Akeyla Virgin

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Life As A Virgin is a parenting + lifestyle blog written by Akeyla Virgin. Akeyla is a social media influencer, college student at the University of Florida, and family woman who believes in inspiring and connecting with like-minded women

Location Miramar, Florida
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Story Time: The Doctor Said

Like any other doctor visit.. we went inside, she asked about my medical history, took my vitals and I waited for the doctor to come in. LAUGHED IN MY FACE & replied, “I don’t think your pain is a 10, you know what a 10 feels like.. a 10 pain level is when they crucified Jesus I didn’t speak for the remainder of the visit, I was sad, torn, heartbroken & anything else that describes someone who feels like SH*T. The rest of the visit doesn’t even matter at this point. After that visit, I was honestly skeptical about doing the surgery, I thought what if the results came back negative and I didn’t have endometriosis, everyone would think I’m crazy and this doctor would be right.

Lifestyle + Parenting Blogger

Once I found out they carry a travel/transport bag to keep our DockATot clean on-the-go, I was completely sold. Anytime we stay at a hotel, I would bring an extra blanket for A’miya to lay on so she isn’t sleeping directly on the hotel sheets & now I can just bring our DockATot along! I love that you can use the DockATot Grand as a portable bed on the go as well as during bed transitions + there is a travel bag! In the next few months, I want to focus on sleep transitioning and we will be using our DockATot Grand during this process & sharing our experience on the blog!

Pumping 101: Must Have Essentials

Whether you’re an exclusive pumper or just pumping for relief..I have compiled a list of some of my favorite items I used during my pumping journey & trust me when I tell you, these items will be your best friend! When I started pumping, I was using a second hand spectra S2 pump I bought from someone on Craigslist (with new parts, of course) but that didn’t last long, the suction wasn’t strong enough and I was constantly engorged with mastitis. The portability is a huge plus when your exclusively pumping, since you may be pumping for up to a hour some days. The relief it gives when you use it warm while pumping is just amazing like this is a must have staple even if you’re not pumping.

A Positive and Healthy Lifestyle

The smallest things like turning a negative conversation into a positive one, instead of gossiping with our friends, we need to eliminate ourselves from that negative space and focus on something positive. It’s so easy to get caught up in the things we want in life, that we ignore the things we already have. * Appreciate my progress * Journal my thoughts and feelings each day * Write down daily affirmations that I connect with * Doing what makes me happy Everyday is a day given to us to build and grow, how we spend those days are solely up to us. A healthy life, is a positive life.

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