Malia Gluten Free

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17+ years on a #glutenfree diet🚫🌾✨ Finding wellness with chronic illness / #celiac / #pots 🌊 San Diego, California 💌

Location San Diego, California
Country United States of America
Member Since APRIL 19, 2023
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My heart goes out to all the families & businesses affected by the wildfires in Lahaina, Maui 💔😥 Lahaina Grill made my 21st birthday the most memorable dining experience @lahainagrill 💗 The food was amazing but the kindness of the staff was unmatched. Sending love to everyone in Lahaina & Western Maui ❤️😔

Ad: Can you believe my family did this?! @scharglutenfree 🚫🌾🤍 Thankful for my family’s sacrifices and brands we can trust like Schär 🤗#scharpartner #schar #scharglutenfree #glutenfreebread #soyfree #glutenfree #scharABrelaunch

100% vegan restaurant in San Diego, CA 💚 My sister is vegan so for her bachelorette party I had to take her to this critically acclaimed vegan restaurant in North Park 🌱🍸 It wasn’t very gluten-free friendly… but we communicated our needs and made it work! I shared these plates with a gluten-free friend in our party :) What we ordered 👇🏼 - Mother of Pearl tequila cocktail - Caeser’s Palace (no croutons) 🥗 - Kefta skewers 🍢 - Warlock salad with avocado 🥑 #glutenfree #sandiego #vegansandiego #vegan #veganfood #veganeats #vegansd

bachelorette drink round up 💍 1. @cocomayasd aesthetic 2. @dafunkylemon smoothie 3. @cocomayasd espresso martini 4. @cocomayasd mango guava spritz 5. @nolitahall aesthetic 6. @nolitahall frozen drink 7. @civico1845 salmon & Hugo spritz 8. @barkindred 9. @barkindred mother of pearl & palmbearer #bachelorette #bacheloretteparty #cocktails #sandiegobachelorette

AD: The unexpected positive of dietary restrictions… #scharpartner @scharglutenfree 🤍 Those who care WILL show up for you! Because Schär cares, Schär Artisan Baker Bread is now SOY-FREE in addition to being gluten-free 🤗 Thank you Schär for being a safe brand that gluten-free and soy-free folks can trust! Shop the link in bio to order Schär online or find a store with Schär products near you. #schar #scharglutenfree #glutenfree #celiac #soyfree #allergyfriendly #scharabrelaunch

📍 Civico 1845 | Italian Restaurant in San Diego, CA Located in Little Italy @civico1845 offers gluten-free pasta, apps, and entrees *HOWEVER* their pasta is NOT celiac safe. It is cooked in the same pasta water as the gluten-full pasta ☹️ I still love the ambience of this restaurant so I enjoyed a date night here with the GF celiac safe pesto salmon! The sauce was 👩‍🍳🤌 💯 If you’re gluten-intolerant but not worried about cross contact go ahead and dive into the short rib pasta 😍 If you’re celiac like me stick to the labeled GF entrees! #glutenfree #glutenfreefood #sandiegofood #sandiegofoodie #sandiegoeats #foodie #glutenfreefoodie

This made all the difference growing up gluten-free 🤍 #schar #scharpartner Celiac disease is tough but your child will be okay! I turned out alright 😉 #celiacawareness #celiacawarenessmonth #glutenfree #celiac #celiacdisease @scharglutenfree

