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17+ years on a #glutenfree diet🚫🌾✨ Finding wellness with chronic illness / #celiac / #pots 🌊 San Diego, California 💌

Location San Diego, California
Country United States of America
Member Since APRIL 19, 2023
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Frozen goodies from @natprodexpo 🤩🚨 can you spot the new products 👀 1. @mingsbings 2/3. @feelgoodfoods 4. how certified GF food makes me feel 5/6 @brazi_bites 7. @papamtnfoods #glutenfree #celiac #celiacdisease #glutenfreefood

100% gf restaurants have my heart 😌❤️ Have no fear of cross contact at @bibibopasiangrill 🚫🌾 a 100% gluten free chain in the United States! I checked out the location in downtown Santa Monica this week before Expo West 🌴 and then took a lovely walk to the ocean 🌊 You can customize bowls or order one from their menu. I tried the sweet and spicy chicken bowl! #glutenfree #glutenfreelosangeles #celiac #celiacsafe #celiacdisease

Day 1 at Expo West 🚫🌾 So many new & fan favorite products! Pictured: 2. @scharglutenfree 🫶🏼 *review on new products to come* 3. @bobsredmill NEW PROTEIN OATS! 4. @yumearth healthier candy 🍭 5. @sietefoods y’all their new cookies are the best yet 6. 🥰 7. @bfreefoods just found out they carry GF pita and naan 😮😮😮 8. @eatcrepini NEXTY finalist 9. @wellafoods grain free cereal 10. @ithacahummus running to the store to buy these new flavors ASAP Brands with GF products I had the pleasure of meeting today: @everybody_eating @drinktru @raisedglutenfree @goodiegirlcookies @hisuvia @oggifoods @hummkombucha @2fitbrands @alohamoment @froozeballsusa @marysgonecrackers @lotusfoods @gomacro @cup4cup @purely_elizabeth @bfreefoods @organicproshop @thegrainescapebaking #expowest2024 #naturalproductsexpo #naturalproducts #glutenfree #glutenfreeproducts #glutenfreefood #celiac #celiacdisease

spring in sd ☺️🌊🤍⬇️ 1. Buying organic produce from local farmers >> @pacificbeachmarket 2. @feelgoodfoods chicken potstickers 3. :)) 4/5 new find… pleasantly surprised @wearecloudwater 6. Whenever I go on a walk I remember why I choose to keep living… L I V I N! 7. Have you tried @traderjoes GF donut holes yet? what did you thinkkk 🤔 @traderjoesglutenfree 8. I could spend all day here 9. @brickandbell 💞☕️ 10. …Should I get one 🐶 How we feeling about this photo dump method to share gf finds and life’s little moments? #glutenfree #celiac #celiacdisease

this ain’t Texas… oh wait! 🌟 GF finds in Dallas 1. Cowboys Red River Saloon 🪩🤠 2. HG SPLY stir fry 🤩 3. Well grounded coffee community ☕️ 4. HG SPLY nachos :)) 5. Monday sculpt @ CorePower Yoga 🧘‍♀️ 6. GoMacro my travel savior 🙌 7. Mid day apps and coffee from Sixty Vines 🌿 8. Emergency salt 😋 9. Paella again @barcelonawinebar Texas gluten free weekend 🤍🦔🤠 #glutenfree #glutenfreefood #glutenfreedallas

🚨⭐️ Gluten Free Giveaway ⭐️🚨 (closed) I am so grateful for your support in my GF & chronic wellness journey 🤍 In honor of 2k on IG & 10k on TikTok I want to give back and thank you for supporting me 🌊🤗 ✨ Items you will receive ✨ - 24-pack of cookies & creamless @liveowyn - Chocolate peanut butter plant based protein by Truvani - Banana Cinnamon plant based protein by Truvani - Certified gluten free old fashioned rolled oats by Bob’s Red Mill - Mini pretzels by Snyder’s - Deli style sourdough from Schär - Ciabatta artisan style bread from Schär - Chocolate vanilla crème cookies by Glutino - Salt & pepper kettle chips by Kettle Brand - 1 whole pack of oatmeal chocolate chip protein bars ⭐️ HOW TO ENTER ⭐️ 1. Must be following @maliaglutenfree and @liveowyn 2. LIKE, COMMENT, and SAVE this post 3. Like @maliaglutenfree last 3 posts 4. Giveaway ends March 3/15 at 10:30am PST 5. I will DM the winner FROM THIS ACCOUNT! Do not respond to any fake emails or IG accounts. 👀 I might even choose a 2nd winner who will receive a 24-pack of cookies & creamless protein drinks from @liveowyn 🤫🤗 OWYN protein shakes are made with 100% plant-based ingredients, free of the top 9 allergens, and contain no artificial ingredients 😍 Good luck! About me & this account: I was diagnosed with celiac disease at 5 years old and have been eating gluten free since. In my teens and twenties I’ve been diagnosed with chronic migraine, POTS/dysautonomia, and hEDS but these illnesses do not define me 🤍 I post gluten free eats & chronic illness tips. Follow along as we heal together 🌊🚫🌾 #glutenfree #celiac #celiacdisease #liveowyn

