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We are two Aussie teachers that travel every moment we get to then share our knowledge of luxury travel hacks with the world. Our motto is to help people travel as nice as they can as cheap as they can.

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10 BEST Joshua Tree Airbnbs

The stunning Joshua Tree National Park in southern California is one of the most impressive parts of the entire state. Dotted with the iconic Joshua trees that give the park its name, Joshua Tree is an interesting mix of the high Mojave Desert and the low Colorado Desert. With beautiful desert plains, mountains, art communes, and abandoned towns, Joshua Tree is a genuine highlight of southern California and this articles is specifically going to look at the BEST Joshua Tree Airbnbs. As you’d expect, Airbnbs in Joshua Tree are plentiful, with a huge range of options: luxury, eco-friendly, glamping, unique properties, and much more besides.

Road Trip Norway - Lofoten to North Cape.

Love a good road trip? If you want to get to see more of this beautiful country, consider a road trip of Norway! A road trip gives you access to roads, attractions and sights that you wouldn’t have seen as a tourist moving through Norway on a bus – how to prepare for a road trip in Norway, including why to choose Norway in the first place, what you should know about your license and what route to take for the best possible Norwegian road trip you’ll ever take.

Where To Stay In Cinque Terra - Airbnb Italy

Cinque Terre is a gem of Italy with colourful homes and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. The entire area of Cinque Terre covers 17 square miles (about 4 5 square kilometres). The five towns are most well known for their colourful houses and small-town atmosphere making it a perfect place to visit. Of course when visiting you will need a place to stay and that is when Airbnb Cinque Terre comes in.

Where To Stay In Cinque Terre

From South to North the towns of Cinque Terre are: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso al Mare. Manarola is cliffside but has a path down to the water as well as one away along the cliffs away from the town; great for photography. Vernazza has a beautiful kay and small beach with a circular tower overlooking the ocean. Monterosso al Mare has a huge beach, but take care during the busy season as it can get pretty packed.

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