My favorite study/work spots in San Diego 📝🌊💻 pt. 3 1. Trilogy Sanctuary 2. Communal Coffee 3. Elixir Let’s dive in 🤿 @trilogysanctuary 🧘✨ Trilogy Sanctuary is a 100% gluten-free and vegan cafe open ALL day in La Jolla! I have quite literally spent an entire day here studying because I can have coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner here that is celiac safe. They use nuts in their food and drink so be cautious if you have a nut allergy. There is both rooftop and indoor seating and views of the ocean on a clear day. Trilogy Sanctuary is the spot to study at if you’re looking for a zen environment. My fav dishes include the Trilogy Pancakes, heavenly smoothie, chocoholic acas, seared spring rolls, mac n cheese, & the green goddess salad. @communalcoffee 🤎☕ Communal Coffee has multiple locations around SD & North County but I’m partial to the North Park location! Communal is popular among SDSU students, UCSD students, and remote workers. This is a great co-working space to lock in and get a ton done in one session. It’s more of of an all work & no play environment (from my experience!) if you need to be surrounded by workers rather than casual conversations. Elixir Espresso & Wine Bar🪄🍩 @elixirespressobar Gluten-free donuts?! Say less. Elixir is a quaint coffee shop (not to be confused with Elixir De La Lune) with locations in Pacific Beach, La Jolla, and downtown. So to be honest.. this may not be the BEST study spot because there are only a couple tables but I love the shop on a warm day. They leave the doors open and let the ocean breeze in. Best to go early to snag a spot! If it’s full on arrival I’ll usually enjoy my coffee there and cross the street to study at Peet’s in La Jolla. Check out parts 1 and 2 for more cafes in San Diego! #sandiego #sandiegostudyspots #sandiegocafes #sandiegocafe #sandiegofood #sandiegocoffee #coffee #coffeeshop #coffeeshopsandiego

Gluten-free Las Vegas | 📍STK I love Vegas and will continue to go every year! The clubs are fun but the food is even better. Vegas has so many restaurants with gluten-free options. Check out my story highlights to see more Vegas restaurants with GF food 🚫🌾 Overall, I’ve noticed that upscale restaurants are incredible with food allergies. This is likely because they have a reputation to uphold… I feel more comfortable at places like STK where the wait staff and kitchen is on their best behavior to avoid cross contact (the trade off is a hit to the bank account 🥵) STK is a world renowned upscale steakhouse and my friend chose this restaurant to celebrate her birthday! @eatstk STORY TIME: Right before this dinner I was in the trenches… the day club heat hit me hard and my chronic illness symptoms were flaring: migraine, tachycardia, low blood pressure, fatigue, brain fog, etc. I had to take a step back and arrive late to dinner so that I could take care of myself. My friends were understanding and sympathetic to my late arrival :) Ironically STK was SUPER behind and they took 2 hours to seat our group of 14. I arrived just in time to get seated AND we got free drinks & appetizers!! They brought out GF apps for the table so I could partake 💞 What we enjoyed: - Spiced watermelon cocktail w/ tequila, st germain, watermelon, lime and jalapeño - Kale salad with quinoa cranberries and apples - Shrimp appetizer - Burrata salad - Side of brussel sprouts & veggies & the main event! MEDIUM FILET WITH BUTTER & RED WINE GLAZE 🥩 all gluten free! Have you been to STK? #glutenfree #glutenfreelasvegas #lasvegasfood #lasvegasfoodie #celiacdisease #glutenfreefood #gffood #stk #stklasvegas

What made me different from other 5 year olds… #scharpartner @scharglutenfree 🤍  Happy Celiac Disease Awareness Month! I have been living with diagnosed celiac disease for over 17 years and am thankful for how far the gluten-free industry has come. Thank you Schär, for being a safe brand that gluten-free folks can trust! Shop the link in bioooo #schar #celiacawarenessmonth #celiacawareness #scharglutenfree #glutenfree #celiac @scharglutenfree

Best study/work spots in San Diego 📝🌊💻 pt. 2 1. Better Buzz 2. The Living Room Cafe 3. Brick & Bell Now let’s dive into each spot! @betterbuzz 🐝 Better Buzz has multiple locations around SD! I favor the PB & La Jolla locations because they are close to the beach, but there are bigger locations inland. I love the Hazelnut Divinity drink or a chai latte 🤎 they have some GF food options but I usually stick to the drinks. @livingroomcafe_ 🛋️🪑 This might be my all time favorite place to study. A cafe with an ocean view that’s open till 11 every night. Food wise they do not have any celiac safe options, but they are open late which means I stay here for the hours! You’ll find a mix of friends playing card games together, students studying, and remote workers freelancing. @brickandbell 🧱 🔔 Brick & Bell is home to my favorite açaí bowls in San Diego! When I’m craving food I’ll come here and sit outside with my laptop. Best to come here on a sunny day! The granola in their açaí bowls is automatically gluten free 😌🤗 #sandiego #sandiegostudyspots #sandiegocafes #sandiegocafe #sandiegofood #sandiegocoffee #coffee #coffeeshop #coffeeshopsandiego