🤗 some recent homemade meals If it’s simple sign me up 🙋🏼‍♀️ My best friend & I were chatting about how the meals you’re raised on impact taste preferences and healthy habits in adulthood. We both come from parents with a “healthier” diet. We consider it normal to eat a 80/20 diet but we know people who grew up on lucky charms for breakfast & fast food multiple times per week. That kind of diet would us me feel sick and sluggish but it’s easy to judge when that’s not how you were raised. My mom is a “plate” kind of chef. We did lots of meat + starch + veggie like chicken + rice + broccoli or salmon + potatoes + salad. In adulthood I’ve found that I am a “bowl” girl. I love when all the flavors meld and are tied together with a sauce. I love a stir fry, a sweet potato bbq chicken bowl, a Mediterranean bowl, a burger bowl…. It’s a further adaptation of the “plate” method just piling it all together. I like this bc it’s easy :) The other kind of healthy chef is “recipe chef” 🧑‍🍳 This is your friend who loves to spend time in the kitchen following recipes online or making their own! They make fun dishes like sliders, stuffed peppers, homemade pesto pasta, etc. they’re excited to put in extra time or effort to make dinner each night! Are you a plate chef, a bowl chef or a recipe chef?! 🧑‍🍳 Pictured meals: 1. Turkey/sweet potato/spinach + more bowl 2. Eggs + fruit for breakfast 3. Honey teriyaki chicken + rice + broccoli 4. Chicken fried rice 5. Dairy free cheesy pasta 6. Everything bagel + scrambled eggs + spinach 7. Shrimp + broccoli + rice Can you tell what my favorite vegetable is 🥦 #glutenfree #celiac #celiacdisease #healthylifestyle #chronicwellness

Bishop Arts District ⭐️ Dallas, TX 📍 @tribalalldaycafe | Bishop Arts District 📍 @mosaicmakersco 📍 @wilddetectivescoffee GF Eats ⭐️ - black bean bowl from Tribal All Day Café - dreamy dragon smoothie from Tribal All Day Café - iced latte from Wild Detectives #glutenfree #glutenfreefood #glutenfreedallas #celiac #celiacdisease

Paella in the states?! 🥘 📍 @barcelonawinebar Dallas, TX I’ve seen this restaurant online but didn’t know they had a location in Dallas so I was pleasantly surprised to see it on my friend’s itinerary! When I alerted the waiter of celiac she took the menu and marked every item that is/isn’t safe or could be modified. We went with the bacon wrapped dates and the chicken chorizo chickpea paella. And WOW I will be dreaming about it this for months! Great ambience, great food, good wine, and even better company 🕯️❤️ I HIGHLY recommend checking out @barcelonawinebar if you have a location near you 🍷 #celiac #celiacdisease #celiaclife #glutenfree

shrimp enchiladas from @javierscantina ✨🍤🍹 Javier’s is all the rage in San Diego and now I know why 🤩 I ordered the Granada margarita & the “enchiladas de camarones” with shrimp, garlic butter, and tomatillo sauce. I had some rice on the side too. *I did not eat the chips or ask about cross contact in the chips so I’m not sure if they are safe. Fried items here are not safe due to a shared fryer. The enchiladas ARE safe and the restaurant was able to follow correct cross contact policies for my dinner* The restaurant design feels inspired by Tulum 🤍🇲🇽 #sandiegofood #sandiegoglutenfree #glutenfree #celiac #celiacdisease

we need to do something about the tiny bread 😮‍💨 Thank you @canyonglutenfree for making gluten-free bread bigger (ad) ❤️ #celiac #celiacdisease #glutenfree #makeglutenfreebreadbigger ///// 🏷️ Gluten-free bread, gluten-free avocado toast, life with celiac disease, celiac problems, celiac struggles, gluten free toast, make gf bread bigger

A gluten-free Super Bowl ✨🚫🌾🏈 I made a Gf/Df buffalo chicken dip that was a fan favorite! Recipe by @lesswithlaur and I HIGHLY recommend making it ❤️ Other gluten-free apps: - @kettlebrand sea salt & vinegar - bacon wrapped jalapeño potatoes - fruit salad - cranberry mocktail - veggie plate - arugula pear salad #glutenfree #celiacdisease #celiac

gluten free croissant heaven ✨🥐 Throwback to last weekend’s gluten free meet up in San Diego at @nectarinegrove 🤩 Thank you @mymeal.foodallergy & @sukipwd for hosting 💞 Finally met @tylerandhistummy + @jillianjacobsonwellness in person too 🤗 give all these wonderful creators a follow! The gluten free community is SO kind and caring 🥹 it it’s so comforting to chat about our successes and challenges in an empathetic space but also hear about all the wonderful things we do in life outside of our diets and chronic illnesses. The whole message of my page is that while chronic illness is a huge part of our lives, it does not have to define us. I share information, restaurants, products and tips in hopes that we can all LIVE WELL! The deets @nectarinegrove ➡️ Bakehouse Breakfast 🍳 ➡️ The famous GF croissant 🥐 *these sell out quickly* ➡️ Breakfast tacos - a peer let me try one! Highly recommend 🤍 #celiacdisease #celiac #glutenfree #glutenfreesandiego #glutenfreefood

SAN DIEGO GLUTEN FREE COMMUNITY HANG 🤍🚫🌾 Let’s support @eateltianguis for listening to the celiac community and remaining 100% gluten-free 🤩 Come meet @sukipwd Kendra & Suki (the cutest gluten detection dog) and most importantly show thanks to a small business that LISTENED 🥹❤️ When: Saturday Jan 13 @ Noon Where: Mission Valley El Tianguis ⬇️ 7995 Civita Blvd San Diego, CA 92108 United States #celiac #celiacdisease #glutenfree

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