Leteshia Weaver

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Hi! My name is Leteshia Weaver and I am a Mama on a Whim! I have been creating content since July 2019 and have learned a lot on my short journey! My platform has to do with everything related to motherhood and raising two little gentlemen in Atlanta. I have worked with quite a few brands that include Mrs. Patel’s, Pink Blush, Delta Children and Nest Diapers. I am interested in working with more brands that have to do with motherhood and healthy lifestyles/ eating. I would love to collaborate with other bloggers/ influencers as well who are in the same niche as me!

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It may be the end of January, but I am still sticking to my goal of buying healthier snacks for me and my family. I recently took a trip to The Fresh market and was able to get a bunch of organic and plant based snacks to help along my journey. Healthier eating is super important to me and I've even gotten Tre on board (he still won't eat veggies though 😅) I love that @TheFreshMarket has a bunch of options for organic snacks and foods. So now when I need to re-up on organic snacks, I will be going to The Fresh Market. #StartFresh #TheFreshMarketPartner

#AD Whenever I need a quick and easy after school snack for my kids... or myself 😉 I grab some Sister Schubert's Dinner Yeast Rolls. They are so versatile and can be used in a bunch of different ways. For my boys, I usually make them sandwiches to snack on before dinner. I also make sliders and the entire family loves them! Sister Schubert's rolls are so fresh and have that homemade taste in just a few minutes! So whether it's dinner or a snack, you can't go wrong with Sister Schubert's! Find them in the freezer section of your grocery store. #mealtime #celebrate #SisterSchuberts @sisterschuberts

I also drink water to try and balance it out 😅 #blackmoms #blackmomsblog #todaysparent #buzzfeedparents #blackmomskillingit #momhumor

In general, now is a great time to pitch to PR companies for the upcoming quarter. Whether you’ve worked with them before or not, reach out to see what collabs they may have coming up. If you have worked with them before, remind them what campaign you worked on together and let them know that you would love to hear about new opportunities. If you haven’t worked with them before, start off by introducing yourself and pitch as you normally would letting them know that you would like to hear about any brands they are working with! Getting ahead of the collabs and letting the PR companies know who you are is what’s important! #influencertips #contentcreationtips #blackcreatives #blkcreatives #atlantablogger #atlantainfluencer

Why are kids so clingy?? 🤣

I refuse to touch the trash if he’s home! 🤣🤣

How to get started as a content creator 1. Figure out your niche- Choose no more than 3 pillars to focus on. Think about what you enjoy and would like to create consistent content about. As you grow, your pillars may change and that’s ok. Making sure you stay focused though is key to success! 2. Get into a posting groove- Post consistently! Everyone’s consistent looks different, so do what works for you. What’s important is that you are posting at least weekly to your feed and stories! 3. Engagement- Like and comment on your target audiences posts and also other creators. This helps to build a community! Having a community of followers and creators is so important! 4. Study your favorite creators- As a new creator you may not know exactly where to start. Find creators who you love, are successful and in the same niche as you. Study what they do and “copy” what works for you! This will help you to figure out your style and the kind of content you like to create! 5. Have fun- Enjoy each moment! Being a content creator shouldn’t stress you out! If it does, then maybe take a break and reevaluate. You got this! 💓 #creatortips #contentcreatortips #influencertips #influencercoach #blackmomsblog #blackcreatives #blackcreators

Mentally I’m here 😅 It’s only January, but I’ve already started thinking about the family trips we are going to take this year. One place I plan to stay at again is @thegroveresort! We go to Orlando a few times a year and this is by far our favorite resort! With so much to do for the entire family, #thegroveresort has everything you need! #TheGrove #HowDoYouGrove #familytravels #familytravelblogger #blackfamilytravel #familylifestyle #atlantamom #atlantainfluencer #blackmomsblog

#AD The past few weeks I have been on-the-go quite a bit, which means SNACKS! I like to stop at Circle K to grab some @oreo Cakesters, OREO Cookies and a coffee. This pairing gets me through my daily adventures and is my favorite way to snack during the day. So next time you're on the road and need a snack, head to @circlekstores to grab your Oreo Cookie and Oreo Cakester too! #OREOatCK

2022 taught me so much as a full time content creator. I made lots of mistakes, but learned so much in the process. For 2023 my plan is to use what I learned and grow from it! One thing I started the year off with is making sure that I have collabs lined up at the end of the year that will payout in the new year! I also mapped out the first half of the year to plan for when I should pitch for different seasons. This year I will be sharing more influencer tips that work for me! Feel free to ask any questions along the way! 2023 is going to be amazing! Happy New Year! #contentcreatortips #influencertips #socialmediacoach #atlantainfluencer

NEVER fails! 🥲 I started teaching them to clean up after themselves!! #momhumor #boymomproblems #boymomclub #parentinghumor #atlantamom #atlmoms #kindredbyparents #todaysparent #todaysparents #buzzfeedparents

With the holidays here, that means its time for teacher gifts! Every year when I have to buy gifts for my kids teachers, I end up just getting them a gift card because I don't know what to buy. NOT THIS YEAR THOUGH!!! I went to @thefreshmarket and got some goodies to make baskets for my kids teachers! Throughout the store, there were different areas that had some great items to add to the baskets. From candy to hot cocoa bombs, they have it all! So this year when you are shopping for teacher gifts, do something different and make a gift basket with items from The Fresh Market! #HolidayMagic #TheFreshMarketPartner #TFMHolidays

Had so much fun cooking this breakfast hash with my little sous chef! I love making easy meals that the boys can join in on and this is definitely one of them! For a hash, you can add as many ingredients as you’d like to “dress it up,” but I decided to keep it simple with just 4 ingredients. The pork sausage is by far the star of the recipe, because it helps with the flavoring of everything else! Pork can easily be a staple for your holiday meals and you can find more pork cooking ideas and inspiration by visiting pork.org or click the link in my bio. #ad @nationalporkboard

#ad I have been shopping at Publix since I was a kid and still continue to do so now that I am an adult. They always have fresh and sustainable meats and @greenfieldnaturalmeatco.us is a must buy every time I go grocery shopping. I love that Greenfield Natural Meat Co. is a proudly carbon neutral meat brand and they are committed to making better foods that benefit the planet. There are NO artificial ingredients in their bacon and lunchmeat AND their meat is humanely raised with 100% vegetarian feed, NO antibiotics, and NO growth hormones! So whether I am making bacon for breakfast or giving my kids a Lunch kit snack, I know that I am providing them with the best! Right now you can join Greenfield Natural Meat Co. in planting 15,000 trees, plus a chance to win* 1 of 500 prizes! Go to the link in my bio for the details on how to enter! *No Purchase Necessary. Ends 11:59pm CT 12/31/22. 48 Contiguous U.S./D.C., 18+. Subject to Official Rules. #MakingMeatRight #CarbonNeutral

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