📍 YardBird | Las Vegas, NV *PSA, my friend went here and her Nima sensor detected gluten. I had no problem but want to include this as a warning! YardBird claims to offer celiac safe fries chicken & waffles! I enjoyed my meal and had no reactions ❤️ that is just my personal experience. My friends were happy to get the gluten free food so we could share the experience! Much love 💓 What we ordered 🧇🍉 - Watermelon Sling cocktail w tequila, lemon, aperol, and rosemary - The Whole Bird with fries chicken, waffles, hot sauce, maple syrup and spicy watermelon (SPLIT BETWEEN 4 PEOPLE!) - Free tequila sunrise inspired drinks from our server! Our server was super informed about celiac and also knew what was vegan options my friend could partake in. Cheers to @yardbirdrestaurants #glutenfree #glutenfreefood #celiac #celiacdisease #celiacsafe #lasvegas #lasvegasglutenfree #glutenfreelasvegas #lasvegasfood #lasvegasfoodie

My favorite study/work spots in San Diego 💻🌊📝 pt. 1 1. Palmy’s 2. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters 3. Lovesong Now let’s go into detail and discuss GF options at each place! @palmys 🌴🌞 Palmy’s has gluten free options, but be careful about cross contact. I usually order smoothies here to be safe. I highly recommend their mint chip smoothie! Tastes like a dream. *note, WiFi token lasts for an hour and then you have to go get a new one every hour 😂 keep that in mind! @birdrockcoffeeroasters ☕️🐦 Located in Bird Rock neighborhood in La Jolla, this is a wonderful indoor/outdoor cafe. You can see them roast the coffee beans from inside the shop! BRCR embodies the ocean and you’ll hear collaborative conversations and talk about the waves that morning. I only get coffee here bc they do not have GF pastries. I recommend the Sandpiper latte! I get so much work done here. @lovesongcoffee 💓🎶 Lovesong is an adorable coffee shop in Northpark that’s alll about the aesthetic and the vibe. I recommend their matcha! They sell snacks here and their are plenty of GF options to choose from. Happy studying! #sandiegocoffee #sandiegocafes #sandiegocoffee #sandiegocafe #studyspot #workspot #remotework #sdcafe #sandiegostudyspots

A month of gluten free eats in San Diego 💙 1. Second nature surf break chicken salad @secondnaturepb 🌊 2. Trilogy sanctuary seared spring rolls 3. Study break views 🌸 4. Elixir De La Lune pesto chickpea salad wrap (overpriced and not as good as it sounds). 100% GF cafe. I recommend the coffee here but not the food! 5. SD fishery for a friend’s birthday :) they modified the halibut to be gluten free 🐟 6. Nectarine Grove pesto pizza & decaf latte. Food 10/10. Mental state 1/10 😂 had a breakdown shortly after this pic was taken 7. Ocultó 477 @oculto477 date night ✨ Such a fun speakeasy 🥂 8. Trilogy Sanctuary vegan max n cheese with tempeh for protein 🌱 9. Crystal pier sunset 🌅 10. Marisi arugula salad 🥗 I do not recommend Marisi to celiacs bc there’s not many options besides salads! #glutenfree #glutenfreesandiego #glutenfreefood #sandiego #sandiegofood #sandiegoeats #sdfoodie #sdfood #glutenfreeoptions #gf #gfblogger #glutenfreelife #glutenfreeeats

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