Lora Hogan

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Toddler Mommy ❤️ Yoga Teacher 🧡Foodie 💛 Healthyish Living 💚 Soulful Gazing 💙 Anthro-Inspired Stylin’ 📍#RutledgeGa Fueled by coffee & champagne y’all❣️

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  • Barbecues and Grilling
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What Causes Anxiety? – Lora Hogan

Anxiety often comes because we are not in tune to the current vibration. It often means that the energy is swirling faster than before, rising to a higher level and inviting you to join in the fray. When the thinking mind encounters this sudden rush of new energy, it often responds with reluctance and reticence. The brain thinks that it knows more than the soul and does battle with the current space.

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality – Lora Hogan

You have been given a unique purpose here on earth. The Universe is ready to rush to help you transform and make all that you want happen and more. And Source, the Universe, God. The Universe will be with you every step of the way, lifting you up, supporting you, encouraging you, embracing you.

On Karma – Lora Hogan

Karma is a man-made created idea to provide excuses that prevent you from living your purpose on this life and connecting to true Source Energy within. It must be because I have Karma stuck with me from a past life. You use Karma, not only to blame yourself, but also to try and blame other people and create a “holier than thou” as it is said attitude. If you are saying that other people have bad Karma due to some action they have taken against you or you have witnessed, you are at a very low vibration.

Put Your Dreams In Action – Lora Hogan

You cannot ascend to a higher level of being if you do not first make friends with the vibration you are currently inhabiting. The most important step in shifting a vibration is to let go the thinking mind and live from the feeling heart. We know there is a busy world and it can seem difficult to find time to turn off the mind. Trust that by going within and making friends with yourself in stillness, you are working to transform your life and vibration each and every moment.

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