vote” stories highlight for more info, I’ll be adding lots more to it as the election gets even closer!! ⚡️⚡️Remember, there are real lives on the ballot this November. Choose wisely, but whatever you do, PLEASE FUCKING VOTE!!!!🇺🇸 The first image is my own photograph, if you share please do so with credit ❤️

1 yr ago <3 courtesy of @nico.bynum snap memories Does anybody remember when it wasn’t illegal to snuggle with ur friends??? I miss that :(

me??? posting a selfie after ghosting instagram for 2 months and acting like nothing happened?!? shocker... i do love me a good social media cleanse i must say. what’d i miss tho?

I’ve been kinda quiet on here the past week or two because I’ve been busy MOVING TO SOUTH PHILLY🤩 Didn’t wanna say anything til it was officially official, but now we’ve been moved in for a week and I’ve just been too busy with unpacking/work/interviews/school/life to update my social media lmao. But wow I’m so excited for this next chapter (and to post cute pics of the place once we get furniture and finish decorating hehe)🥳Anywho, here’s four entire slides of my face as if I haven’t posted enough of it recently😇

New Year same taste in beer. 💋🍻 Clearly same relationship status as well. #UCforME

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