Mamas Triplet Love

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✨Mamas of triplets ✨Motherhood - In love with our rainbow babies Noah | Penelope | Julian | Bella 🐶

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Flashback to October 28, 2019, the day we had our baby bump photo shoot.     At that time we were 28 weeks with our triplets - our hearts were full knowing they would be earth-side soon. Our challenges conceiving, our pregnancy loss, the many failed IUI attempts - although we will never forget our journey, as it helped mold us - they were becoming a thing of the past.     Fast forward 3 years later - October 27, 2022 we took our family photos at the same location with our almost 3 year old triplets. We never knew our hearts, love, happiness and joy would be overflowing as much as they are today. We continue to love, laugh and grow individually and as a family daily.     Looking forward to sharing these photos with you soon. We have had the digital gallery in our email for a week, but unfortunately haven’t been able to check them out. It’s a chaotic time for us - with the election right around the corner, Sabrina has been out campaigning. Take our hectic lives as a reminder to use your voice and VOTE 🗳🗳🗳    To our amazing friend/photographer @clindbergphoto we love and thank you for always capturing our family and our love - even through the madness you manage to capture the beauty. Cannot wait to see the magic you made with this session.

2017 ➡️ 2022     Birthday celebrations for Sabrina over the years. A lifetime of celebrations to go.   I couldn't find years 2014 ➡️ 2016

“Oh sh*t - I’m just gonna watch you for a minute” - The exact words out of Sabrina’s mouth when we started to record this reel. Mind you I asked her several times before this day if she wanted to practice and she told me “I got it.”     So this is my tutorial for her! I need y’all’s help to encourage her to do it with me!!!    Funny story - we took a dance lesson for our wedding dance - on our very first lesson our instructor looked at Sabrina and said “as a Latina are you gonna let your white fiancé out dance you?!?” I quickly corrected her that I was biracial and that the rhythm is embedded in me from my mom and grandma 🤣🤣🤣    The triplets were done with my shenanigans - check them out in the background.

Why our trip to Paris meant so much to us…    Yesterday was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. If you’ve been following our journey then you know that we experienced a miscarriage at 7 weeks on our 2nd IUI attempt. We didn’t actually have our rainbow triplets until the 8th attempt.    Something we haven’t shared though is the significance of Paris during our journey to parenthood. We went to Paris November 2018, for our wedding anniversary, while we were there we discussed bringing our future kids back. We were also at the point of our journey that we were trying to figure out the next step. At this time we experienced multiple failed attempts as well as the miscarriage. We decided I would undergo testing - even though I didn’t want to carry and Sabrina would hold off a couple months.     Fast forward to June 2019, we’re PREGNANT!! At 7 weeks Sabrina started experiencing the same symptoms as the miscarriage - 1 day before I left for Paris for work. That’s the day we found out we were expecting triplets, hearing their 3 strong heartbeats for the first time was such a special moment.     12 hours later I left for Paris. I carried their 1st ultrasound with me to Paris, we knew in that moment we would absolutely take them to Paris once earth side.    To anyone experiencing a difficult journey to parenthood or to anyone that experienced child loss - we see you, we stand with you, you are not alone, sending you good vibes and positivity.

Although our triplets may not remember this trip to Paris - we certainly have a ton of memories, videos and photos that will take them back to these incredible moments.         Immersing our children in different countries, cultures and diversity has been something we’ve talked about before they were earth-side. We want to show them and allow them to experience the beautiful differences in the world, even at their young age. While they may not remember every moment we are exposing them to meaningful cultural experiences - allowing their tiny minds to be authentically accepting/sensitive, loving and empathetic to all the diversity in this world.       So while they may not remember these moments, we certainly will! Furthermore, traveling opens their minds - they are soaking in more than they are actually given credit for.

Happy National Coming Out Day!!!    Coming out looks differently for everyone and that’s the beauty in Coming Out - you do it on your terms and when you feel comfortable. Although I know there are many that are forced to come out and/or outed by friends/family. Coming Out can be freeing from some but very scary for others, the important thing is that you come out when you are READY! There is no time stamp on when you decide to come out - so never feel pressured to come out if you aren’t ready.     Unfortunately coming out in our community isn’t a one time thing. I’ll be honest I’ve come out way more since we’ve had children. From being asked “so, what does your husband do?” to “who’s the mom, no the real mom” to being told “your husband is a lucky guy”. I look forward to the day when people don’t assume or put labels on people automatically but rather allow people to tell their own story if/when they are ready.     If you have not come out yet - know you worthy and valid of coming out on your time!

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