Lindsey Living Well

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newlywed. MI girl. Jesus. healthy living. workouts. some style. mostly here to have fun ✨

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I may not know what you’re going through, but I KNOW you have what it takes to push through. I need you to keep showing up for yourself 💛 And know I’m right here with you. #selfcarereminder #selflovejourney #mentalhealth #motivation #mentalhealthawareness #selflove #wellnessthatworks

as someone who stuck to these things during step 1/level 1 dedicated, I promise you can still be a person outside of studying. stay focused, but don’t let it consume you ✨ cheering you on!!! xo

the last few months I’ve been trying to get back to myself and there isn’t one particular reason or any one moment I lost it. but for longer than I care to admit I’ve been looking at what feels like a stranger in the mirror. and even more conflicting is that I still felt happy and found joy in little moments — but mostly I felt like a shell of myself. I have always taken pride in my positivity and my ability to find joy in all of life’s circumstances. and I think because of that I isolated myself so as not to burden others with my thoughts and confusion. I had panic attacks in private. I kept the big and the messy hidden just to applaud myself for keeping my composure. what I’ve realized that I’m holding myself to standards I would never expect from those I love. I hesitate to post this because I don’t want sympathy. I’m actually really proud of myself for the change in mindset I’ve had in the last couple months. I’m finding my way back to me. I’ve been in therapy. I feel excited and hopeful and blessed with an incredible support system. I simply want to remind you: You are not failing. You are doing enough. There is no perfect explanation for your emotions. Your anxiety and sadness can coexist with your passion and hopefulness. If you haven’t felt yourself lately, it’s ok 💛 here’s to finding your spark again. and hi 🫶🏼 I’m glad to be back.

not me adding florida to places I wouldn’t hate moving for residency 👀 miami, you were a dream.

pov it’s your first vacation with your husband in nearly four years — I could not be more grateful 🥹☀️♥️🫶🏼🌴✨

happy anniversary to the love of my life, my best friend, my husband, my B. I love doing life with you — & we’ve still got forever to go 🫶🏼✨ 📸 @tanahelene

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