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✨Mamas of triplets ✨Motherhood - In love with our rainbow babies Noah | Penelope | Julian | Bella 🐶

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Can anyone else relate?!?          If I’m out of the room for longer than 10 minutes then they are coming to find me - because “ummmm what are you doing Mommy?”           Outside of the door this is what I hear:          “Meeeee Meeee Meeeee my Meeee” while literally pounding on the door 😩🤣          “Big hug - big hug now”          “MomMeeeee - MomMeeeee big hug MomMeeeeee”           Then they bust in the room -          “Mommy sandwich time!!!”          Any guesses on who does what???        Cover photo outfits @JCPenney - link in bio.

Hey friends!       Stop what you are doing and head on over to The Kids & Baby Sale at @JCPenney happening now through March 19th.       You are sure to catch some amazing deals and stylish clothes for the little cuties in your life!       With our triplets quickly growing and spring right around the corner - they were in desperate need of new spring and summer clothes! Let me tell you - I found everything that they need to start the warm weather season in style without breaking our pockets!       What are you waiting for - head to @JCPenney right away for The Kids & Baby Sale - remember it ends March 19th. #JCPpartner #JCPfam       Check out the link in bio to shop our triples style!

Do not live someone else's life and someone else's idea of what womanhood is. Womanhood is you - @violadavis    Happy International Women’s Day!!!      The beauty of womanhood is that YOU define it! You are authentically YOU - encouraging, inspiring, kind, powerful, resilient and uplifting.      Keep being the best version of you and continue to support other women - because when one woman wins we all win!

"History has shown us that courage can be contagious, and hope can take on a life of   its own.” @michelleobama    As a multiracial family living/loving outside of societal norms, we live our lives on the courage to be authentically us, while also having hope that people see us for our true selves.       Raising multiracial kids with 2 moms, we know and understand the potential negativity they may face during their lives. I also understand the potential inner struggle they may all face regarding their race - trying to find their space in the world. While it’s not our place as parents to decide how they identify, it is on us to teach them about each beautiful culture that is instilled in them. They ultimately will decide how to self identify.       For me, identifying as a biracial Black woman, it was simple because as I’ve mentioned I was raised and more aligned with my Black family; however, our children will be equally taught about each culture. I will be honest by saying Black and Mexican cultures will be highlighted more, because that’s what we know. However, over the recent years building a stronger bond with my white family, we are learning more about the culture.       As we close out Black History Month today, Black History doesn’t stop for our family. In fact Black History is just beginning for our little ones - of course we have always talked about it to them, but now they are understanding much better.       My hope for their future is that however they identify they are accepted 💯 for being true to themselves and the amazing piece of greatness they each offer this world.       Outfits @JCPenney #JCPpartner #JCPfam

Hey friends! I wanted to share some exciting news with you - we are part of the @JCPenney fam this year! I am beyond excited for this journey because it takes me back to the special moments and memories from my childhood shopping at JCPenney. Can’t wait to share our JCPenney favorites and adventures with you.          As parents it’s important to us to share little pieces of our childhood with are children - this is one thing that we both share with not only our parents but also our grandparents. What excites me the most about being part of the JCPenney fam is the wide variety of retail - giving us all a chance to express our unique style with clothing and shoes all in one spot!          Now while our little ones may not know their style yet - they know what they like! We gave them 3 outfits per child to select from and this is the cuteness you see. They are expressing themselves through their favorite colors - Noah - blue, Penelope - yellow, Julian - red - and surprisingly enough they all picked the same shoes. All rocking Okie Dokie pants and shirts and thereabout shoes.          We are thrilled to be part of the @JCPenney family, we hope you embark this journey with us! #JCPpartner #JCPfam          Shop our JCPenney family style - link in bio!

