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Keep up with the Undems and all the fun we have ��

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I have literally been obsessed with my @cricut since I got it over 5 years ago. From making wedding signs and decals for corn hole (IYKYK), to now personalizing custom gifts and items for my little girl! [NOT SPONSORED BUT I WISH IT WAS 🤪] My little girl turned 3 two weeks ago [how has it already been that long?!] and I wanted to have a unique theme that captured her fun and spunky attitude- which comes in LARGE doses right now 😅😅 So I stumbled across "excited to bee three" and ran with it! 🐝 Tips I've learned since using my Cricut + Easy Press 2 for iron ons: Warm up the material before placing the vinyl There are guides you can buy to center your designs and keep them straighter - do it 🙌🏻 When cutting glitter iron on, bump up your cutting depth just a little bit (one turn) Make sure your material is lint rolled (hello dog hair under designs) Always buy extra vinyl - I can't tell you the number of times I've cut the wrong color for a design (black words for moms design on a black shirt doesn't work too well) Any Cricut fans out there?! Share your tips and tricks below 👇👇 #cricut #cricutmade #cricutexploreair2 #cricuttips #cricuttips #ironon #irononvinyl #diyshirts #cricutproject #cricutprojects

I remember the "just waits" and they are always meant in a negative manner. "Just wait until you never get any sleep" "Just wait until they get into everything" "Just wait until they never stop talking" Parenting is hard. The days are long but man the years are so short. Don't wish away their childhood for easier days. Survive on days that you have to, thrive on the good days, and remember they won't be little for long 🥺🥺

Where's my former wild girls at? Enjoying this new stage but reflecting back on memories (thanks Facebook and Snapchat memories) thinking how different life used to look! Were you a wild child or pretty laid back? #momlife #mommyblogger #motherhoodunfiltered #motherhoodintheraw #momhumor #funnymoms #wildmom

I have to share this sweet story with you guys. My grandfather had an older brother who passed away over 40 years ago from cancer. Before Bobby, my great uncle, passed away, he got married, and as a wedding gift, my grandfather's grandmother Katherine gifted part of her Christmas cactus to Bobby and his wife, Linda. After Bobby passed away, my family stayed in touch with his widow, Linda, over the years and a few years back, recently became close to Linda again. The year Shane and I got married, 2018, Linda gifted me a cutting of the Christmas cactus telling me how she'd kept it alive all these years and wanted to pass on some of the plant to me since it was my great, great grandma's original plant. There is no pressure to keep it alive, right 😅😅 This week - I got my FIRST EVER bloom on my Christmas cactus almost 5 years after having it and I was so excited! Do you have any special plants or generational gifts in your family?

💛🐝 Excited to Bee Three 🐝💛 Sunday, our girl turned three, and I can't help but reflect on the last three years and how much life has changed since then! Little did I know that I'd love being your mom so much. It's both the hardest and most rewarding job I've ever had, and your dad and I have grown our relationship and been through a lot in your short little life. I can't wait to watch you become a big sister, my Carolynn Rose. Here's to three - threenager attitude and all. 💛 Ps. How cute are these shirts I made with my @cricut 😍

I swear I am always getting tons of plastic packaging either from grocery delivery, packages in the mail, or plastic film that covers products and foods. I love that we have curbside recycling in my town, but I don’t love that you can’t recycle plastic bags and film in the curbside containers. @theperfectpackaging and I want to show you just how easy it is to establish and maintain an easy recycling process so those plastic film items don’t end up in the trash! #ad Flexible packaging has gotten somewhat of a bad rap over the years, and I want to share some things that maybe you did or didn’t know about flexible packaging. This packaging extends the shelf life of foods, is convenient and easy for the consumers, but it also is easily upcycled and used to make things such as more plastic films or plastic bags, benches, playground equipment and even deck materials! Your process doesn’t have to be complex, just collect your plastic film items in a bag, use the recycle location locator at BagandFilmRecycling.org (linked in bio and stories) and do your part in recycling plastic film items. Whether you are a big sustainable fan like me, or just doing your small part to reduce waste - be sure to start recycling your plastic bag and film items now. Tell me in the comments - do you recycle your plastic bags? #ThePerfectPackaging #RecyclePlasticFilm #sustainable #sustainableliving #sustainabletips

