James Hills

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I am a passionate explorer who loves to travel and expereince new cultures and try new things. As part of this, I run multiple travel and lifestyle blogs including ManTripping.com - a leading male lifestyle blog and one of the world's most respected Men's Lifestyle and Travel experts for more than 10 years. During this time, we've worked with organizations including automotive, men's health, fashion, and food brands as well as tourism destinations to help them reach more men like me.

Additionally, I run MenWhoBlog.com that targets a more dad-focused, younger audience of men and CruiseWestCoast.com a cruise travel blog focused on Pacific coast cruise destinations and luxury travel.

Location San Diego, California California
Country United States of America
Member Since JANUARY 05, 2019
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They do "spring storms" differently in Texas :) luckily this one stayed just off my left side as we continued heading east to visit with some friends today in Oklahoma City @roamingmyplanet but it sure looked gnarly for a guy used to "severe weather" in San Diego being a light drizzle! I love traveling across the US by car and this "Route 66" path is one of the best out there, though I wish I could spend more time on this trip but I am brining our wine collection up to the condo and it needs to stay temperature controlled so no chances to get out and take a walk or something to explore places along the road like Painted Desert etc. Bummer :( #springstorms #thunderstorm #roadtrip #roadtrips #roadtrippers #route66

#Sponsored #BraunBPM As you guys know, it's been a rough few weeks but Jim is doing a lot better. In life you can either learn lessons when you have challenges or risk having worse stuff happen in the future. For me, this is a learning opportunity to as a man I need to take better care of my health and that starts with lifestyle changes ... but it also means paying attention to things like blood pressure and heart beat. These two items from Braun are a great way to do that and the Braun ExactFit Upper Arm Blood Pressure monitor makes it easy to interpret your reading with a color coded readout based on the American Heart Association’s guidelines. @braunhealthcareus #hypertension #fyp #highbloodpressure #hearthealthy #bloodpressure #bloodpressurecheck #bloodpressurehealth #bloodpressureawareness #health #wellness

After two months in Ohio I'm seriously craving some good tacos. I'm told that @condadotacos is the best place in Toledo (Perrysburg) and while it's not "just like home" in San Diego, they offered some pretty imaginative creations, that tasted great, a very good list of tequilas and mezcal cocktails - including this one "Smoke Show" made with @ilegalmezcal @ghosttequila @anchoreyes, blood orange. Lime, agave, and a black salted rim. Their salsa sampler was pretty great too. I also dig that each of their locations features designs created by local artists to give that more authentic feel despite it being part of a fast growing chain with Columbus, Ohio roots. #condado #condadotacos #toledoohio #tacotuesdays #tacotuesday #taconight #tacos #tacos #mezcalmargarita #mezcalcocktails #mezcalcocktail

#ToroPartner I'm loving this 60V Max power system. Plenty of power for yard work but so much quieter, less messy, not petrol smells, and I don't have to worry about empty gas cans either! #torostripes #toroyard @thetorocompany

It's sorta weird exploring a town for the first time even though I've been visiting here for more than 20 years (Heather and I were married in Toledo, Ohio). In the time since then, we'd pretty much stayed in the same spots and hung around with family. While I didn't expect to EVER spend this much time here ... I'm actually glad I got the opportunity to explore the city more. Toledo is far from a "garden spot" but there are some great roads, beautiful bridges, a struggling but potentially great downtown entertainment center, museums, breweries, and distilleries. It's safe to say that there's more than enough here for a great guys getaway and I'm looking forward to more chances to explore the area! Where do you guys recommend we check out next? @toledocvb @toledospirits @gbsbrewing_co_toledo @earnestbeer @patronsaintsbrewery @nmgltoledo @mudhens @toledowalleye @thetoledozoo @jm_cruise_lines @hollywoodtoledo #visittoledo #visittoledoohio #toledoohio @ohiotheheartofitall #visitohio

Do you love pizza, local craft beer served in giant 18oz frozen schooners while watching trains go by as much as I do? If so, you'd love @silver_beach_pizza as much as I do! FYI yes ... those are squash, asparagus, and all sorts of other on our pizza (JJ Sunburst) that we did half and half with a Garlic Greek creation. And the beer is @watermarkbrewing IPA. #silverbeachpizza #stjoseph #stjosephmichigan #silverbeachmichigan #almostsummer #michigan #michigansgreatsouthwest #michigrammers @stjoetoday @puremichigan #puremichigan

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