Lindsey Living Well

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newlywed. MI girl. Jesus. healthy living. workouts. some style. mostly here to have fun ✨

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please tell me places I need to add to my bucket list so I can live vicariously through Pinterest for the next year or two 🥲 #lakecomo #italytrip #europeholiday #honeymoon

so, so special 💛 and a reminder that your age is NOT a reflection of your ability to accomplish your dreams — you’re never too old to believe in yourself. #medschoolmotivation #hoodingceremony #medicalschoolgraduation

Dr. Lindsey E. Fraley ✨👩‍🎓🥂 🥹 I’ve been waiting my whole life to say that!!!

needless to say, there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes 🥹✨🤎🏡 8 years ago this guy took me out for our first date and next week we’ll close on our first home together. going to be quite a few projects in our future, but I cannot wait to make this ours. #newhome #movinghome

my absolute dream come true 🫶🏼 #matchday2024 #matchday #obgynmatch #medstudentlife

if the sun is out, count me in 🫡 comment LINK and I’ll DM you outfit details! bra is @paragonfitwear “ruched bra” — discount code LINDSEY ✨

JAN FAVES 🫶🏼 let’s get into it leave a comment and I’ll pick one of you to send my favorite summer fridays lip! linked what I could on LTK — 1. @fpmovement hot shot onesie 2. @thedefineddish dinner tonight cookbook 3. @apothekaryco wine down 4. fourth wing 5. @rhode & @summerfridays lip balms #januaryfavorites #favoriteproducts

in almost every interview my gap years were brought up — “what kept you going” or “what are you most proud of” or “what did those years teach you” and I could confidently say that I am so grateful for those years. yes they were devastating and painful, but they were also years of tremendous growth and resilience. without them, I don’t know that I’d have the same attitude going into residency. I don’t know that I’d feel so appreciative of the journey, so excited for the future, so proud to be where I am. I know, without a doubt, I wouldn’t be the same physician. I hope this offers some hope to those who may be feeling defeated in rejection. I never imagined I’d look back on those years and smile. but I can tell you with absolute certainty — there was purpose in the redirection ✨ #mondaymotivation #medstudentlife #match2024

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