Mother's Day is this weekend and if you are looking for the perfect last minute Mother's Day gift @belgianboys and @urbanstems have you covered! Gorgeous flowers and great tasting cookies delivered right to her door! Thank that special mom with overnight delivery and don't miss out on Mother's Day! #mothersday #mothersdaygift #mothersdaycookies #belgianboys #urbanstems #mothersdayflowers

We're celebrating The Neighborhood Wedding today with a special party!! Our cookbook from @andrewsmcmeelkids has the perfect Daniel Tiger recipes, partnered with our Party-In-A-Box from @mightymojotoys and streaming @danieltigertv on @pbskids! This episode is all about the marriage of Baker Aker and Dr. Anna! Carolynn loves watching "the neighborhood" and all the great lessons from Daniel Tiger! Check out the newest episode now streaming on PBSKids! #danieltiger #pbskids #ad

These last couple weeks have been trying with a toddler who is learning her independence, testing her boundaries, and being more and more defiant. Some days my gentle parenting tools fail, some days I am left feeling totally defeated and in tears - but I know at the end of the day I am doing my best and so is she, and I couldn't be more grateful to be her momma. I'm ready for her to feel better and for me not to feel so nauseous and exhausted all the time 😭 Blessed regardless 💜

One of the things we pride ourselves on is having a nice lawn in the summers. #ad With @rachioco 3 smart sprinkler controller, we never have to worry about running outside to turn our sprinklers off again! With the Rachio app, we can connect the weather, adjust the run times and water schedule, and even use our Alexa to water our lawn! Honestly, I'm so excited for this because I've been soaked so many times running outside to turn the sprinklers off during a storm 🤣🤣 Do you have a sprinkler system at your house? Head to my profile or stories to grab your Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller today! #ConnectOutside #rachio #rachio3 #smartsprinklers

Carolynn will be turning 3 in two weeks, and I know how much my grandma would have loved her. When Carolynn was born, she had a VERY prominent "Storks Bite," and I love this saying for how she got it 🥺 Shane and I got married in the fall of 2018, and two of our grandma's were too sick to attend our wedding Both passed away within a month of our wedding day--Shane's grandma Carol, and my grandma Rosie. We knew that if we ever had a baby girl, we wanted to honor these women who had such a big impact on our lives, and so we agreed our daughter would be named Carolynn Rose. I know my grandma Rosie would have ADORED Carolynn with her curls and energy, and I know she looks down on us and laughs at the chaos and happiness Carolynn Rose brings us. Did your kiddos have a storks bite?

Baby U #2 is a BOY!!! Huge shoutout to @shopfamilyfare for partnering with the cake pops to surprise our friends and family 💙💙 We can't wait for baby boy to be here!

Self Care Tips for Mommas

Everyone finds different things relaxing, and different things promote their own growth. Maybe you stick with your go-tos like me, self-care is going to the gym, spending time with my friends, and taking long, hot baths spending time reading my Bible. Your self-care may look very different than the next persons. Make this a regular part of your routine and return to your day-to-day worries refreshed and driven to tackle the obstacles you will undoubtedly face.

Date Night At Home

These expectations make the night special and keep you in the “date” mood so it doesn’t become a night just like any other. My husband and I rotate months so one night a month we have a designated date night, and we take turns planning or coming up with the ideas * My husband and I rotate months so one night a month we have a designated date night, and we take turns planning or coming up with the ideas One of my favorite date nights since COVID started was our night in, date night with our little family. Talk with your SO and plan your next great, at home date night and check out my friends blogs for some more great tips and ideas!

Pantry Organization

If you are like me, you love the look of a fully organized fridge, cabinets, or even a pantry. So after watching this and completely tearing apart and organizing my kitchen cabinets and my pantry, I decided that I really just hated my pantry set up. We ripped down 2×2 sheets to make frames, screwed the frames into the studs in the wall, and the clad the shelves with 1/4″ plywood on the tops, bottom, and side of the appliance garage for a finished look. One huge space saving idea is to take the cabinet divider organizers and stand up all your bakeware, which I did behind baskets and bins that pull out for easy access to the bakeware behind them.

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