Last Friday of Black History Month.     Flashback to a photo that was taken a couple weeks after we created this account - wearing attire from Blacked owned businesses head to toe.     Today I’m sharing my life thoughts on living as a biracial Black person in this world.     Growing up in a small town in Ohio, there was never questions or doubts about my race, even with my white passing skin tone. The family that accepts and loves me unconditionally without reservations is my Black family, the family that raised me is my Black family, the family that taught, molded and made me the person I am today is my Black family. So yes, I align my identity with my Black culture and roots.     However, since I’ve left my hometown and the rise of social media, I have been seen as everything except a biracial Black person simply because of the color of my skin. “You are something, I just don’t know what” “I know you aren’t white, I just don’t know what you are” “You aren’t Black” the list goes on and on.     What I’ve learned over the years though, is that one’s opinion of my identity doesn’t define me - people try to put you in boxes they feel are correct - but I don’t allow it. I’m either too Black because I am biracial - one drop rule - or I’m not Black enough because my appearance and I am not 100% Black.     Now raising multiracial children, it’s not up to us to determine their identity - we can only teach them about their cultures and they get to decide how they identify. They can decide they align with all their races, cultures, two or just one of their races. That’s the beauty in self-identity YOU get to decide, no one else!     I know not everyone will understand this, and there will most likely be someone that tells me I don’t have a drop of Black in me; but I know there are many people that feel this exact way and may not feel comfortable speaking on it. So I will continue to take up space in this world as a biracial Black woman.

How we celebrated Valentine’s Day      We always find celebrate our love, our little ones, and the life that was once only a dream.       We rarely go big on gifts, we are big on practical everyday items that mean so much.      I braved @target - just myself and the kids - it was a great time, I spent more money than I planned (I blame the kids 🤣), we got stopped in every aisle with “are they triplets” - overall a great first experience alone. This year I wanted the kids to embrace the gift of giving - so they picked out items for Mama and their cousin, picking out for their cousin was most exciting for them. While they were picking gifts I was secretly putting their gifts in the wagon.       The kids and I made handmade cards asking “Mama will you be Mommy’s Valentine?”       To our surprise, Sabrina came home last night to spend Valentine’s with us. She made an amazing dinner and dessert.       Of course she had to leave again this morning, but we had an amazing evening celebrating our love. Oh and we got zero pictures together 🤦🏽‍♀️ we mentioned it and said oh we will do it once the kids our sleep - that didn’t happen 😩

As a multiracial/multicultural (Black, Mexican, White) family walking into Black History Month we have the beauty of embracing and learning about each culture that makes us uniquely US!       I am quickly reminded that by being biracial with multiracial kids, that our light skin tone is what people often use to dictate us, our race, our culture, etc. - so I’m often told “you are not Black and your kids aren’t Black.” However, that is the furthest thing from the truth. Our Blackness is embedded in our heart, soul and identity - it’s in our DNA.       Our ancestors passed down their experiences, memories, traditions and truths through each generation which made its way to me from my Black mother, Black grandparents, Black aunts and uncles to me and I will continue to share with our children and the generations to come.       Let’s stop trying to put people in boxes you think they are in, we are so much more than our physical appearance. Ones outward look doesn’t determine their identity - including race, gender, pronouns, sexuality and so much more.       In honor of @beyonce dropping her world tour dates today I will end with her quote that speaks volumes to me when I am told I am not Black and our kids aren’t Black “I refuse to allow someone to put me in anybody’s box”       Happy Black History Month!!!      📸 @clindbergphoto

A little about us...      We are Courtney and Sabrina - this summer will mark 9 years of us knowing/loving each other. We were secretly set-up by Sabrina’s high-school best friend - which I stole once we met 😂😂😂 We didn’t actually know we were set-up until our wedding day - should I share that story?       We are Mommy and Mama to our 3 year old triplets - hard to believe they are already 3 - once upon a time it was just a dream to become parents. After a difficult journey to parenthood, we welcomed them into the world. We never planned for triplets but they were meant to be ours from the very beginning - the universe knew we needed them as much as they needed us.       Tell us a little about yourself.      What do you enjoy about our family? What should we share more of?       Cover 📸 @clindbergphoto

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