Melissa Stroble

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Hi! My name is Melissa Stroble, I am a single 40 year old dog mom to a 14 year old min pin that I love to death. I went to college at Avila University here in Kansas City Missouri and received my BSBA in Marketing. I have a love of animals, makeup, fashion, theatre, books, music, food, flowers, and sunshine. I spent years working in the pharmacy world as a technician at a desk everyday, and I started to hate my job. There was no creativity! I have been watching these Influencers advertise products for years and I thought, “hey I can do that!” So I am giving it a shot and putting my degree in marketing to work for me. I may not have a large following at the moment, but I am a hard worker and willing to do what it takes to learn the business and make it work for me and for you!


Melissa S. Stroble

Location Kansas City, MO
Country United States of America
Member Since MARCH 07, 2020
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Photo dump from my fun day at the pumpkin patch with my mom 🍎🌻. It was such a nice day and made for some nice pictures ❤️. We picked some beautiful sunflowers 🌻 and some very nice apples 🍎. Will definitely be making a trip back next season to @johnsonfarmsmo 🍎🌻 #pumpkinpatch #applepickingseason #fallseason🍁 #kcbloggers #midwestliving #midwestblogger #sunflowerfield #hayride #sunflowerpicking #beltonmo #fallvibes🍁

Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃 I was too lazy to dress up this year since I am just staying at home watching Halloween movies, doing a Halloween craft (which you will see later 🎃), eating too much candy, and staying cozy inside. So I did a Halloween edit in @picsart. So far I have watched The Adams Family, Hocus Pocus, and Casper. What are your favorite Halloween movies? What are you doing today for Halloween? 🎃👻 #happyhalloween #halloweekend #halloweenspirit #halloweenmovies #kcbloggers #lifestyleblogger #midwestblogger #hocuspocusmovie #fallseason🍁

Frolicking through the sunflowers 🌻 at @johnsonfarmsmo. My first time visiting a pumpkin patch with sunflowers 🌻. They were so beautiful that I had to stop for pictures 💛. What is your favorite flower? Let me know below ⬇️ @johnsonfarmsmo #pumpkinpatch #sunflowerfield #sunflowers🌻 #sunflowerlove #kcbloggers #johnsonfarmsmo #sunflowerseason #fallpictures #midwestliving #lifestyleblogger

“Always in my heart” 🤍 That is the inspirational quote that stayed with me for many reasons. There are people I have lost, animals I have lost, and they will forever be in my heart 🤍. I want to wear this necklace everyday to remind myself of their memory. With @inspiremebracelets they have necklaces like mine and bracelets with tons of different sayings that you may find one that resonates with your heart 🤍. They are beautifully made and would make an amazing holiday gift for yourself or someone in your family. You can save 25% on your purchase when using my code 👉🏻 MELISSAS👈🏻 Check them out at or their Instagram @inspiremebracelets. Let me know if you find an inspirational message that resonates with your heart 🤍. Like and save this post for future reference. @inspiremebracelets #ad #inspiremebracelets #inspireyourself #alwaysinmyheart #inspiremedaily #braclets #necklacesofinstagram #necklacelover #kcbloggers #lifestyleblogs #productreviews #petitestyle #midweststyle #inspirequote

Do you suffer from dry eyes? I do! Horrible dry eyes, especially after I had corrective eye surgery. My eyes can get so dry that they burn, which is an awful feeling and it gets worse in the winter months when the heater comes on and the air in the house becomes dry. I am always stocked with my moisture eye drops and hoping for the best! I am of course always looking for new ways to combat the evil of my dry eyes and now I have found a new tool to add to my fight against dry eyes from @avenovaeyecare. They have a Antimicrobial Lid & Lash Solution for everyday use made with pure hypochlorous acid 0.01%. This solution is to help remove debris from your lids and lashes that may cause eye irritation, helping you maintain good eye hygiene. Once your eyes are clean from all makeup you can simply close your eyes and spray the solution directly onto your lids or use a cotton pad soaked in the solution and wipe the lids. This will help remove those irritants from getting into your eyes. Also with the I-Chek mirror you can see up close what you have been missing inside your eyes. The I-Chek has a mirror and 4 LED lights so you can easily look into your eye, so you can check for any debris or anything that may have made it’s way into your eye. It is a pretty handy tool when you need to see in your eye! If you would like to check out these products, please visit them at their Instagram @avenovaeyecare. Let me know if you purchase any of these items ❤️. Like and save this post for future reference ❤️. Do you suffer from dry eyes? What products do you use? @avenovaeyecare #ad #myavenova #avenova #avenovaeyecare #eyecaretips #eyecareproduct #dryeyes #kcbloggers #productreviewer #lifestyleblogger

