James Hills

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I am a passionate explorer who loves to travel and expereince new cultures and try new things. As part of this, I run multiple travel and lifestyle blogs including ManTripping.com - a leading male lifestyle blog and one of the world's most respected Men's Lifestyle and Travel experts for more than 10 years. During this time, we've worked with organizations including automotive, men's health, fashion, and food brands as well as tourism destinations to help them reach more men like me.

Additionally, I run MenWhoBlog.com that targets a more dad-focused, younger audience of men and CruiseWestCoast.com a cruise travel blog focused on Pacific coast cruise destinations and luxury travel.

Location San Diego, California California
Country United States of America
Member Since JANUARY 05, 2019
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Labor unions are often misunderstood, but after living in Toledo for the past year or so, I've learned to appreciate the benefits that belonging to a union provide for the hard working men and women who I can now call neighbors. Without union representation and the protections that come with a union contract, this town would have ceased to exist. For years, union members have fought and won workers' rights, protected wages, and safety improvements to factories & workplaces. This town deserves more credit ... it's a pretty cool place with a great zoo, museums, breweries, distilleries, boating clubs, golf courses and other great things to do on a guys weekend. That's in large part due to the unions helping protect the American family and keeping dollars in their pockets. Paid for by the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees #TheUnionDifference #sponsored #StrongerTogether

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Latest Post: The Role That Your Masculine Scent Plays In Keeping Her Excited About Being With You: Feeling less attractive to your partner can be worrying. One key fact stands out: women often find a man's scent crucial for attraction. This article will show how your masculine smell plays a vital role in maintaining her interest. ㅤ Click on Link in Bio to Read More! ㅤ

Local journalism is vital for our communities. #sponsored  Block Communications, Inc., a family-run company for 122 years, supports local people, businesses, and heroes. However, local journalism is facing tough times, and jobs are at risk due to the potential sale of Block Communications.  If you value local news like I do, join me in urging the Block Communications board to reconsider the sale and keep our news local and under family ownership.  Check out the article link in my bio to learn more.  Sponsored by Support Local Journalism  #KeepMediaLocal #LocalVoicesMatter #SaveOurNews #ToledoOhio #ToledoOhio419 #ToledoBlade #BuckeyeBroadBand

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