Kristen Peterson

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⋒ embracing motherhood + girl mom ☽ texas + homeschool + foodie ⋒ living low-tox >> @thewanderingoiler 🌻dm to join my tribe ✌🏼

Location Johnson City, Texas
Country United States of America
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We’re coming back for ya Estes! Next month can’t come soon enough we are so excited to be back where we love! @pollyssweetshop we’re coming for you! What’s your favorite town to vacation at when visiting #Colorado?

It feels good to get shoes especially when they’re vans which I haven’t had in years. I’m not a shoe girl so I don’t own many pairs only because I prefer to be barefoot or in flip flops all year round 😂 what’s your favorite pair of shoes you own?

I have loved all stages of my life but by far my 30’s are my favorite. I’m molding into who I am and what I love more than ever. I’ve learned to not give two craps about what other people think &. I’m living this stage of my life for me and my family and as a recovering people pleaser I’ll tell you it’s a road that still has work yet. Life is simply too short to not find happiness with each day we have. Im choosing happiness, joy and creating a heck of a lot of memories along the way. I can’t say I’m a believer in coincidences anymore or that things happen by chance, I think everyone we meet in this life and every path we cross is for a reason, a purpose. I’m experiencing this more and more and I think it’s the coolest thing to witness although some things may not be meant for me to understand now I’m going with it. Remember to be kind to others and be kind to yourself you are special and unique and you are loved ✌🏼

Happy Friday friends! I’ve been loving incorporating these @elements drinks in with my yoga #myelements. I don’t feel as fatigued and it’s a great start to my day loaded with 150mg of ginseng to fight fatigue & 10g of ginger to reduce muscle inflammation!

Me: “look it’s a roly-poly!!” My child- “no mom, it’s a crustacean” FUN FACT 💡 They are actually crustaceans, which means they are more closely related to shrimp, crabs and crayfish than they are to the ants and other insects that inhabit the same soil. Roly-polies are terrestrial crustaceans. They breathe through gills like other crustaceans, but their gills must remain moist even on land. Roly-polies don't urinate because, quite simply, they don't need to. Humans and most other animals urinate to rid their bodies of waste containing ammonia. These bugs don't need to do that because they have a high tolerance for ammonia. Pillbugs AKA “roly-poly” are scavengers, and they mainly eat decaying plant matter and other decomposing material. They serve as decomposers, breaking down decaying material through eating it and then returning the nutrients to the soil, Sciencing reports. And because roly-polies don't bite or sting and rarely eat living plants or crops, they pose no risk to humans and very little threat to crops and agricultural land. In fact, they have a positive effect on their ecosystem, improving soil quality, according to the University of Florida. I used to play with them all the time growing up and I love seeing my girls play with them too!

We are finally back in Texas. We got my brother all moved in his new place in Colorado and I couldn’t be more excited for him! He’s already gone hiking and explored the area well. I am so thankful I was able to help him get there and yet we drove through a white out snow storm and was able to see Colorado in it’s beautiful sugar coated mountains & pines and it was absolutely amazing 🏔 stressful & bittersweet but I’ve never been so happy to cross that Texas line and know we’ll be home today 🙏🏼 Have you ever had a great road trip but at the end just so so thankful to be on that final stretch home?

My greatest accomplishment I am truly blessed 💕💕💕 Happy Mothers Day to all you special mamas!

Happy Mother’s Day to this special mama of mine. She is stubborn as all get out, earth loving and strong willed. Forever my travel buddy I’m so excited to continue exploring the worlds beauty with you 🌎 Happy Mother’s Day to all you special mamas 💕

Explore more. Wander until it hurts. We get one vision, one body, one chance to see the world. I want my girls to know the hunger for nature, for different cultures, to witness every sunset and wake early enough to see the day begin with each sunrise. Each one is different and beautiful. Each day is unique so let’s truly soak that in more and be more present in the now 🙌🏼

#ad Friday means movie night for us! Calling All Snacktivists !! @popchips with half the fat of fried chips with no grease or guilt when grabbing this snack & never fried! Always real! #myPopchips #popchips What movie are you watching for movie night?

In just a short month we will be back in the mountains! We are hoping to find some snow up in the Rockies while we visit. We are staying at a resort that we’ve dreamed of lodging with for a while now and I can’t wait to share with you guys all our adventures 🏔 get ready for a photo overload of horseback riding, UTV trails and all the hiking! This is going to be so needed for our wandering souls ✌🏼

Nature Day 🌲 today was perfect. We met up with family, enjoyed some laughs, got some sun and unplugged for 4 hours. It was so nice listening to the birds, watching lizards 🦎and looking at the pine cones up close. If I’ve noticed one thing over the last year it’s to truly soak in every moment in between and to be present. I’m welcoming all the summer days ☀️

Wild learning. Something we truly love about homeschooling is the freedom to learn the ways they learn best. Our girls really thrive in nature. We enjoyed our nature lesson at a picnic table surrounded by the most beautiful pine trees 🌲 it’s so bittersweet to know in less than a month we will be back in the mountains for the first time in two years. Life has flown by somehow yet we are so grateful to be able to be traveling. We miss our favorite mountains 🏔 What is you favorite way to enjoy nature with your littles?

Plants have always brought me happy. I love watering them, propagating, replanting, all of it! I’m so happy I have these plant babies growing and thriving in our new home 🪴 Are you a plant lady?

Remember how I was sharing how butterflies just land on the girls wherever we go? Well here’s the proof this little butterfly circled her probably for a solid 10-15 minutes and kept landing on her arm and her shoulder. It legit didn’t want to leave it was the cutest thing ever 🦋

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