I have found a rechargeable sonic power toothbrush that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money 💰and definitely gets the job done from @aquasonic! It comes with a travel case, 8 brush heads, 4 cleaning speeds: *Clean 🧼 *Soft *Whiten🤍 *Massage all of this for under $50 and you can purchase it @walmart. Such a great deal ☺️. Plus you get a 1 year extended warranty when you purchase the product. This toothbrush gives you a great clean, making your mouth feel like you have just been to the dentist 🦷. We all want that kind of clean. The handle is nice and padded which makes it super easy and comfortable to hold on to. Plus it is sleek looking and stylish on your counter 🤍. Making brushing your teeth fun and cool too 😁. @aquasonic #ad #myaquasonic #aquasonic #toothbrush #aquasonicblackseries #cleanteeth #electrictoothbrush #dentalhealth #teethcleaning #electrictoothbrushes #dentalcare #kcbloggers #productreviewer

It’s time to go trick or treat with @drinkaurabora. I have filled up my ghost 👻 bucket with cans of Basil Berry Herbal Sparkling Water from @drinkaurabora. It is a refreshing carbonated water made with: 🍓Natural Strawberry flavor 🌿 Real Basil 🍋Lemongrass Leaf 💚 0 Calories 🧡 0 Sugar It is definitely a taste that I have never experienced before in other sparkling waters. They also have several other flavors such as Peppermint Watermelon, Lemongrass Coconut, Lavender Cucumber, and Cactus Rose. They come in 12 pack boxes that you can purchase on @amazon. Let me know below what flavor you would try ⬇️🤍. @drinkaurabora #ad #aurabora #myaurabora #drinkaurabora #amazonfinds #sparklingwater #flavoredwater #sparklewater #trickortreating #basilberry #strawberryflavor #basilflavor #0calories #0sugar

This is your reminder to “be kind to your mind.” 🧠🤍 Remember to take time for yourself, check in on how you are feeling and get help if needed 🤍. Don’t forget to check on your friends and family as well, make sure your inner circle is also doing well 🤍. Spread the kindness 🤍. If you like this shirt check out @ferrisbuilt! They have many more cute designs on T-shirts, sweatshirts, buttons, stickers, etc. so that you can remember to keep your mental health in check 🤍. @ferrisbuilt #sponsored #gifted #ambassador #ferrisbuilt #ferrisbuiltambassador #mentalhealth #kcbloggers #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #bekindtoyourmind

Are you looking for a drink to wind down your stress and melt away your day? Then you have to try what is in this little can by @kineuphorics. It is called Lightwave Grounded Calm; a mix of lavender-vanilla, ginger, and birch that is supposed to ease your stress and mellow out your mood. This 8 oz can also has a mixture of adaptogens the fend off the effects of stress along with nootropics, a natural supplement that stimulates the mind for enhanced cognition. How can a tiny can do so much? The flavor really is something different, if you are not a fan of ginger this might not be the drink for you. I actually do feel a little calmer after trying just one, it’s kind of a weird feeling 😆. If you would like to give @kineuphorics a try you can visit their website or Instagram. Let me know if you have tried them before! 🤍 #ad @kineuphorics #mykineuphorics #kineuphorics #beverages #functionalbeverages #kcbloggers #productreviewer #kineuphoricslightwave #kinbeverage

My favorite “all the time” Halloween decoration 😺🎃. This is our neighborhood cat 🐈. She was born under our window about 8 years ago and since then the neighboring houses have been taking care of her. At the time I couldn’t take her in because I had cats of my own plus Guido. She is not the best around other pets, she is very sassy ❤️. Which only makes me like her more 😆. All of her brothers and sisters got adopted to homes, plus her mother, sadly no one wanted her. She is such a sweetheart ❤️ and believes that chair is hers, notice her scratching she has done to it 😆. She comes over to take her afternoon naps there. Each house makes sure she has food, water, and a place to go when it’s cold. She has plenty of love ❤️. She is always trying to sneak in our house when I go inside after petting her, one day she just might beat me in the door 😁. All of my cats have passed on now and I miss them greatly so spending time with her makes my heart happy ❤️. I miss having a cat around. I would take in every stray if I could. Strays are definitely welcome at my house ❤️. Are you a cat person? Do you feed strays? #catperson #strayswelcome #blackcatsofinstagram #blackcatlove #blackcatsofig #kcbloggers #adoptdontshop #catloversofinstagram #halloweendecoration

Happy Monday Morning! I never post this early, but today it is for something special, this little candle with big heart 🧡. It is from a local company in Kansas City @continuegoodco and today, on Mini Monday, you can get it for FREE! The first 50 orders will receive this cute little candle 🕯 and then after that each one can be purchased for just $2.95. Their candles are made from 100% soy and have wooden wix, plus they are hand poured in their candle barn here in town 🧡. They have a new scent every Monday and today’s scent is Fall Berries. It is so amazing 🥰. We let this little guy burn this weekend and it filled the whole house with a sweet smell 🧡. Plus on the back of each candle is a quote about how you can continue good in your life. Today’s candle is “You can continue to do good by writing empowering letters and scattering them to be found by strangers.” How awesome is that? This company really does believe in continuing to do good within the community. They even donate 10% of their sales to the fight against human trafficking. So you can support a small local business and honestly do something good 🧡. You can become a member of Mini Monday by texting 👉🏻MELISSA👈🏻 To- 1-833-739-0172 How will you continue good in your life today? Let me know down below ⬇️ if you sign up for Mini Monday 🧡🕯. @continuegoodco #ad #continuegood #soycandle #continuegoodcandles #minimonday #fallcandle #kcbloggers #supportsmall #endhumantrafficking #dogoodbekind #dogood #candlesofig #candleslovers

