Lexie Undem

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Keep up with the Undems and all the fun we have ��

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Christmas time is finally here, and that means Christmas decor is going up! #ad I LOVE my new 720 LED 60ft Multicolor Christmas Icicle Lights from @ollny_official 🎄 IP44 Waterproof 🎄 Built in Timer 🎄 Adjustable Brightness 🎄 8 Modes From tree lights to house lights, @ollny_official has you covered! Head to my bio to grab yours 🎄🫶🏻✨️ USE CODE: BF30 through November 27th to save!! #ollny #ollnyChristmas #christmastree #christmastime #christmaslights #houselights #treelights #ollnychristmaslights #ollnylights

Someday, we won't be JUST Mom and Dad. But for now, I'll wear that title proudly. We do it all for them 💜 What's your proudest moment as a parent?

Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries with the holidays can be hard. Gentle parenting and reparenting yourself can mean boundaries that really hurt but are the right choice. It's okay if the holiday season is hard during this time 💜

Get rid of your baby mirror and grab this mobile baby monitor from @mytinytraveler #ad No, but seriously. With the holidays coming up and trying to plan travel time back to see my in laws we usually drive at night - it's just easier with little ones. While we truly loved our mirror and we even upgraded to an adjustable one, it got bumped all the time, smudged and dirty, and at night it was completely useless. Tiny travelers 5" baby monitor has amazing video quality-no seriously I'm blown away- and not only that but it has a night vision setting too which is a huge win for us. It's perfect for in the car but also comes with a clamp to attach it to a pack and play for easy on the go monitoring. Head to my link in bio to grab yours and use code INF-LEXIE10 to save! #tinytraveler #babymonitor #mobilebabymonitor #babyproducts #babymusthave #infantcarmirror #momapproved #babyregistry #travelblogger

We have a lot to be thankful for this year 🥺🥺 We hosted about half my family and my father and mother in law yesterday, and to say I'm exhausted is an understatement, BUT we made our first Thanksgiving dinner mostly on our own! My MIL was awesome and helped prepare a ton with me, and my uncle made his lime turkey I love so much 🤤 What was your favorite side for Thanksgiving?! Matching outfits from @patpat_clothing use code UNDEM15 to save extra ✨️

I'm team cheesecake over pie for Thanksgiving, and if you are like me you'll love this best of both worlds recipe! #ad @shopfamilyfare has tons of great recipes online and this Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake came out looking like marbled, tasty goodness! Head to Family Fare to get all the ingredients for your Thanksgiving meal. I used the pickup grocery option so I could save time and not have to drag our newborn and toddler inside! Tell me in the comments 👇🏼 Cheesecake, pie, or both? #shopfamilyfare #familyfarepartner #dessert #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdessert #cheesecake #pumpkincheesecake #pumpkinpie @ourfamilyfoods #ourfamilyfoods

Growing up I rarely saw healthy love modeled. My grandparents love fiercely and set good examples but in my own home? Never. Feeling safe was so foreign to me. Being a team was never something I saw modeled. I knew I wanted different. I just never knew just how peaceful different could feel. Keep breaking those cycles 💜

Are you bringing the dessert for the holidays?? This Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake is super tasty and sure to be a crowd pleaser! #ad I took this Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake recipe from @shopfamilyfare and made it Gluten Free by grabbing some GF @oreos for the crust and ensuring I used Pure Vanilla instead of imitation which can sometimes have gluten in it. What are your Thanksgiving plans? #shopfamilyfare #familyfarepartner #dessert #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdessert #cheesecake #pumpkincheesecake #pumpkinpie

Can we take a minute and talk about postpartum bodies 👇🏼 When I first started creating content, that was one of the very first things that I shared. Before I was a mom, I knew SO LITTLE about what your body goes through, how important recovery is, and how there was more than just postpartum depression. I never knew about postpartum anxiety and rage , and I experienced both with my daughter. I'm constantly reminded that my body has carried two beautiful babies, and I carry lots of proof of those babies. Now that I'm a mom of two, I'm super aware of how my body image and the way that I talk about myself is going to shape my daughter's body image. I wore jeans for the first time on Halloween, and when I went to go put them on, my daughter goes, "Mom! Are those going to fit you?!" Because she's 3, and we've never made our bodies be bad things in our home. She didn't say it to hurt me, and honestly, it didn't. I told her, "I don't know, baby, mommy just had brother, so they might not fit. If they don't, I'll have to get a different size that does fit my body." How often do we view clothes as something WE need to fit into, not something that should fit US? If you are somewhere in your motherhood journey, or even if you aren't. Here's your friendly reminder - It's okay to get clothes that fit you. And on that note, shoutout to @kortnijeane for making real swimsuits that fit real bodies - because never in my life did I think at 8 weeks postpartum I'd be comfortable in a swimsuit. #gifted #postpartumbody #positivemindset #kortnijeane #kortnijeanefamily #postpartumjourney #postpartum #swimsuit #swimsuitbodies

Papablic Black Friday 2023 G i v e away! It's that time of year again! Papablic Black Friday is here, and we're celebrating with a huge g i v e away. From Nov 21st to Nov 27th, enjoy our daily featured product with up to 40% OFF flash discounts. 100-piece limit!! Mark your calendars for the Sterilizer flash sale on Nov 22nd and the Baby Swing on Nov 25th. Use LEXIE10 for extra savings! 🏆How to enter: 1. Follow @papablic_inc and @lexienoelleundem 2. Like this post 3. Comment:Tell me how many weeks you were when your baby was born! 4. (Bonus entry) Share this to your stories and tag @lexienoelleundem and @papablic_inc 🥳Winner will be selected on 11/30/2023 🚀 Number of winners: 1 🎁 Prize: Baby Swing and Baby Bottle Steam Sterilizer and Dryer PRO Good luck! #papablic #papablicsterilizer #papablicbabyswing #papablicblackfriday #papablicblackfridaydeal and @papablic_inc

One of my favorite meals to make is sliders using @kingshawaiian rolls [this is not sponsored, but I wish it was 😂🫶🏻] Last night, my husband took some leftover pulled pork that we slow smoked on our @traegergrills with BBQ sauce and cheese. On the top, he created a garlic butter wash and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Then Shane put the sliders into the Traeger at 220⁰ super smoke for 20 minutes to get the flavor, then upped to 350⁰ for 10 minutes. When I tell you these literally made my mouth water 🤤🤤 Do you make sliders? Share your favorite recipe! #dinnerideas #dinnerrecipes #dinnertime #dinnerinspiration #traegergrills #traegernation

I am so excited to experience the holiday magic as a mom of two! What's your favorite holiday tradition? We got an elf from @theelfkitco we will be setting up this year, holiday movie nights and looking at Christmas lights! #christmastree #christmaspjs #christmasmemories #christmastradition @patpat_clothing @britanikellerphotography

When home is ✨️finally✨️ your safe space, your perspective changes. I hope you find love, peace, and acceptance in your home - too 💜 #motherhood #motherhoodjourney #traumahealing

Definitely a cute way of saying it 🥰🐻 #mommabear #mommyblogger #momlife #momhumor #motherhood

Self Care Tips for Mommas

Everyone finds different things relaxing, and different things promote their own growth. Maybe you stick with your go-tos like me, self-care is going to the gym, spending time with my friends, and taking long, hot baths spending time reading my Bible. Your self-care may look very different than the next persons. Make this a regular part of your routine and return to your day-to-day worries refreshed and driven to tackle the obstacles you will undoubtedly face.

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