James Hills

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I am a passionate explorer who loves to travel and expereince new cultures and try new things. As part of this, I run multiple travel and lifestyle blogs including ManTripping.com - a leading male lifestyle blog and one of the world's most respected Men's Lifestyle and Travel experts for more than 10 years. During this time, we've worked with organizations including automotive, men's health, fashion, and food brands as well as tourism destinations to help them reach more men like me.

Additionally, I run MenWhoBlog.com that targets a more dad-focused, younger audience of men and CruiseWestCoast.com a cruise travel blog focused on Pacific coast cruise destinations and luxury travel.

Location San Diego, California California
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I've gotten a lot of messages asking how I do those weird "drone shots" where the camera follows me and the secret to this is the @insta360 #Insta360OneRS 1" Edition that features DUAL 1" sensors the create a 360 image ... not just a panorama but a full photo (or video sphere). I normally have it on the end of a long selfie stick, but the thing I love about it is that I can be incredibly creative and create some super fun shots ... like this one! I took this in our cabin on @norwegiancruiseline #NorwegianPrima last fall, where it created a really cool look since one side was pointed right at the mirror. I love taking "beautiful photos" but ones like this just makes me smile a bit inside my heart. What about you? I know at least a few of you probably laughed and then smiled, brightening your day just a little but! #insta360 #insta360official #insta360oners1inch360edition #360photobooth #360photography #mirrorselfie #mirrorselfies #NorwegianCruiseLine #norwegiancruise #makeyousmilestyle

If there are three things I have a particularly strong passion for in life, it is cruising, great food / wine, and supporting the Ukrainian people. All three of these came together yesterday on Koningsdam during a celebration hosted by @hollandamericaline at the @portofsandiego where they donated a check for $450,000 to @directrelief that not just Holland America Line helped facilitate ... but the fantastic guests sailing on their ships raised as part of the "On Deck For A Cause" efforts taking place at sea off the coast of six different continents and 11 of the lines vessels. Guests could pledge $25 and then do a 5k walk around the ship to support the cause. As someone who loves Holland America Line (yes ... I pay my own way on multiple cruises with them!), this is just one of the reason why their fans say that they have "the best 'dam ships at sea!" Of course, the other factor that makes HAL special is the ship boatd product, including their stunning food, fabulous wine, and incredible staff ... one of whom looked at me and said, "Mr James! Your back again?" When I saw him during a tour of Koningsdam yesterday. Sadly, I wasn't able to stay on yesterday, but I can't wait to join them again sometime soon! #koningsdam #directrelief #hollandamericaline #halcruise #halcruise #halcruises #sandiego #foodie #foodblogger #foodphotography #dessert #desserts #seafoodlover #seafood #cruiselovers #cruiseshipsworldwide #cruisefood #cruiseships #cruisetime #cruiseindustry #cruisefans #cruisewestcoast

We're still recovering from three days of checking out restaurants in Avalon, #CatalinaIsland, but I keep getting messages from friends "joking" about there not being any good foodie spots there ... and yeah ... it's a tourist spot, so many of the places you walk by on the way to/from @catalinaexpress or the tender to take you back to your ship are ... well ... marginal but expensive. Everything is expensive on Catalina since it all has to be shipped in from the mainland, and costs are very high. However, with some help from a few locals, we found some great spots! Prime on this list is @naughtyfoxrestaurant. While we were hosted on our first day, we came back for brunch on the last day and paid for it ourselves. The absolute best review a food blogger or influencer can ever give is that we came back, unprompted, and spent our own money. Between the incredible views of the harbor, excellent plating, and incredible cocktails (ask for James in the bar ... master mixologist!), this place has to be on your list to visit. Ironically, another one of our top picks was @ndmk_ci,where James also works. The menu features what fish is available and where it's from. Amazing Alaska Haddock fish and chips and fabulous blackened swordfish fresh caught in southern California waters served with truffle fries. I don't want to diminish anything of the other spots featured in this gallery as any one of them we would welcome an opportunity to visit again, so let's mention them here too: @lobstertrapinsta - fantastic local place with big servings, great pasta, fresh veggies, great fish including local sea bass with a macadamia nut crust. @bluewatergrill - great clam chowder and fantastic mud pie. Fish here is good, but the view, looking out over the harbor,is why you'd come here. Brew House - combination of sandwich shop, flat bread pizza place, coffee shop (some of the best coffee drinks on the island!), and even a brewery in the back. Make sure to try "The Islander" a rift on the classic Hawaiian style but jalape├▒os instead of ham. Absolutely fantastic! I'm sure there's more, but my gut simply couldn't take any more! #AD #hosted

We got exceptionally lucky with the weather during our visit to @lovecatalinaisland this week. While it is quite literally a desert island where the weather is almost always going to be dry and sunny, the air was very clear this week so we could see the snow capped mountain tops of #bigbearmountain and #mountbaldy from #catalinaisland. If you haven't been here, you absolutely gotta visit. It's only a 90 min ride on @catalinaexpress from Dana Point or Long Beach, and is perfect for a fabulous winter getaway. When you do visit, make sure to do a golf cart rental and take a self guided tour of Avalon. There are a few different companies that rent them, but on this trip, ours were hosted by @catalinaislandgolfcart . Photo taken at the #WrigleyMemorialandBotanicGarden @catalinaconservancy @visitcatalinaisland . #visitcatalinaisland #catalinaisland #catalina #catalinaislandgolfcart, #drivecatalina, #catalinacart #southerncalifornia #socalvibes #californiacoast #california #visitcalifornia @visitcalifornia #travelphotography #snowcapped #snowcappedmountains #californiawinter #ad #hosted #sponsored

I go to @lovecatalinaisland @visitcatalinaisland a few times a year on cruises but we never get to stay more than a few hours before having to head back to the ship and sail away to our next port of call. This week, Heather @flowvoyages and I are changing that. The @catalinaexpress put an awesome itinerary together for us to explore some of its (not so hidden) secrets and check out some great food too. Only 26 miles from OC, this place is a world away! The 90 min journey from Dana Point (or Long Beach) was surprisingly comfortable with indoor or outdoor seating, big bathrooms where you can even watch the dolphins ­čÉČ while relieving yourself (though honestly guys ... no matter how good the view is ... please sit down, aiming properly is IMPOSSIBLE when bouncing around on the water). Make sure to swipe through to see the amazing view we had of dolphins playing in the wake. So cool. What a great way to start our early Valentine's Day romantic getaway! #catalinaexpress #catalina #catalinaisland #lovecatalina #romanticgetaway #romanticgetaways #socal #southerncalifornia #danapoint #danapointharbor @visitorangecounty #visitorangecounty #travelinfluencer #travelblogger #travelgram #sponsored #ad

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