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✨Mamas of triplets ✨Motherhood - In love with our rainbow babies Noah | Penelope | Julian | Bella 🐶

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One of our greatest joys is parenthood. Watching these tiny humans, that were once just a dream, grow into themselves is absolutely beautiful.       As their parents it’s also important for us to show them how to accept and receive love in their lives - giving them a healthy home life with parents that not only love them but love each other.       Our family is everything to us.       #family #familygoals #parents #parenting #kids #twinsandmultiples #triplets #samesexparents

Happy Easter 🐣🐣🐣    Blessed.     #easter #lgbt #lgbtfamily #lgbtq #lgbtqfamily #triplets #samesexparents #twomoms

Hey friends!!!      We are still around - just been really busy. After almost 8 months we are finally back home.       So we are transitioning from our temporary home to our actual home. It’s amazing how much we have accumulated in 8 months. Definitely has us wanting to live a more minimalist lifestyle.       Thanks to all that have reached out to check in on us - we appreciate you. Thanks to you all for sticking around while I haven’t been as active. Once we get settled I will try to be more active - no promises because every time I have said that something happens in life that requires more of my attention.       #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtfamily #lgbtqfamily #triplets #samesexparents #samesexfamily #twomoms

Teaching our children the importance of civic engagement. Voting is the most powerful tool we have at the ballot box.       #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtfamily #Igbtqfamily #triplets   #samesexparents #samesexfamily #vote

Out here living and loving our BEST LIFE.     Life’s been busy for us lately - but in a good way.     It’s almost Election Day - so we have been campaigning as a family on the weekends - it’s been so fun to see the kids get into it. It’s the last weekend until the election so we will be extremely busy this weekend!     It’s a great day for the community when you get to vote for your wife and sister (Sabrina’s) on Primary Election Day.     Your voice matters. Make sure you get out and vote this Primary Election Day 🗳️     #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtfamily #lgbtqfamily #triplets #samesexparents #samesexfamily #vote

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!       Pajamas @carters @littleplanet      #valentine #valentines #familygoals #couplegoals #triplets #samesexparents #lgbt #lgbtq

Celebrate love with us for our family date night baking Valentine Day treats.    To prepare for our special night, I went to @JCPenney to get our Valentine baking supplies - which included a Cooks stand mixer, Love Spatula and multiple Valentine cookie cutters and of course I had to get a mini cupcake maker.     Do you have family date nights? Does our family date night baking fit your vibe check? If so, make sure to head over to @JCPenney for your baking needs - celebrate family love with your perfect baking needs. #JCPpartner #JCPfam

Black History Month is a time to appreciate, celebrate and recognize how Black culture, heritage and excellence has helped shape the world today.       As beautiful as the month is, I am often quickly reminded that as a biracial (Black, White) woman raising multiracial (Black, Mexican, White) children with my Latina wife, that many in the world see us as the light complexion of our skin. We are quickly placed in a box that society sees us fit to be in, no different than automatically placing gender and sexuality identities based on physical appearance.       So one thing as parents that we are teaching our little ones is not to allow anyone to place you in a box - they are brave, they are smart, they are powerful and they certainly don’t belong in any box.       Black history and culture is a part of our core and what makes us uniquely and beautifully US. From our multiracial family - Happy Black History Month.      Outfits @adidas    #blackhistorymonth #interracial #interracialmarriage #multiracial #multiracialfamily #triplets #lgbt #lgbtq

4 years ago today we started this account with this message:        “Welcome from 🏳️‍🌈 Mamas_Triplet_Love , Courtney and Sabrina. Our purpose of this page is to be an inspiration, resource & helping hand to anyone going through in-fertility, especially in our LGBTQIA+ community. Unfortunately, while going through our process we didn’t find many resources for 2 Moms or same-sex families; our hope is to change that.”         Reflecting back on this post, I realize we gained so much more than what we ever anticipated. We have been blessed with new friends both near and far, some we have been lucky enough to hang out with in person, many others we are hoping to meet soon. We have built amazing friendships and connections with families that look like ours, providing our kids with more representation and visibility of families that look like ours. More than anything though we have been more immersed into an amazing community that sticks together and stands up for equality, representation and inclusion; all things that we teach our children.         Thanks for all the love, support and kind words you have provided over the years - we truly appreciate you all!         If you are new to our page please introduce yourself and let us know why you are here.        If you have been here for a while, what’s made you stay.        📸 @clindbergphoto     #lgbt #lgbtfamily #lgbtq #lgbtqfamily #samesexparents #triplets #maternityphotography #flashbackfriday

This is US.    Just a 2 mom multiracial family loving and learning to navigate life on the daily with toddler triplets.     Though we have been faced with confusing, hard, difficult, and challenging times throughout parenthood, we’ve learned to find the beauty in the chaos. We’ve learned to live in the moment, to truly slow down to embrace the present moment and all its power and beauty.     Cover 📸 @clindbergphoto   #samesexparents #twomoms #multiracialfamily #lgbt #lgbtfamily #lgbtq #lgbtqfamily #triplets

One thing about kids - they are going to speak their minds and tell you the truth 🗣️🗣️🗣️    So why is that any different at school?    Recently the kids were doing Simon Says at school and Penelope was quick to let the teachers know that “Mommy don’t do it like that” then when I got to the school she wanted me to show the teachers how we do it at home.     Their teachers are the absolute best and loved how vocal they were - especially Penelope, with expressing how they are used to things being done.     That was a proud moment as a parent because they were able to respectfully express themselves and have the confidence to do so. Letting me know we as parents are doing are part raising accepting, confident and respectful tiny humans.    Seriously though - how cute are they “hitting it to the beat”?!?    #simonsays #sahm #mom #momlife #toddler #toddlerlife #toddlermom #tr iplets

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