Are you a fan of dried fruit? 🍎 I have only really tried dried fruit like banana chips🍌 or hard dry fruits like that, but never anything like this. Rind offers a new way to enjoy dried fruit that is: 🍎 Non-GMO 🍌 Gluten Free 🍓Paleo Friendly 🍊Vegan 🍉Nothing Added 🥭Gently Dried 🍑No Sulfates They are made with the skin on so you get more of the nutrients of the fruits 🍎. That way you are also getting the fiber benefits and they are minimizing the waste made in production of the product ❤️. I received the Straw-Peary (Sweet Strawberry, Bosc Pear, Red Apple), Orchard (Sweet Persimmon, Tangy Peach, Red Apple), Coco-Melon (Crispy Coconut, Sweet Watermelon). The fruit is sweet and chewy and almost like eating taffy. It would make the perfect sweet healthy treat or snack to pack for the kiddos. Plus through their Love is Rind campaign they donate nutritious snacks to school children in need and teach them the importance of healthy snack habits ❤️. To learn more visit Let me know if you have tried these out down below ⬇️❤️ @rindsnacks #myrind #ad #wesponsored #driedfruit #driedfruitsnacks #rindsnacks #kcbloggers #productreviewer #lifestyleinfluencers #midweststyle #healthysnacking

✨Cheers to Friday! ✨ Happy Friday everyone! I needed a little pick-me-up in the form of @starbucks today to give me some caffeine ☕️. I tried the Pumpkin Frappuccino with 2 pumps of Chai and it was so yummy 😋. It is hard to get the fall 🍁feels around here when the weather is in the middle 80’s today, so this drink was the next best thing 🧡. What is your favorite @starbucks drink? #starbucksdrinks #cheerstofriday #pumpkinfrappuccino #kcbloggers #midwestblogger #midwestweather #happyfridayeveryone #starbuckscups

✨Hey look guys I’m famous!✨ No not really, but I did have an article written about me in @voyagekcmag. I was super excited 🤩, because I am not that exciting, so who could possibly want to read an article about little ol me 😆. If you would like to read the article I included it here or you can use the link to show the full article (pictures included) some love ❤️ on their website: It was such a pleasure to work with @voyagekcmag and I hope you learn a little something about me from this article ❤️. @voyagekcmag #voyagekc #kcblogger #interviewarticle #lifestyleblogger #risingmamas #midweststyle #kcmagazine

Do you use clean beauty? Or are you looking for something to try in the clean beauty market? Let me tell you about @shopminimalisticbeauty 🤍 Minimalistic Beauty believes that beauty should be Natural, Clean, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free. Their skincare is not made with harmful or toxic ingredients. So if you are looking to start using clean beauty products you could start with the Bare Skin Glow Serum and No More Fake Lash Growth Serum from @shopminimalisticbeauty and feel good about what you are putting on your skin 🤍. The Bare Skin Glow Serum works to brighten your complexion, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars, and is supposed to stimulate collagen production. It is made with: ✨Vitamin C ✨Swiss Apple Stem Cell ✨ Orange Stem Cell ✨ Pumpkin Stem Cell ✨ Saffron Stem Cell ✨ Hyaluronic Acid ✨ Niacinamide I have been using this serum twice daily for the last month. I put a small amount on after I wash my face and I have definitely noticed that my face is brighter and tighter than it was before using it. My skin has been so dull from lack of care and this has brought some life back to my skin. You don’t need to use very much, a small amount goes a long way and be sure to shake it up because the natural ingredients will tend to settle in the bottle. The No More Fake Lash Growth Serum is safe for all skin types and can be used to help you grow lashes or brows. Their formula is specifically designed to nourish and help grow your lashes and brows within 4 weeks. The applicator provided is so precise it is super easy to apply without getting in your eyes. I am excited to keep using this because I have such sparse eye brows and lashes, I need to grow them back! 🤍 If you would like to give these products a try, the Glow Serum or Lash Serum you can use code 👉🏻SHOPMB👈🏻 for 15% off!! Check them out at @shopminimalisticbeauty or the products are linked on my Amazon page (link in Bio). 🤍 Let me know if you use clean beauty and what your favorite products are down below ⬇️ #ad #gifted #minimalisticbeauty #shopminimalisticbeauty #cleanbeautyproducts #glowserum #lashgrowthserum #cleanbeautythatworks #cleanbeautycommunity #kcbloggers

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