The Jurgys

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We exist to motivate individuals (300k+ of them) to adventure more with their friends and family! We adventure all over, focus on a healthy lifestyle, and hide geocache treasures where we are to motivate others to get outside.

Family is a huge priority through all of it and we always have a good time :) We're about to finish our 50-state tour in our renovated RV and then announcing our next plans etc Jan 2020

Location Swan Valley, ID
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If you have asked “how epic will SUMMER CAMP 2024 be??” Well there’s no gatekeeping here, so enjoy a little teaser 😏 Sign up (link in bio) to be notified before the public & have access to presale tickets (coming soon)!! Event will be July 17-21!!

BIG NEWS! We opened a COOKIE Store w/ some friends!! (swipe to see!) We’re throwing a grand opening party tomorrow (Saturday Mar 16) @thecravecookies location at 273 W 500 S in Bountiful, UT! We will be here handing out free cookies all day - if you’re within a drive PLEASE come say hi and party with us!! We’re also cooking up something unique! We’re calling it a Crookie, a croissant-cookie hybrid and would love some feedback on it. This has been a project in the works for a bit with Bryce and some of his buddies and we’re excited we can finally share it with you! Let us know if you’ll be able to stop by so we can make sure to hang! #cravecookie

Stepping into a world of imagination w/ these littles 🥰 Thank you @waltdisneyworld and @disneyparks for hosting us! Forever grateful 🙏🏼 #sparkjoyintheeveryday #thisismagic #worldofimagination

And today we realized how competitive our family is 😂 Game: Pickleball Blast by @moose_games_ (you can order now at Target!) #ad Game Rules: • Smash the wildly wiggling pickle w/ your Paddle (Use paddle button, not movement of the wrist to keep it competitive) • Aim for your opponents pickle jars to flip them over • 1st player to flip 2 of the Pickle Lids scores a point • Four points and you win! This is definitely one of those games that the more you play the funner and funnier it gets (It’s IMPOSSIBLE to play this game without laughing) The weight of the pickle skewer changes it up just enough to keep it very competitive amongst any age and skill level. Our family loves it! Order Pickleball Blast now exclusively at Target! #PickleballBlast #Pickleball #Games

SAVE THE DATE: JULY 17-21!! The MOST EPIC event for families & friends, The Park at Swan Valley presents: SUMMER CAMP! Next Friday we’ll post more details/how to get tickets. We are already SO EXCITED for what we’re brewing up for you guys, we can’t wait!! Tag your RV and vanlife friends that you’d wanna party with! . #fulltimerv #vanlife #rvlife #schoolielife #rvmeetup #summercamp #homeonwheels

Doin all I can before I’m replaced 😅 . #girldad❤️ #valentines_day #dadliferocks

Shoutout to Gary. Thanks to @heyculligan, we are now set up with a reverse osmosis water filtration system! #CulliganWaterPartner Even if you have your own well for water, it’s worth testing your water every year to know what’s actually in it! We had the best experience with Gary, and Joe! They taught us so much about our water and walked us through our home solution so we can feel confident about our water! We’re also getting a whole home softening system, to say Nells is happy about it is an understatement. You can schedule a free consultation with a Culligan expert and an expert from your local Culligan dealer will take care of you (you can’t all have Gary, sorry). Link in bio to learn more about Culligan’s home solutions #CulliganWaterPartner #ReverseOsmosis

Lateral shift injury update - So much progress!! To those of you who have shared what helped after your back injury, we can’t thank you enough! Also everyone who has reached out offering encouragement, it makes a difference! And thank you to our neighbors who have basically set up a clinic in our home. Bryce now has a walker 😂, an inversion table, tens unit, and zero gravity chair that have been game changers. Bodies are weird sometimes, but also amazing. What else has helped any of you for back injuries?? We’ll be sharing more in our stories about it.

She was so happy at the top 🥺 We’re big fans of experiences that locate our daughters’ comfort zones so we can help them take a step JUST beyond their comfort. Why?? We know what’s on the other side. When we focus on their effort more than the outcome… When we constantly encourage them… When we help them see the benefit of failure as long as they keep trying… We gotta be doing something right…right? 🫶🏼 . #parentingtips #family❤️ #rockclimbingwomen

Life lately 🙏🏼

To the one who literally and figuratively carries our girls and gives of herself for their experience…love you so much @nel.jurgy. Grateful to do life with you, learn with you and experience more of God’s love through you. #happymothersday❤️

Core memories . . 📸 @ingramsmartphotography

Just being a dad and a kid at the same time

I remember coming to my dad with a question that I was positive he would have the answer to. He didn’t. Instead, he admitted he wasn’t sure and suggested we found the answer together. And that was the answer I needed. My dad always looked for AND encouraged opportunities for growth within each of us. He also embraced opportunities to work and struggle right alongside WITH us. When I was 9, we climbed Idaho’s highest peak together. I cried. I hated parts of it. I thought I was going to die. I grew. And he was there with me the entire time. He later told me he was miserable during the climb too. I never noticed. In 7th grade I signed up for wrestling and hated it 2 days in. He reminded me that I wasn’t a quitter. So I reluctantly finished the whole season. I knew where to look in the stands during every high school basketball game. No matter the size of the crowd he was there. In a world that rewards and recognizes rapidly for our work in society, I’m grateful for the quiet constant hours and sacrifice from dad that weren’t publicly recognized but played a HUGE role in my life. And now being a father myself I realize the power that makes it all possible from a supportive and loving spouse. Happy Father’s Day Dad. And shoutout to @nel.jurgy and @kjurgensmeier and all the better halves out there who empower dads day in and out.

Back in high school, during a pep-assembly event, I was asked, “Besides your own mom, who is another woman you would thank, and for what?” I said my mom’s mom. For making my mom. This one is definitely top of that list now. When I asked Nellie’s parents for their blessing to marry Nells, one of the first things her dad said was “You know you’ll be getting an incredible Mother-in-law and Nana out of this!” He was right! Moms are cool. Especially this one I get to be with every day now. I remember some of mine and Nell’s first *serious* conversations about having children, and specifically Nell’s desires, excitement, and worries about it all. She TOTALLY underestimated herself!! I’m so grateful that despite all that life brings, Nells chooses to put our girl’s needs above her own literally all the time. Day and night. And yet she still finds ways to help me still be seen and valued. Love you Nells! #happymothersday❤️

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