Timothy Scott, Editor of Luxury Latin America

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Timothy is the editor of Luxury Latin America online magazine, established in 2007, and writes the material for the accompanying blog. The site covers high-end hotels and luxury adventure tours in Mexico, Central America, and South America. He is an expert on luxury hotels, Latin American destiantions, and real estate in the region for vacation or retirement. He also runs other sites for travel on varying budgets. See www.AlCentroMedia.com for those.

Location Guanajuato, Guanajuato
Country Mexico
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Yeah we know, it's hard to think about travel when we're all on lockdown and need to #staytheFhome for now. But when this passes and you're ready to take that long-dreamed cruise to Antarctica, you'll most likely spend a night or two in #ushuaia in Argentina. Follow the link in our profile to see our newly posted review of @loscauquenes resort. Most of the 57 rooms have a stunning view of the Beagle Channel. Photo by contributor @transamericas_journey . . . #argentinatravel #ushuaiabyloscauquenes #ushuaialovers #ushuaiafindelmundo #ushuaiaturismo #visitargentina #findelmundoargentina #luxuryresort #luxurylatinamerica #CanalBeaglePrimeraFila #FinDelMundo #LuxuryHotel #Patagonia #beaglechannel #traveltoantarctica

The Best Restaurants in Latin America and Top Cities for Food

While the best restaurants in Latin America list has a few solo entries in cities like Quito and Panama City, there are clear destination winners if you’re looking for the best food in Latin America at the high end. Many would consider Oaxaca to be the best food city in Mexico, but the options are not fancy enough there to make the top-50 list. ’s largest country can claim some of the best food in South America, at least in terms of fine dining. That’s 10 restaurants out of 50 on this year’s list in one city, Buenos Aires, surprisingly beating out Mexico City and just one behind Lima’s top showing.

Picture yourself in this Belize villa for four nights, then three nights more on a private island...on us! Only three days left to enter. Win a warm and sunny week of beach walking, snorkeling, and being on the water in the tropics. At @ChabilMar in #Placencia and 3 nights at the private island resort @RayCayeBelize. Go here to enter or see the Luxury Latin America blog for details: https://www.luxurylatinamerica.com/contest-belize-2020.html. . . . @travelbelize #placenciabelize #belizetravel #paradise #getaway #belizeit #travelbelize #islandlife #LuxuryLatinAmerica #visitbelize #luxuryvilla #beachvilla #mybeautifulbelize #explorebelize #travelvacation #BelizeResorts #BelizeLuxuryVacations #PlacenciaVillage #privateisland #BelizeRomance #BelizeBeachVacations #ChabilMar #ChabilMarVillas #RayCayeBelize #yourcayetoparadise #raycayeislandresort #belizeprivateislandresort

The Top-10 Luxury Travel Blog Posts in a Boozy Year of Non-travel

Here on this luxury travel blog we write about travel in Latin America, vacation or retirement real estate, plus wine and spirits from the region. Those top overall posts include some perennial favorites from earlier years you’ll find in the sidebar (or at the bottom on mobile), like the best rums from Central America, where to eat in Puerto Vallarta, and the swimmable beaches of Los Cabos. In the #4 slot was a post about an updated review and a video tour of what is, in many respects, the best all-inclusive resort in Mexico’s most popular hotel zone. Thanks for checking out the top stories on the only luxury travel blog covering Latin America in depth.

If we are going to be stuck somewhere and can't travel for weeks or months, I think we picked a nice place: Guanajuato, Mexico. Where are you holed up in this time of isolation? . . . #guanajuato #guanajuato_mx #guanajuatocapital #guanajuatocity @villamariacristina #thisismexico #igguanajuato #descubreguanajuato #visitguanajuato #jacarandas #colorsofmexico #luxurylatinamerica #mexicolindo

Ron Botran Reserva Rum From Guatemala

Situated somewhere between the liquid caramel of Centenario rum from Costa Rica and the heavy bite of Flor de Cana from Nicaragua, Ron Botran Añejo Reserva offers a nice blend of smoothness and complexity that makes it fine to drink neat but not overpowering if you use it in a (good) cocktail. But since this distillery blends a wide range of barrels together in the solera method, you really have to take it on faith that the 18 version has more aging than the 12 version. Ron Botran Añejo Reserva 15 retails for $25 or so (my bottle was $19) in the U.S., making this one of the greatest bargains you’ll find in the rum section or your liquor store—if they have it. Botran Reserva 12 also retails for about $20 in a Mexican supermarket, priced somewhere between the Mexican, Cuban, and Jamaican brands and the higher-priced sister Zacapa or a Flor de Cana of the same age.

Yeah we know, you're in self-isolation now and can't travel anywhere. We're still putting up our hotel reviews that are in the queue though so you can plan for a brighter future when we are free again. This is @haciendajurica on the edge of #queretaro in Mexico. A former hacienda that dates back a few hundred years, it is now a lovely hotel run by the Brisas Group and a part of @preferredhotels. See a full review on our site. . . . #queretaromexico #querétaro #queretarotravel #haciendahotel #thisismexico #mexicodesign #colonialmexico #beautifulhotel #beautifulhomesofinstagram #luxurylatinamerica #courtyard #mexicanlights #centralmexico #exhacienda

Milagro Tequila Review

Milagro means “miracle” in Spanish and it’s a miracle if you haven’t run into this tequila brand while browsing the duty free store at nearly any airport in North America. Like I said, it’s hard to figure out where these guys and their agave farms are located from their site or social media, and there’s no press page, but from the herbal and floral hints in their tequila, I’m guessing it’s somewhere in the highlands of Jalisco, Los Altos. In many duty-free stores, you can get the blanco version for around 20 bucks and the reposado version is generally $25 to $30. it’s usually $110 or more for this boxed version, which puts it in the range of some superior aged tequila versions like Don Julio 1942 and Reserva del la Familia in many stores.

Our home base HQ of Guanajuato, Mexico is usually bustling with visitors and this plaza is usually alive with food vendors and flower sellers. The smart people are sheltered at home now though and only those who want to play virus Russian Roulette are still clumping together in groups. . . . #guanajuato_mx #guanajuatocity #guanajuatocapital #baratillo #plazadelbaratillo #fountain #colorsofmexico #colorcolourlovers #luxurylatinamerica #mexicanplaza #colonialmexico #unescoworldheritage #guanajuatohistorico #quedateencasa #staythefhome #flatteningthecurve

Is all this bad news making you want to hole up somewhere and drink? We suggest doing it with the good stuff. This is, in our opinion, the best rum you can buy. Ron Zacapa 23-year rum (@ronzacapaca) is from #Guatemala, but we had this glass on the club floor of @liveaquacancun adult all-inclusive resort in Mexico. It's a good one to have at home if you're going to self-quarantine for a while. . . . #ronzacapa #ronzacapa23 #rum #bestrumintheworld #guatemalanrum #rumlover #aqualover #lacolleccion #lacolleccionresorts #luxurylatinamerica #allinclusive #luxuryresort #beachresort

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