Patricia Logan

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Freelancer and blogger…Christian….Disney Fan….Stationery Designer and owner…Also paper crafter. did I mention Disney Fan? I blog about Home and Family lifestyle, writing and blogging, Traveling, Social Media, and Crafting with paper. I started about 10 years ago in the Winter of 2009. I have visited many places since I started blogging, but I also showed that its the writing that calms me. I also started to become an influencer about 4 years ago, and it was a happy accident.

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Welcome to the coldest season of the Year. Ready for some hot chocolate or your favorite hot beverage?⁣ #cup #hot #drink #hottoddy #coffee #snow #snowball #snowdays ⁣ #drinks #instacoffee #coffeelove #snowboarding #coffeetime #cappuccino

Saying Goodbye

I want to thank everyone who has supported me and My Ambiance Life since 2012 when it began as My Blessed Life. So this is a little shorter than what I am to writing, but I want to do a proper send-off to My Ambiance Life and a proper introduction to The Writing Cove. I will post this on both blogs, and I will have a link to My Ambiance Life in The Writing Cove, so you can read my old posts. As Mari Kondo says, you should say thank you to those things that served you well in your life journey, and well, My Ambiance Life has served me well.

It does not matter where you are in your life. Always take time out to learn something new. Image from Free-Photos through Pixabay. (C) 2020⁣ #learning ⁣ #knowledge #growing #awakening #wisdom #students #thewritingcove #read #books #quotes #writing #teach⁣ ⁣ #write #enlightenment #writer #writersofig #writingcommunity

I am now a fur mommy

I do not know what is it about cats, but the cats that were around mom when she was a child were outdoors cats, and they roamed where they wanted to roam. I had hoped to be a human mommy first, with my child begging for a dog, cat, or the occasional hamster or gerbil (sorry future children, mommy does not do snakes, mice, lizards, or spiders), but I will take being a fur baby mommy as well. We were in charge of the feeding and the cleaning up, but it was my parents who took them to the vet, making sure they had the food to eat (the right kind), and where they were going to sleep at, not only at home (the dogs were mostly outdoors, except in really bad weather; Gizmo is an indoor cat) If the family goes to Walt Disney World next year, I will have to board somewhere for a week because my nephew, his girlfriend, and baby will be at Walt Disney World too.

I got new glasses Friday. Thursday morning, I stepped on my old pair as I was trying to prevent them from falling off the bed. #notanicesave #lovethenewpair #RIPoldpair

Food Delivery-One year later

two, I can shop my grocery store for those meals and spend less money on those ingredients that the restaurants have to buy in bulk and keep on hand because the entrée is on the menu, and three, I can portion control my meals. In order for the person to get their money’s worth out of a meal, restaurants feel that bigger is better. I never got out of my car, and yes, they do deliver, but the store they would have delivered from, is like the Kroger’s close to my home. This is not a problem for prepared food delivery, but keep in mind if you use Uber Eats that each restaurant does have an inventory of entrees that made for delivery.

For the "Glamper" in all of us Or not! ⁣ #glamping #camping #morningccupofjoe #mug #shop #PLD #plynnedesigns #gearBubble ⁣ #coffeelove #muglife #cupoftea

New series: 56 My Ambiance Life things

56 P. Lynne Designs things on that blog and 56 Miss Froggy Loves Traveling things on that blog. one that covers home life (Home Prep), one that covers my business and crafting (P. Lynne Designs), and a new one that covers travel (Miss Froggy Loves Traveling). First off, if you write motivational and/or inspirational type blog posts or want to start one during this pandemic (or any type of blog post for that matter), do not start on the negative side of it. Home Prep things” blog post over on my Home Prep blog

New Shop: Just a little pride in your morning because she is Lady J. currently in my shop.⁣ #gearBubble ⁣ #plynnedesigns #mug⁣ #LadyJ⁣ #coffee #tea #hotchocolate #11oz #PLD #Printondemand #muglife #silhouette ⁣ #coffeelove

Photo by Pexels for Pixabay

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